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BitCoin CIA Connection – YouTube


When all is said and done about BitCoin…

When a few get something for nothing, in the end, most will get nothing for something.

Now I will explore the Poker mentality of the early promoters and a very strange coincidence that in the middle of June 2011 when the BitCoin guys gave a presentation to CIA company In-Q-Tel.

Right about the same time they did that presentation a half a million in BitCoin was stolen and 3 days later the largest BitCoin exchange crashed.

So now besides the 6 million Bitcoins that were created by the insiders we now have the CIA involved and the possibility of them being the ones that crashed BitCoin.

The CIA has spent a great deal of time studying Currency Wars and are very intersted on how they are going to maintain their power when the dollar collapses.

I WISH these guys would just sticking to their oath to protect the the Constitution.

Ahead of the largest fiat currency collapse the world has ever seen you must be in hard assets.

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2 Responses to BitCoin CIA Connection – YouTube

  1. Causal Observer says:

    Lotsa FUD. The main value of BitCoin is not in being an indefinite wealth storage container , such as metals ,for example, to which the author of the video alludes through the mention of silver , but in it’s convenience as an instrument of anonymous transactions. Not more and not less, at least for now. This other video by the same author , actually makes the same point as the author of this comment:

  2. Choward Newsis says:

    Any attempt to have currency submit to cyber forgets the fact that since the Bush43 administration, if not farther back, backdoor computer hacking has been more common than shoplifting. Still trust ‘bitcoin’ with the CIA? You must be mad.

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