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Any Evidence School Shooting Was Real? Perhaps Another Fake/Tragic Terrorist by NATO’s Rogue Secret Armies- Operation Gladio

The Global 99% Movement – by Chris Tucker

As I’ve commented recently, my own observations of a diverse swath of media story flows lead me to suspect there was an ongoing concerted effort to either ramp up the public’s fear & perception of (or actual) increasing social chaos & violence…and that this pattern may be indicative of a clandestine PSYOP & either fake (or real) terrorist shootings by rogue operatives, perhaps linked to the terrifying NATO clanestine armies/terrorist cadres networked arcross Western countries, and backing false flag terrorist attacks framed to blame either left-wing, right-wing, or Muslim grouops, to manipulate public opinion & fear levels, in accord with whatever objective the NATO shadow cadres or their masters deeemed especially tempting violence against unarmed citizens (

Indeed, I commented on FB yesterday that the mysterious shooting/suicide of an allegedly happy go lucky guy seemed to be yet another mysterious event in Oregon, which might just be because the two Democratic Senators (Wyden & Udall) appear to be the only two US Senators that are not yet too totally terrified & intimited to press the Obama administration to declassify the “secret laws” he’s apparently asserted he not only can use, but…as most transparent democracies….really needs them to be super secret, as well as their recent attempt to force the US executive to give Congress & public a fricking clue as to how totalitarian the surveillance system is & if there are any privacy rights or limits at all (answer = no limits & PSYOP warriors manipulate communications strategically, fabricate content, audio if necessary, erase evidence, etc….I’m quite sure)…so perhaps a fake (or real) clandestine shooting/suicide in a populated XMAS market would strike just the kind of terror & fear necessary to reduce support for these Senators who haven’t quite learned that the post-9/11 Congress does not ask questions, and obediently takes Executive assurances that whatever they proclaim is true or necessary, must be & must be secret…as with the NDAA & all the other stuff never discussed. After all, mailing Senators Leahy & Senate Majority Leader anthrax from the US military bioweapons lab, sure shut them up & got them to abort the Patriot Act Hearing.

Same thing with the Joker Batman alleged mass shooting….all too  textbook PSYOP, fit brilliantly with the elitist anti-democratic “chaos” of movie, the costume, the many ignored clues, logical contradictions, and apparent fact he said something indicating he was a patsy in jail, the illegal public release of his so-called medical records/emails & quote from his alleged doctor, who repeated the words Martha Mitchell’s doctors did to discredit here is crazy to cover-up Watergate…and when the hell did this PhD. student suddenly get expertise to build some super-spy booby-trap bomb & then just tell cops about it (if he did any of this).

Given the past, and on-going MKULTRA operation, and fact the 1970’s Congressional Investigatory Report on FBI/CIA assassinations is still classified (I’m guessing it wasn’t empty), and we’ve been repeatedly lied to about 9/11, Iraq, Guantanamo (Tortured false confessions, brainwashing, eyeball removals, and surely grotesque human torture & other experiments…which is what the “too dangerous to release or have a trial” absurdity likely means)….and given the unprecedented state secrets club being used to crush any truth, censorship, war on whistleblowers, permanent war, I think it is only rational to assume the worst, until US government gives anyone a reason to believe anything they say.

Of course, the CIA/NATO secret armies, always blame this stuff on either a lone wolf madman (Sirhan Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Eart Ray, despite overwhelming evidence to contrary), and as I’d (& other whistleblowers) have written before, a big part of this exaggerated or totally fabricated war on oil-dwelling peoples, is to institutionalize totalitarianism for the 21st century “state-sponsered corporatism,” which means criminalizing dissent, destroying whistleblowers & thought criminals via the “disposition matrix,” and one method I’d been warning was going on & would be increasingly used was to get political dissidents falsely classified as crazy, and thus, dangerous, requiring involuntarily & indefinitely detained, probably chemically lobotomized, &/or more of the old Nazi-type torture research that the CIA conducted in institutions & universities all across the US, Canada & even Germany…so staging more of these traumatizing mass shootings (if real, as some such OPs are all fake, actors, no bodies, etc.)…will be great for jacking up public demand & acceptance of this Soviet & Communist Practice to torture dissidents, academics, etc. The good Americans responsible for the long history of such OPs & the cover-up have proven quite excellent at terrorizing every witness, family member, friend into silence, cooperation & even the implausible cover-up lie….such as when Gary Webb’s ex-wife (after he was assassinated via multiple gunshots to head) implausibly reasoned that “he’d been depressed for being unable to find work in journalism,” which is quite the understatement since he’d been blacklisted, humiliated, destroyed, harassed, and feared for his life…for good reason…Jackie O, RFK, many others were too terrified to public speak the truth about JFK’s assassination….

Same thing happened with Earest Hemingway, and countless others.

CIA-whistleblower Susan Lindhauer who was apparently indefinitely detained & threatened with a pharmaceutical lobotomy, and like clockwork, all the doctors & judges obediently took their master’s order to violated every law & help torture & detain her….so everybody would believed the cover-up, and surely the CIA-run MSM media obediently discredited her as they always so loyally do when anyone tries to reveal any important truth.

