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Big Government conspiracy theories become reality: Fluoride, cancer, chemicals and more

Natural News – by S.D. Wells

What if you just found out that cancer in America began when food processing plants became prominent and people moved closer to the industrial plants, where the jobs were, just after World War II? And what if you found out from a very “reliable source” that the U.S. government knew this processed food would cause cancer? Would you believe it, or would you call the people who do believe it conspiracy theorists? Does it seem so RADICAL of a concept, like some outrageous and malicious plan to make money at the expense of people’s lives and livelihood? Or is it just paranoia, now being spread by the nightly news? (

What if CNN, Dateline NBC, 60 Minutes, or some other network prime time “mainstream news” program did a HUGE NATIONAL STORY about how fluoride in public water is causing Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis and Arthritis, and nearly every city and county in America would be removing it from the public water supply starting first thing Monday? Then you found out the very next morning that your town or city was not on that list, because your mayor just switched from a job at a chemical company, and he or she is “all for fluoridated water.” Are you worried? Do you run out a buy expensive filters at the hardware store for your sinks, for your showers, for everything? ( Does it seem so RADICAL of a concept, like some horribly unethical plan to make money off people’s sickness? Or is it just paranoia, now being spread by the ever so popular nightly news? (

Then you start thinking, wait a second, could people go to jail for coming up with this idea, of fluoridating the water, or did they already go to jail for MASS MURDER? Maybe it’s time to do a little homework for yourself, especially since it’s now all over the news. (

A company called IG Farben worked closely with the Nazi regime and the SS, functioning like a war driving machine, donating some 80 million Reichsmarks in return for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries which were seized by Hitler from the occupied countries. IG Farben then used huge investment capital from the one and only John D. Rockefeller and hisStandard Oil Company to fund the creation and use of Zyklon B pesticide to gas millions of Jews to death. Scientists from IG Farben went on to work for the United States in major capacities, from designing rockets to DESIGNING FOOD CHEMICALS AND CHEMOTHERAPY (It began as “Project Paperclip”).(

Toxic water was a planned conspiracy

A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives just two years ago confirmed that fluoridated water causes brain damage in children. The study was the 24th one on the same subject, and the results were SO EVIDENT that experts thought it could be the end of water fluoridation. The fluoride levels in the children’s blood were so high, if the study had reached the nightly news, America would be up in arms, demanding action.

Getting paranoid yet? Or what if the word paranoia itself needs to be redefined? Maybe the dictionaries should redefine the political correctness of the word paranoid in order to fit in with modern day insanity when it comes to buying toxic food instead of Mother Nature’s untainted organic food and “medicine.”

The gap is narrowing. The gap between what is believed about the history of America as being such a noble nation that feeds and “polices” the world, and the modern day notion that the government not only doesn’t regulate and minimize toxic food and medicine, but promotes it and prospers from it, in more ways than any other generation of wealth.

If you think by looking the other way when the truth hits, that somehow it won’t hit you, or affect you and your family, you’re wrong. Disease is being bred in toxic food and medicine which is for sale all around you. If you’re shopping at all the wrong stores, you’re “buying cancer.” Put it this way, if you got lost in some forest and some “bad guys” were shooting tiny poisonous arrows at you, could you just look the other way and keep walking, or would you end up dying much sooner than necessary?

Take the last decade of collateral damage for example

After the Bush Administration’s reckless push of high fructose corn syrup and Donald Rumsfeld’s care free push of artificial sweeteners and dangerous prescription drugs, America is living inside a downward spiral. President Obama has done next to NOTHING to fix these monstrous issues. Add in Monsanto’s GMO corn and soy and it’s likesome modern day genocide.

Nazi Germany wasn’t a conspiracy theory, it was real, but people underestimated the movement as it rose up, and look what happened. ( During the war, the Nazi’s tested extreme, intolerable conditions on Jews, the way we test monkeys and treat animals in the U.S., including the ones most carnivores eat today. How are GMO, poison-laden foods, which are proven to cause cancer, so different from pushing dangerous, chemical laden vaccines (like swine and flu shots) on humans? How similar were the Nazi concentration camp conditions to the conditions we find many animals living in today – trapped in a horror story from birth to miserable death – also known as CAFO’s, or Concentrated (or Confined) Animal Feeding Operations?

The WAR for chemical free food and water

There is a war going on today: the war for chemical-free food and water. For over 75 years, the concept of organic food for disease prevention and cure has been suppressed, and the entire practice of non-Allopathic medicine has also been suppressed. Many alternative doctors have been persecuted and even assassinated. Hundreds of known disease causes and cures have been and still are buried under the rug, kept out of the mainstream media, out of the medical journals, and out of the mouths of the doctors who “sell you on their latest prescription drug.” Chronic diseases; we know today so well could be cured with simple, inexpensive natural therapies. Dr. Herbert Ley, the former United States FDA Commissioner has been quoted, “What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.”


