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Barack Obama’s War On America’s Fresh Water Supply

The Western Center for Journalism – by Suzanne Eovaldi

Barack Obama is keeping his promise to lower the sea levels, and he’s starting with the drought- plagued Midwest where Lake Michigan water is being shipped by the boatloads over to China!  By using a little-known loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama minions are allowing Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan to the tune of an estimated $500,000 to $1.8 million per day profit. By draining the precious jewel of the Great Lakes in the middle of America, our federal water managers are allowing the export of our water out of our country across thousands of miles of oceans into the Asian basin plagued by huge population centers that are suffering from their constant lack of fresh water.  How’s that for cutting America down to size?

The water is being sold at a “240 times markup”; that is, well over 240 times its production costs. In 2006, then-President George W. Bush signed into law a set of agreements aimed at safeguarding and maintaining the Great Lakes, which hold 20% of the world’s fresh water.  But clever bureaucrats and corporate profiteers discovered they could use a loophole to bottle and sell Lake Michigan water, water intended for use by its surrounding states and their watershed. By saying “this loophole allows for Great Lakes water to be labeled a COMMODITY”, our public water officials are allowing the huge supply to be tapped and sold off to companies like Nestle at a very low price.  This water can then be flipped for huge profits! Surrounding wildlife and water critters depending on fresh Lake Michigan water now are feeling the shortage, and our much-needed relief from the horrible Midwest drought of 2012 must compete with foreign countries for water that belongs to America!  If anyone is wondering if this current Administration really does have the concern of America at its heart, then this little-publicized Water War should be a huge wake-up call for all of us.

Gorgeous Flathead Lake in northwest Montana boasts one of the largest fresh water lakes west of the Mississippi River.  It will come into their cross hairs soon if we don’t get busy and start contacting our do-nothing Congress about this travesty at 1- 877-762-8762.  Montana and other western states already are up in arms about this all-out attempt by Democrats to shut off irrigation water in the Klamath Falls River Basin.

Four dams are slated for permanent destruction.  Who can forget what has been done to America’s breadbasket, California’s Central Valley, along with the San Joaquin Valley?  Our American farmers and our citizens now must compete with foreign countries for our own American water.  When will Barack Obama’s insane war on America’s fresh water supply end?

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4 Responses to Barack Obama’s War On America’s Fresh Water Supply

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    I can’t wait to see that son-of-a-bitch hanging from a tree

  2. #1 NWO Hatr says:

    I honestly couldn’t believe this when I first saw it.

    It takes a h#ll of a lot to surprise me anymore these days, but this one did.

    The sooner we take back this country from the traitors now running it, the better!

  3. diggerdan says:

    I suppose Obama will call this job creation – selling off our most valuble natural resources – way more valuble than oil I think. This Obama guy is not thinking right. Why doesn`t those countries like China just make a giant distilation factory for clean water.Here is one for them over there – they could all buy one of those Homespun water purifiers or one of the other purifiers from us over here, hahaha!!!! Just imagine all the jobs created here if they would all buy a water purifier for each one of them over there.

  4. TranceAm says:

    Water, Pure drinking water.

    In the end of the last century the claims were that the next big wars would be about water… No one was surprised when the Bush jr bought some land in Paraguay after all the lies he put out during his presidency. Paraguay, one of the few countries that doesn’t extradite (War) criminals to the USA. A short while later, it turned out that he bought the land with one of the biggest aquafiers under it.. Double whammie for Georgie boy.

    And Obama.. He’s just a tool. When they are done using him for the policies they need enforced for their long term projects and plans (Mostly garbage can including the documents encoding and acknowledging RIGHTS for humans, instead of permissions. The ‘why’ of 911, comes to mind, and all the laws encoded after it to counter the public’s reaction to the discarding of the US.) for the US, he goes back in the box. The only analogy I can find for him is the Titanic. When it hit the iceberg, the owners knew it was going to go down, so they put a Black/Brown man in command to take the fall and the blame.

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