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60,000 Illinois residents being given NUKE PILLS??!!

Published on Nov 27, 2012 by 

Heads up: if you qualify for free nuke pills in Illinois you will be receiving a letter mid-December from the health department of how to collect them. Also EVERY HOUSE needs Iodine Tincture on hand, it is safer than the pills and available at Walmart for about $5.- bottle. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should pregnant woman or babies and little kids take nuke pills without a doctors OK. Serious allergic reactions and death can result from an unknown allergy.

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3 Responses to 60,000 Illinois residents being given NUKE PILLS??!!

  1. Cathleen says:

    Potassium Iodide is not that expensive. This is the brand I’ve been taking since the Fukushima disaster. >>

  2. BentSpear says:

    If they are issuing Potassium Iodate Biological system flooding pills, then they are either expecting a nuclear contaminant release or they have already had one, in which case, the proteolytic is only for one type of elemental radiation. Some other types of radiation out of a release are more deadly.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Radiation solutions” is a dvd I bought right after Fukushima happened. On it, Dr. Russell Blaylock explains that after Chernobyl, the Russians gave alpha lipoic acid to the teens and pre-teens who lived fairly close to it.
    In every single case it reduced their radiation levels to normal, and in some cases, below normal.

    I’ve been taking it every day since.

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