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8 Responses to Big Government conspiracy theories become reality: Fluoride, cancer, chemicals and more

  1. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    It would be interesting to taste the water that comes out of Bill Gates kitchen sink, compared to what comes out of his fellow neighbors in Seattle, Wa sink. Probably something like sewer water compared to fresh spring water.

    More importantly, how much fluoride in each sample. Will you ever see an MSM news crew demand an answer? Does everybody deserve the same quality of water, from their kitchen sink?

    You bet, especially when we the 99% pay the bulk of the taxes.

    Do you really think that bottled water is safe? If you ever get to the mountains find a stream with snow run-off. Drink the best bottled, then drink from the stream, being careful its away from beavers etc.

    Night and day brother, like drinking water straight from heaven. The plastics used for the bottled water alone ruin the water and deem it unsafe, let alone the added chemicles.

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    “the creation and use of Zyklon B pesticide to gas millions of Jews to death”

    I had to stop reading as soon as the author identified himself as either an idiot, or a liar, and possibly both.
    In that one sentence he both identified Zyklon B as a pesticide, and also stated that it was used to kill millions of Jews. If you know that Zyklon B was a pesticide, how can you possibly believe that it was used to kill millions of people, unless you’re a moron? If he doesn’t believe bug spray can kill millions, he might have a brain in his head, and that makes him a liar for stating that it did when he knew differently.

    Thank you, S.D. Wells, for saving me the time it would take to read anything you write in the future.

    • bargain bob says:

      same reaction here..

      • GeorgeW says:

        Jolly Roger, Thanks for prompting me to investigate Zyklon B a little deeper.
        Zyklon B = HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide)
        It may not have “Killed Millions”, starvation will do that.
        It was designed to kill bugs, and at a high enough concentration would cause death in humans and a long low exposure would certainly assist hunger finishing the job of deaths early arrival.

        If it was used only in the pellet form (Zyklon B) it may not reach the toxicity levels for an “Instant” Kill, but looking at the MSDS:
        LETHAL CONCENTRATION (LC50): 140 ppm, Rat 1 hour.

        140 ppm is 0.014% volume to air, Death for a human likely would occur in an air tight room.

        But in the form of a Pressurized gas (HCN), it could certainly reach highly toxic levels.

        Open the Scott Catalogue link for an MSDS. Besides being toxic, it is also going to be explosive between 5.6 to 40% volume to air.

        Check this link for more info:

        That it was used for the purpose of killing humans at German camps during WW2 seems probable to me.

        So if you do not mind me asking, what did you not like about the Authors statement?

        • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

          I can answer that for you, GeorgeW, although you may find it extremely difficult to believe, given the nature and the depth of the deception involved, which is precisely why I apologized in my comment below for posting this article.

          Your entire life you’ve been told that Hitler was a monster that murdered six million ‘Jews’ during WWll, in what is ‘officially’ labeled the “Holocaust”.
          You were told that the Nazis gassed them in chambers constructed solely for that purpose, and also burned them up in ovens. It was also ‘claimed’ that the Nazis made lampshades from their skins, and soap from their body fat.

          NEVER HAPPENED!!!

          This was incontrovertibly the most massive HOAX ever perpetrated on the human race, which is why you will often see many on this site refer to it as the “Holohoax” in the comment section. Most of the ‘claims’ made by the Zionist (so-called) ‘Jews’ were either physically or mathematically IMPOSSIBLE.

          Do you know that the ‘Holohoax’ is the ONLY ‘event’ in history that people are currently in prison for, simply for denying that it ever happened? If it were true, wouldn’t you think the ‘Jews’ (so-called) would more than welcome any research into, or investigation of it, if only for the sake of verification?

          I’ll give you one example of an easily disproved lie:

          Hitler killed six million ‘Jews’.

          How much of the earth’s entire land mass (liveable, we won’t include Antarctica or the polar regions) did Hitler invade in WWll? I’m no math whiz, but I’d guess less than 5%, give or take.
          There were ONLY about 11 million ‘Jews’ in the entire world at that time.

          To believe that more than HALF of them were living close enough to Germany for Hitler to exterminate them, stretches the boundaries of credibility beyond all reason.

          This is only one of numerous examples.

          Now, if you haven’t already quit reading this comment at this point (I’ve literally had people put their hands over their ears, and walk away, when trying to explain this hoax to them), and if you’re interested in the unvarnished truth about this subject, simply reply, and I’ll be more than happy to give you the names of a couple of excellent books , and where you can find them on the internet.

