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Additions to be made to gun laws for law enforcement

Deadline Live – by Jack Blood

NEW YORK (WABC) — It appears someone forgot to exempt police officers from the ban of ammunition clips with more than 7 bullets in New York State’s new gun control law.

It’s a big oversight that apparently happened in the haste by the Cuomo Administration to get a tough package of gun-control measures signed into law.

On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the sweeping gun measure, the nation’s toughest. It includes a ban on the possession of high-capacity magazines.

Specifically, magazines with more than 7 rounds will be illegal under the new law.

The problem as the statute is currently written does NOT exempt law enforcement officers.

The NYPD, the State Police and virtually every law enforcement agency in the state carry 9-milli-meter guns, which have a 15-round capacity.

Unless an exemption is added by the time the law takes effect in March, police would technically be in violation of the new gun measure.

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2 Responses to Additions to be made to gun laws for law enforcement

  1. chris says:

    In Cuomo’s haste and desperation he actually managed to do one thing right.


    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Actually heard this one on the radio this morning, which is unusual, because I rarely listen to the news on the radio.

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