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Alabama Hospital Shooting: St. Vincent’s Gunman Wounds 3 Before Being Killed By Police

Huffington Post

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A man opened fire early Saturday at a hospital in Alabama, wounding a police officer and two employees before being shot and killed by another officer, authorities said.

Police were sent to St. Vincent’s Hospital around 4 a.m. to check on a report of an armed man inside the facility. Two officers who arrived separately converged on the suspect on the hospital’s fifth floor.

“When the officer encountered the suspect, there was immediate gunfire from the suspect,” Birmingham Police Sgt. Johnny Williams said. One police officer and two hospital employees who happened to be in the area were wounded.

A second officer shot back, mortally wounding the suspect.

Williams said detectives were still trying to determine Saturday why the armed man was in the hospital. Authorities did not immediately release the names of the assailant or the victims.

A handful of cardiac patients and several staff members were on the fifth floor, hospital spokeswoman Liz Moore told reporters during a news conference. She said the hospital is secure and stable, and patient care was not interrupted.


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4 Responses to Alabama Hospital Shooting: St. Vincent’s Gunman Wounds 3 Before Being Killed By Police

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Natural progression, obviously.

    From schools to hospitals

    Expect more.

    VERY soon.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi NWO Hatr,

      Exactly,.. they (treasonous Fed Gov’t) have clearly decided to go “all-in” in trying to create gun fear in order to get the public support for “legislative disarmament”

      Expect to see the frequency, intensity, variation of location, and sheer horror to increase.

      Our treasonous gov’t is completely desperate to disarm America in order to move onto the final phase of Total-Enslavement.

      Our Treasonous Gov’t has now committed themselves to COMPLETE & UN-RESTRICTED WARFARE ON AMERICANS,.. INCLUDING OUR CHILDREN.

      We have a complete fraud sitting in the Whitehouse that was put there by what can only be described as the most laughable excuse for a sham election in American history,.. and even by the most ridiculous excuse for gov’ts in the rest of the world.

      The US Fed Gov’t has stolen the Presidency, destroyed our economy, debased our currency, gave our banking system to criminal bankster, destroyed New York City, attacked the Pentagon.. and is now openly executing Americans,.. and exterminating our children,.. and thats just some of their crimes.

      At what point do we say,.. enough?


      JD – US Marines – Our Fed Gov’t is going, “All-In” to kill, enslave us,.. Are we going to allow it?

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        Hi JD. Yup I just sent Henry an article about a shooting in Alabama – a BABY killed, others injured, before the pigs killed him.

        Saw some others on shootings also.

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