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As Texas attracts California companies, will Texas be Californicated?

As Texas attracts California companies, will Texas be Californicated?Tea Party Cheer – by Ed Farnan

Years ago, road signs at the border proclaimed: “Welcome to Oregon, Now Go Home” and: “Don’t Californicate Oregon,” met California motorists as they crossed into Oregon. Those signs are long gone as the process of transforming Oregon into a liberal blue state, have been completed.

California’s Apple Computer recently announced that expanding their Texas presence will make them central Texas’s largest employer.

Other large California corporations say they are transferring all or part of their operations out of the once formerly golden state. California has been getting deluged with television ads from other states, particularly Texas, who invite them to set up shop in their business friendly environments.

Apple, Campbell Soup, Comcast, Chevron Oil, Google and countless others are just the public tip of the iceberg, as California is engulfed in an economic wildfire burning up its private sector with record high taxes and miles of government red tape.

But will Texas and other business friendly “red states” soon regret what they wished for as they woo California business to their fold?

California’s recessions of the 70’s-80’s saw an outflow of residents seeking jobs and more reasonable living conditions in neighboring states. These new residents established themselves and invited extended families and friends to join them.

Soon these new residents started to outnumber the native Oregonians/Washingtonians and Nevadans. These former “red or red leaning states” with a rural flavor, started to see a distinct transformation of demographics, especially in their larger cities and urban areas. Today these states are reliable blue, or blue leaning states, supplying Washington DC, with an unending stream of liberal politicians who impose their values on the rest of America.

Google, another California company that has had Al Gore as one their senior directors, is a huge consumer of electric energy. Ironically/hypocritically, Google been quietly shifting operations to more energy friendly states/countries; translated: Fossil fueled energy states. Recently Google announced it especially loved Irelands cool rainy climate, which they claim make it a more energy efficient location. Ireland’s energy sector is fueled mainly with fossil fuel.

Last month, George Lucas announced he had sold his Lucas Film operation to Disney for a whopping 4 billion. Lucas had finally given up his decade’s long/multi million dollar battle with environmental zealots of Marin County California to expand his facilities. Eventually these hundreds of jobs will be transferred out of Marin to friendlier business climates. California’s film industry is already producing many of its films out of state where they are being wooed w/large tax credits.

California’s new main export seems to be companies and jobs that it once used to attract like a magnet. But will this export of California prove detrimental to the very business friendly states that are attracting them?

Ed Farnan: An American with Irish roots living in California. Took an interest in politics when politics took an interest in me. Follow Ed on Twitter also catch his regular post on Irish Central

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7 Responses to As Texas attracts California companies, will Texas be Californicated?

  1. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    Texas is concerned about illegals swarming in from all quarters! What does this mean? Goodbye Texas, that’s what it means!

  2. NC says:

    “Last month, George Lucas announced he had sold his Lucas Film operation to Disney for a whopping 4 billion.”

    A “whopping 4 billion”? HA! That’s pennies to a guy like George Lucas and to even Disney. He sold out to the Dark side for a cheap price and that’s the bottom line on that issue.

  3. BentSpear says:

    Looks to me, the cockroaches of Cali are bailing, leaving the rubble for the survivors to scrounge through for scraps. HEADS UP Texas!

  4. Tim says:

    I am one of those California victims that have left that crap-hole of a state for work elsewhere. Being a former native Californian I have never subscribed to the stench of nanny liberalism, and have never brought that baggage with me when I left. I have found better opportunities and a better social climate elsewhere. Oh, and I don’t tell anyone that asks where I am really from. I learned its a real mistake if I do, and its rather embarrassing. To the contrary, I both checked out and left hotel (hell) California.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      You didn’t just move straight across the street from me, did you? Because someone just moved across the street from me and they are keeping a mighty low profile. I better not find out you just moved across the street from me. LOL

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Stuck here, for better or worse.

    (Worse, take my word for it).

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