          • georgew says:

            #1, I would appreciate the name of the books, I will find time to look them over.
            I will say that I’ve long been bothered that the main focus of “Tragedy” regarding WW2 was the German Prisoner Camps.
            I resent the fact that the other 50 Million who died in that war (Civilian and Servicemen) have been overshadowed by that one, I will say tragic, story of the prisoner camps.
            I do not believe that 6 million Jews died in the camps but I can believe that 6 million people may have perished in them.
            I have always thought that Hitler targeted Jews for the camps but the majority of those who died were, in my mind at least, servicemen, probably Russian and Polish. Hitler viewed the latter groups as an endless supply of slave labour at the best, and subhuman as a class of people, just as he did the Jews. And in the end, the German People for losing the war. He was a Psychopath, like so many influential people today.

            All common people lost big time in that war, and the Concentration camp issue just keeps us from focusing on who the people were who won. Some sick, sick people made a ton of money and they don’t like daylight.

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            Fair enough, GeorgeW.

            Just to give you some small insight as to the impossibility of only one claim made, here is an excerpt from Brian Alois Cleraubat’s “A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered….— The Dead Six Million Uncovered…!, available at Texe Marrs website Power of Prophecy ($25.00).

            “Further evidence that the Nazis could never have cremated all the “jews” they are claimed to have (and then “hid all the evidence”) is the fact that in September of 1944, 30,000 innocent Germans were murdered from Allied bombings over Munich. German Archbishop Cardinal Faulhaber of Munich requested that the authorities cremate the corpses of these victims (to prevent the spread of disease) in the crematorium at Dachau. However, he was informed this was not possible because Dachau only had 1 furnace and was incapable of handling that many corpses. If Dachau could not handle a mere 30,000 – how could it have possibly have cremated 10x that amount of “jews” which Dachau is claimed to have murdered and cremated…? The answer: They could not have. To cremate the 238,000 corpses – even if they did 2 at a time and it took only 4 hours, 24 hours a day nonstop – it would have taken 54 years; and would have resulted in around 833 ton of ashes. [This, of course, is physically impossible. Cremation experts testified that crematoriums cannot operate “around the clock”, but must be shut down for significant periods of time for maintenance, cool-down, etc. Rudolph Hoss himself, in reports wrote: “After eight or ten hours of operation the crematoria were unfit for further use”]
            Yet, in 1946, a “memorial plaque” was dedicated at Dachau by the “jewish Philip Auerbach, State-Secretary of Bavaria, which read, “This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 individuals who were cremated here”.
            However, even the “official number” of “jews” who died at Dachau has been reduced to 20,600 – most of whom died from typhus and starvation only at the very end of the war (when food and medical supplies were scarce because supply lines had been cut off by the Allies).”

            Do you see my point? Mathematically IMPOSSIBLE!

            Hitler hated the ‘jews’ not because he considered them inferior, but because of their parastic nature, which has managed to get them ejected from nearly every single country they’ve lived in for hundreds of years. He didn’t put them in concentration camps to kill them, they were far too valuable as slave labor. In fact, the vast majority were treated quite well.
            The two main reasons for WWll were: Money – the international banksters have created wars for hundreds of years. Why? Because in any war, the only TRUE winner is the banksters. They fund both sides, and when those countries are done kicking the cr@p out of each other, they loan them more money (at exorbitant interest (usary) rates), to rebuild. It’s a no-lose situation for the banksters.
            The second reason was that since they failed to get the League of Nations approved after WWl, they created the United Nations. If you recall, it was this Satanic organization which granted them the state of Israel, which they literally STOLE from the Palestinians, and have been murdering them ever since.

            Now, if you want to talk about the the TRUE Holocaust, that would be the one where the Bolshevic “jews” killed over 66 million Russians in the 1917 revolution. Every one of the the leaders were “jews” Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and Karl Marx (the son of a “jewish” rabbi). But you don’t hear anyone screaming about THAT atrocity, do you? That’s because the Zionist Ashkanazi so-called “jews” are the the most deceptive, conniving, lying scum on the face of the earth. They have been for thousands of years.
            BTW, Hitler was funded mainly by American corporation and “jews”.

            The other book I spoke of is Victor Thorn’s “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed”, also available at Power of Prophecy ($20.00). I haven’t read that one myself, but it was recommended by another poster on this site, and I do know that Victor Thorn is a highly respected researcher.

            I hope this is helpful to you. It is without a doubt the longest comment I’ve ever posted on the internet.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      “IG Farben then used huge investment capital from the one and only John D. Rockefeller and hisStandard Oil Company to fund the creation and use of Zyklon B pesticide to gas millions of Jews to death.”


      I should have caught that blatant lie.

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