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Amazing Argument for the Failure of Gun Control

Uploaded on Apr 7, 2009 by USAleX

USALEX points out the absurdities of trying to control guns and their practical everyday use through intense videos and intelligent interviews.

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One Response to Amazing Argument for the Failure of Gun Control

  1. diggerdan says:

    If they do ban guns – and that means guns of any kind – it would just give the damned creat`n LEO`s just another excuse to shoot to kill somebody judt for having a gun. In that case if I was to have a gun knowing that then I would go out and do as much destruction to the LEO`s and the law makers as possible and I would continue to do such until I got murdered by a damned law maker supporter and I would consider it as suicide by cop. At least I would take out more of them bastards than they did me – after all I could take out many of them and there is only one of me…………………. REMEMBER LAWMAKERS, TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY AND WE WILL HAVE ALTERNATIVE WEAPONS TO USE AGAINST YOU GUYS – IF THAT WAS OUR ORIGINAL INTENTIONS. THINK ABOUT IT YOU FEINSTEIN, BLOOMBERG TYPES. IF WE ARE COMMING TO GET YA`LL AND IF WE DO NOT HAVE GUNS, WE WILL USE A MUCH MORE SINISTER/SADISTIC WAY TO GET YA`LL – YOU ALL REMEMBER THAT!!!

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