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Be Warned: False Flag Cyberattack Planned on Banks Will Steal Your Money

Occupy Corporatism – by Susanne Posel

McAfee Labs warns of a cyber-attack planned for the spring of 2013 that will steal millions of dollars from customer accounts. Thirty US banks have been named as a nameless, faceless band of “criminals” have released a Trojan virus that will remove digital currency from accounts at banks like:

• JPMorgan Chase & Co
• Wells Fargo
• Citibank
• PayPal/eBay
• Fidelity
• Charles Schwab
• Wachovia
• Capital One
• Bank of America
• Suntrust
• eTrade
• Ameritrade
• Navy Federal Credit Union

The scheme is referred to as ‘Project Blitzkrieg” (PB). In a beta-testing of the assault, it is reported that 300 bank accounts were affected in the US. The recruitment for PB is being linked to Russian cyber-criminals and an alleged cyber-mafia headed by an anonymous NSD. Those who enter into PB are tasked with infecting specified US computers with predetermined malware, cloning, syphoning passwords and login information, transferring digital information from customer accounts.

Pat Calhoun, a senior vice president at McAfee said:“Our researchers have been pouring into this and what they have found, they actually found somewhere between 300 to 500 devices in the U.S. that have actually been infected with the particular malware that this individual is talking about. That, combined with some additional research we’re doing, has led us to believe this is true. This is actually a real operation that this individual is planning to launch sometime before spring 2013.”

When a customer logs into the bank website, security questions are enabled to keep the customer information protected; however the Trojan will utilize a cloned version of the bank website and retain information imputed by the user to be used against them later. A version of the Gozi Trojan called “Gozi Prinimalka” is believed to have already been used to extract $5 million from banking institutions.

These anonymous cyber-criminals will slowly drain accounts with small incremental amounts without tripping off withdrawal limits.

Calhoun explains that defensive measures must be taken. She said: “Since we know about it, we will be able to protect against it,” Calhoun said. “We’re working very closely with law enforcement and a lot of the potential targets to make sure they understand this and know how to behave or how to protect themselves against it.”

The Russian “thief-in-law”, which refers to an elite band of criminals that are somehow able to operate above law enforcement, are being identified as the culprits of this plot. An anonymous person named vorVzakone, was the first to announce PB which was described as a “collaborative effort designed to exploit the U.S. banking industry’s lack of anti-fraud mechanisms relative to European financial institutions, which generally require two-factor authentication for all wire transfers.”

Phone lines are expected to be tied up while the digital currency is removed from the customer accounts which would prevent the bank from alerting the customer of changes to their account balance.

Another false flag attack on the banks includes distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) on PHP-based websites such as Joomla, WordPress sites and the TimThunb plug-in.

Dan Holdren and Curt Wilson, security engineers at Arbor Networks claim: “Unmaintained sites running out-of-date extensions are easy targets and the attackers took full advantage of this to upload various PHP webshells which were then used to further deploy attack tools.”

The newest threat to the banking world are the Russians. In September, Senator and self-proclaimed Zionist Joseph Lieberman declared that it was Iran who cyber-attacked Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase in 2011 and began with more frequency this year. Lieberman, as the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee states that the financial attack was spurned from the state-sponsored anti-Muslim film circulating the Middle East thanks to CIA-operatives al-Qaeda.

The timing of the newly formed “digital al-Qaeda” and their expressed anger over the US-produced anti-Muslim film are questionable considering how the US and Israeli government are setting the stage for a justified war with Iran. This fake hacker group is threatening other countries controlled by the Zionist regime, such as France, Germany and Britain. According to the false flag group: “The army was recently formed and we have started to work as a team after we used to work individually. The hacking operations are of course a response to the offence against the prophet, peace and blessing be upon him.”

Radware, a security firm, analyzed the attacks and concluded that the alleged Iranian nameless, faceless cyber army accused to attacking BoA and JPMorgan Chase did not conduct the attack.

In August, Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based computer security firm has found a new cyber surveillance virus that has been spying on banking transactions, stealing login information for social networks, email and instant messaging in the Middle East – specifically targeting Lebanon’s BlomBank, ByblosBank and Credit Libanais. And infected computers also include CitiGroup Inc.’s Citibank and eBay’s Paypal online payment system.