Of course, there will never be an honest, scientific discussion about why Americans kill each other so much w/ guns….since we’re forbidden at looking at all the genuine democracies that are not suffering from 3rd world inequality, mass illegal foreclosures….will we have to listen to the absurd argument that….geez…Americans are somehow genetically 1000% more violently crazy than every other country on Earth

There were some fishy things in this story, according to WSJ article:

“Lt. J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the Connecticut State Police, said officers didn’t fire their weapons after arriving at the campus, but he couldn’t say with certainty how the alleged gunman was killed.

Two handguns were recovered near the gunman’s body: a Glock and a Sig Sauer. A federal law-enforcement official said a .223 Bushmaster rifle was found in the back of a vehicle at the school.

Why would a FBI official (or Secret Service) be at local crime scene? Why are media saying 3rd gun was with alleged gunman, when FBI guy said he found it in back of a vehicle? Whose?

Why are media concluding he shot himself, when in fact, Connecticut State Police (not local?) said they did not know how he died, when it would be quite obvious….if he’d shot himself (or at least if someone shot him).

Another mystery, why did alleged gunman’s alleged classmates think he’d dropped out of school & last schoolbook photo was from 2010….alas, too bad someone murdered his mom, as she might’ve known he was innocent or where he was, or if he’d been kidnapped/murdered & dropped at the scene.

Of course, we could blame or suspect the European rogue clandestine cadres parallel to NATO…perhaps, they’re trying to destablize US…who knows….I’ll be damned if I can figure out if or how anyone can control or keep track of a global network of private & para-military military & intelligence matrix of terrorists, mafia, official bodies, self-funding components….Col Fletcher Prouty warned this was a huge problem because the secret armies have the capacity to unilaterally set policy or manipulate the official realms of verious governments into responding to socially-engineered events or violence, social chaos they invented….which is very dangerous when so many have billions of contracts tempting them to invent hostilities & crises….e.g. unleash epidemic, so they profit of mass vaccine purchases…

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8 Responses to Any Evidence School Shooting Was Real? Perhaps Another Fake/Tragic Terrorist by NATO’s Rogue Secret Armies- Operation Gladio

  1. NC says:

    From everything I have seen, I still have not seen any proof of any blood, anyone dying, any camera footage, any ambulances, any information on hospitalization, NOTHING at all, yet the media, especially YAHOO is showing Obama’s fake tears, pictures of police and paramilitary and families who look like they are fake crying like something out of a play and whose stories change every minute. I don’t get how people can’t see right through this. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE!! It all appears to be a drill that Obama is using in order to make people think it was real. A clear case of a psy-op in order to try and implement gun control.

    This is like Obama’s Osama Bin Laden raid and the laughable murder story. NO PROOF!!! NO EVIDENCE!!! NO NOTHING!!! Just people acting like a play for the MSM. Disinformation galore and when people ask to see the evidence, they are ridiculed and attacked by the government and MSM for questioning the events themselves. When are people going to realize they are being fooled by all of these lies and ridiculous false propaganda?

    Another thing that you know the incident is always a psy-op is when the MSM blasts multiple stories of the same incident for an entire week and blows the story way out of proportion, but you know that it is not a psy-op when something similar occurs and it is only shown for a few hours in the MSM. That’s your basic way of distinguishing a false flag vs the real thing. The real thing never drags on this long.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Still waiting for credible evidence that anyone actually WAS killed at that school.

    Not saying for sure that it didn’t occur.

    Just saying that SOME credible evidence should be available by this time.

    Let’s just say that I have a very suspicious nature.

    With VERY good reason, I might add.

    • ChewyBees says:

      If you’ve read 1984, NWO (got it right this time, lol), you can remember that the entire war scenario presented to the proletariat is simply fictionalized in order to create the emotional hate and anger that drives the workforce into belief in the system. When there is a hint that the current war is no longer convincing, the controllers simply make war with another of the three factions of institutional control on earth, destroy the records of the previous war, and just keep on keeping on.

      In the book, the whole universe of an entire nation is built upon news stories. There is absolutely zero outside information available, and even when the main character gets ahold of the secret book of the history of it all, it still is manufactured bull from the controllers. The whole system is built on falsified stories of disreality.

      We are not very far from that now. Were it not for the Internet we would all be there already. There is something else out there that is giving men a chance to counter the enslavement attempt. We are at the change to the Age of Aquarius. Believe in it or not, but if one looks at the evolutionary and influential changes to mankind as a sine wave (which all energy is based on in it’s most basic and advanced form), we are at the low end of negative and will hopefully begin moving out of this into a long term of positive advancement. Being rich, or materialistically gratified, or a hoarder of anything of material value is not a characteristic of highly evolved men, in my opinion.

      No change can happen while these “democratic” banker nations exist. One way or another, the birthing pains are going to be difficult, in my estimation…

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        Please, ChewyBees, NEVER just NWO for short. They’re my nemesis. It would give the wrong impression to first time posters on this site, or those who don’t post here that often.

        # 1 or NWO Hatr or even just Hatr (although I prefer that least of all, as it is too general in nature) are all accceptable.

        • diggerdan says:

          That is right #1, keep the faith and try to correct those that make mistakes or do not know and need to be taught. That is why I always thank you guys here for that tune up that I had so of so many months ago. Keep the faith and keep on a smilin` buddy – #1!!!

        • ChewyBees says:

          Sorry, correction taken.

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            Much appreciated. No hard feelings

            p.s I had to enlighten another poster on that same subject just yesterday – but him I blasted, his comment was borderline troll-ish, if you know what I mean.

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