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12-year-old US student arrested for ‘accidentally’ taking nude photo of classmate

RT News

A 12-year-old student was detained by police after accidentally taking a photo of a half-naked classmate in a locker room. Though she immediately deleted the picture, she was reportedly arrested and handcuffed by the police the next day.

The unidentified student said on Thursday that she wanted to photograph herself with a friend using one of her iPhone’s two cameras, but accidentally selected the wrong lens, according to an ABC report. The result, she claimed, was an unintentionally racy picture of another young girl.

“She was just pulling down her pants, but not all the way – barely,”
 the girl said.

The girl said she immediately deleted the picture she snapped by mistake in front of the girl involved. But on Friday, she was arrested for illicit photography.

The girl was pulled out of class at the Alice Johnson Junior High in of Harris County, Texas. Police reportedly handcuffed her, put her into a patrol car and took her into custody.

“They took me to the cop car and told me to put my hands behind my back,” the 12-year-old told KRIV.

“I’d say this is akin to a child being kicked out of school for buying an aspirin,” attorney Jack Carroll said. “It reminds me of the overreactive, overzealousness by school districts.”

The girl has been suspended from school for three days and is being sent to an alternative school for another 30 days; her family is appealing the latter sentence.

Police refused to comment on the investigation because of the involvement of minors

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5 Responses to 12-year-old US student arrested for ‘accidentally’ taking nude photo of classmate

  1. Sunfire says:

    Next they will be gunning down kids that shoot spitballs. These kind of over reactive responses should not only be abolished but also those who take part in them should be the ones punished.

  2. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    And this so called “greatest, most powerful, holier than thou” police state got the nerve to criticize others for human rights violations. US is entitled to an Academy Award for being the “Great Pretender.” US pretends to be for democracy, human rights, and international law, but uses these as a pretext to sanction and invade countries to steal resources and for revenge.

  3. Mark Cecil says:

    Some people are just stupid. She commited no crime. I’m sure they wre trying to say child porn but without sexual activity there is no porn. The pic was deleted and no harm was done. Some school and police people need to get a real life.

  4. Mike says:

    As a long-time nude beach-goer,art enthusiast and decent human being,I’m somewhat of an unschooled expert on the difference between malicious porn and innocent states of undress. As I understand,this photo was taken accidentally and it was disclosed and deleted immediately. I don’t know who called the cops for this non-incident,but it’s THAT person who had a bad intent. After all,the police HAVE to investigate if they get a call about potential child exploitation,don’t they? As I see it,the school’s punishment is wrong-headed,and the person who made the call to begin with should be investigated for false reporting.

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