This virus’ focus on online banking makes it a potential threat to banking systems worldwide. Researchers are still trying to determine if this virus is simply conducting surveillance on banking transactions or if it is being used to steal money out of targeted accounts.

Being called Gauss by the Kaspersky Lab, who confirmed that the new virus is related to Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu, yet a more sophisticated, state-sponsored cyber-espionage tool.

Guass, which is an online banking surveillance virus, has the capability of electronically transferring information out of customer accounts to be redirected to another location. The banking industry would be devastated if suddenly they were infiltrated by Gauss which would cause every banking customer to become insolvent overnight.

This sets the stage for the banking holiday that we’ve all been warned about. For example, the mainstream media would be used to announce that Gauss has infected the all domestic banking computer systems. In order to purge the virus, all banks would need to shut down for a specified amount of time in order to reconfigure their computers. Perhaps on a Friday afternoon, the major banks will all announce that they will shut down to customer activity so they can “get rid of” Gauss from their system. The banks might say that they will reopen to the public on Monday morning.

Customers would not be able to conduct any financial transactions, either in the bank or online over that weekend. And with the promise that everything will be ok on Monday, there is no threat of a banking holiday because the cover story is that a virus must be purged before regular banking can continue.

However this would be a false flag meant to pacify the public to avert mass panic. While the general public would fall for the cover story, the banking cartels would simply electronically transfer all customer funds from private checking accounts out to off-shore banks where they could not be touched and cover their tracks.

Then on Monday morning, while the reports that the banking industry suffered greater infiltration than expected, the DHS and US armed forces would be poised to enact martial law to control the potential for domestic insurrection caused by the realization that every American has had their money stolen from them by the banking cartels in one fail swoop.

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6 Responses to Be Warned: False Flag Cyberattack Planned on Banks Will Steal Your Money

  1. leo bourne says:

    I would like to see how they explain the terrorists took the money from my personal accounts and didn’t affect any account I owed money to, like credit cards and mortgage. If they, the terrorists, cancel all the bills I owe, they can have the money in all my accounts. The terrorist will be disappointed but I won’t be. That probably goes for the rest of the 99% of americans.

    • David2 says:

      It would be handled like a catastrophic event, all accounts in the hands of a NWO CON gress appointed commission that would investigate. Meanwhile the GOYIM will be pacified thinking that the Commission will act like a receiver of a company and do what is right by returning all paper wealth.

      Meanwhile the economy will come to a halt, the NWO bank who you have your debts and have your pledged assets will legally get approval from SCOTUS who are a NWO owned organized crime court will rule that they can foreclose but that rent must be paid.

      Never again will there be ownership of private property and all your paper dreams of wealth will amount to a Barack Obama.

      Have some gold and some silver in your possession or lose everything.

      Do not carry the mark of the beast.

      • leo bourne says:

        I still don’t see how they could explain how just your accounts were accessed and not all accounts. There would have to be a motive for the hacking. The police or any agency investigation always look for a motive or who benefits from the crime. If the banks take no loss and “we the people” take a complete loss, I feel a first grader could solve that case.

        Either way I will say I paid all my accounts off the day before the attack on line. So I guess they will have to prove I didn’t. Screw-um.

        • David2 says:

          I had some trading funds in a segregated account with JP Morgan Chase for MF Global.

          Legally these accounts are segregated so it was my personal funds in my personal account. The NWO in a test trial to see what they can get away with in the financial collapse had MF Global go bankrupt, $1.7 billion client funds were vanished under the watchful eye of their CFTC so called regulator boss Gensler ex NWO Goldman Sachs and CEO John Corzine ex NWO CEO of Goldman Sachs who fundraises for Obama. The criminals had enough compassion or enough pressure to give some monies back but probably 35%+ were vanished.

          The bankers banquet the beggars scraps. The NWO have all power, they own the system and are coming for your wealth.

          Protect yourself as Gold and Silver in your own possession are money outside the bankers control. You do not need to carry the mark of the beast, give it back to them by not taking part in their corrupt game.

  2. TranceAm says:

    Steal my debt also? Where’s Robin Hood.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I still consider this scenario to be a distinct possibility.

    (I know you don’t consider it credible, JD, from your previous comment on a similar article. So if you check in on this one, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one).

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