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Blogs heat up about Valerie Jarrett’s rumored role in alleged US, Iran secret talks

Fox News – by Lisa Daftari

While rumors of an “October Surprise” — purported secret talks between the United States and Iran — appear to have done little to affect the outcome of the presidential election, new reports suggest Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior adviser, may have been facilitating communication between the two adversaries.

The reports suggest that Jarrett, who was born in Iran to American parents and who served as senior adviser to Obama’s presidential campaign, may have held clandestine meetings, bringing together officials from the Obama administration and the Iranian regime.

Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, where her father worked in a hospital. The family left Iran when Jarrett was five years old. Many believe she speaks Farsi, or Persian, the official language of Iran.

Now, speculation is running high, particularly among Iranian bloggers, that secret negotiations indeed took place. Such talks would be the first formal one-on-one negotiations between the two countries in more than 30 years.

“Mrs. Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama, and originally from Chicago, was the main and central player in behind-the-scene talks between U.S. and Iran leaders,” according to one independent Persian-language blog,  which also published a number of pictures of Jarrett.

The blog said Jarrett “attempted to facilitate communication between officials on both sides.”

“Mrs. Valerie Jarrett has been recognized as President Obama’s most influential adviser. She is also a close family friend to the Obama family,” the blog said.

The claims of the blog have not been independently verified, and it isn’t clear how the blogger, who didn’t cite official sources, would know such details.

A few days before the Oct. 22 foreign policy presidential debate between Obama and Mitt Romney, some media outlets reported secret talks between the administration and the Iranian regime over its ongoing nuclear agenda, though those reports were never confirmed.

Officials on both sides vigorously deny the reports, but Jarrett’s foreign policy record offers insight into why her name would come up in rumors of such talks.

Jarrett allegedly urged Obama on three different occasions to cancel the operation to kill Usama bin Laden, before Obama giving the final OK on the Navy SEALs mission on May 2, 2011, according to accounts revealed in Richard Miniter’s new book, “Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him.”

Other observers have questioned why Jarrett receives Secret Service protection, which is very unusual for presidential aides.

“Jarrett seems to have a 24-hour, around-the-clock (security) detail, with five or six agents full time,” Democratic pollster Pat Caddell said in an interview with Breitbart.

“The media has been completely uninterested,” Caddell said. “We don’t provide security for our ambassador in Libya, but she needs a full Secret Service security detail. And nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with this.”

Jarrett has held positions in both the public and private sector, including the chairwoman of the Chicago Transit Board, Chicago’s commissioner of planning and development and deputy chief of staff for Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. She also practiced law with two private law firms.

Iranian government-tied news sites, for the most part, continue to deny that negotiations were held, but they say that the regime is preparing “grounds for future negotiations.”

“There’s no such thing as negotiations between the U.S. and Iran,” Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Thursday.

Fars News, a government news site, quoted White House Press Secretary Jay Carney saying that Obama is open to having bilateral talks with Iran about its nuclear program, but Fars said the U.S. has not done anything yet to further plans for negotiations.

“Obama no longer fears the backlash of negotiating with the Iranian regime as his re-elction is over,” one blogger wrote. “The Iranian regime, on the other hand, will find a challenge in explaining to its people why they are now making nice with its enemy of over 30 years.”

Another blogger explained that the Iranian regime is motivated to keep any talks under wraps, as it will lose its pro-government constituency if it should make public the news of negotiating with Americans.

“They will no longer have a common enemy to unite the masses,” he wrote.

Tabnak, a pro-regime news outlet close to Ayatollah Khamenei, also echoed the idea of talks with the U.S. without confirming or denying any previous meetings or future plans.

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14 Responses to Blogs heat up about Valerie Jarrett’s rumored role in alleged US, Iran secret talks

  1. REDHORSE says:

    Thanks for posting the picture Henry,but couldn’t you find a better one.I can’t imagine waking up next to that every morning.Gawd have mercy.

    • BentSpear says:

      Got a feeling we are going to be seeing this ‘groid’s pic around here a lot in the future. Moonshine & a drop of peppermint oil will make it slightly endurable.

      As for her involvement in Iran Talks, I wouldn’t be surprised. This Administration’s “back dooring undercover” BS is astounding.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Now there’s your proof that there are lizard people, Jesse Ventura. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. LOL

  2. NC says:

    This woman, Jarrett, looks like a psychotic bitch. Just look at her. She looks like she will go off like an ape on anyone she doesn’t like. The woman looks like Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers.

    “All LIES!!!!!”

    “Send in the DRONES!!!”

    I don’t even know what she is. She looks like she got hit with the ugly stick. What is everyone so afraid of by her? I’d be afraid of Hitlery Clinton more than her. But that’s just me.

    • diggerdan says:

      No NC, she looks like she got caught doing something perverted – what ever that may be – but she looks like something I do not want to be a part of or wanting to support!!!!

    • BentSpear says:

      This b!tch is very much more vindictive than Hitlery Clinton & she’s not afraid to be blatantly verbal about it; right to the point of being physco about it.

      As for looks, I try not to ping on that. The ugly stick didn’t take a day off when it got to me.

      • diggerdan says:

        Hell BentSpear: she doesnt even know what vindictivness means – just give me imunity like they do their kind and i will show some of them others vindictivenenss, pay back are a mother Fu*fer. give me my five minutes – with out charges with what they use but they are with out and we will see. And that means anyb one in the LEO,. AND THAT MEANS LOCAL, STATE, AND FED!!! but I want imunity. I got a lot of get out of jail cards that they owe me and I want to collect!!! they go way back to the 60`s by the way!! with proof!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. leo bourne says:

    she looks like she is from the cast of “the planet of the apes”.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Politics does seem to be an ugly woman magnet. What satisfaction they can’t achieve in a ‘normal’ life, they find in wielding power over us “little folk”.

    But consider this: if politics were a beauty contest, we’d have the likes of Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga running the show.

    For some strange reason, that disturbs me.

  5. japoa says:

    The reason she has a 24 hr. security team with her is simple . She is the one that tells Barry what to say , do , e.o. and when to wipe his azz . She tells Barry to sh%t and he says where and how much . If she were to be neutralized he would not have a clue .

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