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Black Friday arrest caught on camera

CF News 13 – By Brett Rosner, Natalie Tolomeo, Team Coverage

A woman’s holiday weekend has just been ruined.

A viewer sent in video of 28-year-old Samantha Chavez getting arrested at a Walmart in Altamonte Springs.

Altamonte police said the Land O’Lakes resident was arrested at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

Officers said Chavez was seen approaching the crowded checkout lines. She attempted to bypass the long lines and walk past the officer controlling the lines.

Chavez said she was trying to find her sister-in-law and explained what happened a different way.

“I came back and the lines kind of moved and I couldn’t find her. Her cellphone wasn’t working, the battery had died. This cop’s in front of me and he’s like ‘no you can’t go, you need to go the other way,’” said Chavez. “I’m like ‘I’m just looking for my sister’ and he’s like ‘no you have to go that way’ I’m like ‘but she’s here, I need to find her.’”

The officers told her she needed to follow the flow of checkout lines. Chavez looked at the officer said “OK” and then again attempted to physically walk past the officer redirecting her. Chavez was told several more times to get in line but police said she refused and began screaming causing a larger scene and disturbing other customers.

Officer said they attempted to escort Chavez out of the store, when she began throwing the items she was carrying on the floor and pulling away from the officer.

“I’ve never been in that situation. And for him to have me on the floor with all his body weight on me was very, very traumatic. I was yelling, screaming, saying ‘I didn’t do anything; I just want to go home; Please let me go,’” Chavez described.

Several officers were working detail at Walmart during the incident and several more responded to the call.

Chavez was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence. She was released from the Seminole County Jail at about 4:20 a.m. Friday on $550 bond.

“And they took me out and they arrested me for nothing in my opinion. – for nothing. I didn’t push on him, did not use foul language. I did not do anything for this to end up the way it did,” said Chavez.

The viewer who sent in the video said Chavez was just scared. She was looking for her sister-in-law at the store.

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10 Responses to Black Friday arrest caught on camera

  1. Morgan says:

    Why do people even go to these things? They like stress? Crowds? Insanity? I’ve NEVER IN MY 50+ YEARS OF LIFE BEEN TO ONE BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

    • dave says:

      ME NEITHER… is downright shameful the way people act at this public orchestration of how greedy people are…..the rest of the world is seeing this also.

      • BentSpear says:

        They have no idea what “shame” is…..hence the “chimp-outs”. Actual regression back to the wild. Wait until the f^ckers get truely hungry.

  2. Whizerd67 says:

    I am juuuuuuuuust short of saying they deserve almost everything that happens to them.
    Only because I still have a good heart.
    Even if this happened the way the woman says it happened….it’s almost deserved.
    Theres not a person in the US that doesn’t see this as an annual occurrence.

    And yes, I’m a little hypocritical about it, because if that happens here in my neck of the woods..with anyone I know…that cop will be upside-down, in a deep creek, in his cruiser or personal vehicle the very next day.
    That would go for any shoppers that would do something that harmed them…if we could figure-out who it was. Thats a different story though. Cops are known.
    I wouldn’t be involved, because I don’t have any friends or family members that would be stupid enough to be there anyway. If they do go, they don’t tell us..because they know how we would deal with it.
    Call me a keyboard superman if you want….I don’t care…but don’t try it.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

    • Henry Shivley says:

      You completely missed it. Tell me this. Why were the taxpayers paying for cops for Walmart?

      • BentSpear says:

        “Several officers were working detail at Walmart during the incident”

        You got it Henry. If my small business caused this herd mentality ruckus, the LEO would close me on the spot for a public hazzard. Guess WalFart gets a pass on eveything big. I gave up long ago on LEO for ANYTHING. They’re part of the problem anyhow.

  3. ToM says:

    This would happen now, no matter what the day of the week or year…
    The police have been out of control for quite sometime now. Even though I want nothing to do with their black friday fiasco, this woman should have been allowed to find her sister, and they should have helped her, instead of acting like assholes. For what happened she was arrested? Give me a break….Does that asswipe police security guard know what Eric Holder did? How about Ben Bernanke? Why hasn’t anyone been arrested for what happened at Fannie and Freddie May?
    Why did they arrest her?
    Because they need the money and to scare the monkey….
    She should be thankful, she wasn’t tazed, shot with rubber bullets or beat upon, which is the norm.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Hate to say it, but I’ve no sympathy for Walmart shoppers.

    Not that I have ANY love for the POS cops involved.

  5. NC says:

    “resisting an officer without violence.”

    Tell me again how this is a crime or can be even possible. How can you resist someone without violence? Teach me oh godlike LEO. I’m curious. So if they say the shirt is black and I say it is white and I am not touching the cop in any physical way, does that mean I’m resisting without violence? And that’s a crime? This must be one of their penal code violations, right? This basically says it is a crime to disagree with a police officer on subject matter or anything else for that matter, whether it be fact or opinion.

    “Several officers were working detail at Walmart during the incident”.

    Once again, why does it take over 4 police officers to handle ONE person, especially if it is a WOMAN!!!!???? Does that mean they need 10 police officers to handle a squirrel? I don’t get it.

    And yes, Henry, I agree. Why are there a shitload of cops at Walmart? Isn’t that what private security is for?

    Speaking of movies, like you mentioned on your show today, Henry. I went to see the new Bond film yesterday and I saw a cop in the lobby walking back and forth with his “I am god” look on his face and ready to jump on the first person who goes under the ropes or something. I swear, ever since the Colorado shooting, the movie theaters are now like required to have a policeman there rather than a security guard. It just goes with the idea of one step higher excessive use and abuse of force or defensive measures on everything.

    For example: Instead of restraining an unarmed man, we tase him. Instead of tasing a man with an object, we shoot him. Instead of shooting a man with a gun, we execute him with 5 or 6 cops spraying a hundred bullets in him. Instead of hiring security guards, we hire cops. So instead of the FBI agents, are we going to hire the military now? Do you see how ridiculous and overly excessive this is getting?

  6. hp says:

    Contempt of cop is a real thing and getting worse all the time.
    Especially no or few witnesses.

    Maybe we should all hire ex-Green Beret bodyguard to hang around with.
    You know, just put it on the card.

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