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Alex Jones supports Zionist israel

Uploaded on Jul 10, 2010 by majikspell1

Old footage of Alex Jones speaking about the UN calling Israel terrorists. Maybe this is why he never mentions the zionist connection to 9/11.

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6 Responses to Alex Jones supports Zionist israel

  1. roip says:

    he is still lying about 911- claiming that he predicted it and stealing credit from Bill Cooper, from whom he stole the info. he and his stable of fellow travelers need to be dethroned

  2. Mr.Pube says:

    Cannot believe people are still debating Kosher Jones, ‘The Gatekeeper of Jewry’. The mouthy twat is so transparent as to be embarrassing.

  3. either way at the end of the day the Truth is still the Truth, and the Good News is NO ONE ON EARTH HAS TO BE A “JEWISH”…!!

    The TRUTH is such GOOD NEWS for the Whole World.

    Just imagine : NO JEWS !!! NO “JEWISH” STATE . . .!!!

    ….who is going to program your children on TALMUDVISION…now ?

    Tactical NUKE the “Jewish” state of Mind … KNOW TRUTH !!

    ..there were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament,

    and NO DALLAS COWBOYS at the ALAMO !!

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    Alex Jones supports Zionist everything.

  5. Anonymous says:


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