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2012 US Elections – The People Have Spoken: No Confidence

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Here is some math the establishment hopes you never do. Take the popular vote the newly elected president received, and see what percent of voter turnout it actually makes up. You will find that out of all eligible voters, the president is put into power with only between 25-35%. This isn’t just with President Obama in 2012, but is a common feature of most US elections, and many elections around the world.

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Image: This infographic was assembled using information from CNN’s  “Election 2012: Results,” USA Today’s “This year’s voter turnout may fall short of 2008,” and George Mason University’s “2012 General Election Turnout Rates.” The numbers may still change, but the difference will be negligible.


In countries like Thailand, where violent mobs hold the nation hostage, representing a fraction of 1% of the population, it is claimed by the Western media that these are “the people.” Come election time, the Western-backed party claiming to run on “people’s power,” garnered the support of a measly 32% of all eligible voters. Likewise in Syria, where “the people” are rising up, in a nation of 20 million – if even half rose up armed with only broom handles, the so-called revolution would have been over in a week.

This is the myth of democracy, representative governance, and manufactured dissent. It does not represent the vast majority of the people who are affected by the decisions these governments or movements then make with their self-proclaimed mandates. While numbers are still coming in, USA Today has reported that voter turnout in the 2012 US Elections most likely will fall short of 2008 elections. The article titled, “This year’s voter turnout may fall short of 2008,” quoted Michael McDonald of the George Mason University who stated:

“It doesn’t look like we had a 2008-level turnout. I’m certain about that. There was some waning of interest in voting. I don’t see this election as some kind of wholesale collapse of turnout, either.”

While polling experts claim the slump in voting is a result of “waning interest,” it really isn’t explained as to why interest in determining one’s own destiny would ever wane. The most likely answer is that many people feel that voting accomplishes nothing. It is done after a grueling, repetitive campaign of lofty, vague promises that most mature adults know will never be kept, by special interests who have organized against them, and are merely telling us all what we want to hear as they proceed to exploit us and plunder our nation.

The next question becomes, what do we do about it?

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6 Responses to 2012 US Elections – The People Have Spoken: No Confidence

  1. REDHORSE says:

    The most likely answer is that many people feel that voting accomplishes nothing. It is done after a grueling, repetitive campaign of lofty, vague promises that most mature adults know will never be kept, by special interests who have organized against them, and are merely telling us all what we want to hear as they proceed to exploit us and plunder our nation.
    This seems to explaine it.

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    While the above article is an interesting analysis of a voting system that is honest,.. it does NOT reflect our corrupted, dysfunctional and wholly criminal system of how people are put into power.

    The US President is appointed by the wealthy elite,.. not elected.

    We have not had an honest US Presidential Election in the country for decades.

    Although local elections may reflect voter sentiments,.. even that may not be wholly true,… which means that if something as small and minor as local or state level elections have been corrupted,… what chances does something as important as national elections have of being,…. honest?

    Answer: Zero.

    If the author of the above article wishes to write a relevant article,… then I would suggest one that talks about,… and discloses, the shear magnitude of corruption and fraud that is occuring both in the voting system, the “polling” reports, and of course the complete and wholly complicit support received by the Ministry-Of-Propaganda,.. aka,.. our Main-Stream-Media.

    Talking about the break down of voting results is wholly meaningless and deceptive when a electorial system is no longer legitimate, and is as completely corrupted and debased as our is.

    JD – US Marines – You want to fix the voting system? Then make it a crime of Life-In-Prison for ANYONE caught interfering, manipulating or corrupting the election system in ANY way,… and GET RID OF ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES,… they are nothing but machines of deception.

    • BentSpear says:

      Correct on the criminally twisted election system. Add the freeloaders who steal the fruits of other people’s labor through the various systems. We workers can’t support the useless eaters that can, but refuse to work. I grow weary of supporting freeloaders that will later be the same ones who will rob & murder those who prepared.

  3. NC says:

    I’m thinking there are a lot more that didn’t vote and a lot more that voted who were ineligible to vote such as illegal immigrants and dead people. So I’m sticking with well over half the amount of people didn’t vote or show no confidence in our government and its presidential candidates.

  4. Kokitsum says:

    Marine Dude!! You hit the nail on the head! Imprisonment for ANY tampering with the voting system is an excellent and doable concept. The computers are corrupt and controllable , and that’s why they use them!! Stalin would have killed for this system…oops, he did. We need to start there. An HONEST voting system is the ONLY means of holding them accountable and temporary in office. These agendas and dynasties have to go. Get the potheads out of the corporate prison and put in the ignominious pundits that want to destroy OUR country. We need some means to defend the United States from the Federal Government!!!!

  5. Churchill says:

    Hehehe indeed, and the silence is astoundingly crisp and clear. 2013 will be quite a joyful and surprising year as it is the 100th year anniversary of America’s complete financial subjugation/enslavement via the very questionable ratification and passage of the Federal Personal Income Tax law of 1913, then shortly after, the un-Constitutional passage the Federal Reserve Act in Dec of 1913 in which Congress out-sourced it’s Constitutional obligation and duty as being the sole source for coining and printing America’s currency and coins and tending to the business in dealing with the Government’s Budget, Borrowing and Spending. Because of the lack of revenue and the true value of the Federal Reserve Note aka Dollar to support Big Government and it’s corruptive spending habits, it (Big Government) is then forced to borrow from it’s bank, the Federal Reserve. State, County and Local Governments as well as nearly every business and household rely on Big Government for it’s financing and budgeting via the Federal Reserve System and it’s Banking. Should one wonder why Obama’s Financial Expert and Romney were both on the Bilderberg attendee guest list at their previous meeting.? Hehe, does anyone actually believe in the original U.S. Constitution these days? Will American’s regardless of Race, Creed or Color ever re-discover their past American History?? Without a past history, then one does not nor cannot exist therefore, we have no future as both, a Nation and as Individuals.

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