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Bloomberg and the Feds: 10G bounty to ban cigs in our apartment


I was determined not to post a gun story, we all know the drill.  Anyone who cannot see the big picture regarding what the future holds for our liberties is apparently blind. But this fellow Bloomberg is out of control. Anyone who thought that banning the “Big Gulp” was a bridge too far, has more to hear about. Fiscal cliff? Apparently we have money to burn.

A mere trifle compared to what he and the Federal government has in store. Grant money of course is available.

“The city is not banning smoking in private residences; as part of this federal grant, organizations can apply to fund projects that, among other things, educate the community on voluntary smoke-free housing policies,” Bloomberg spokesperson Samantha Levine said.

There are no laws prohibiting a landlord from banning smoking, according to real-estate lawyer Adam Leitman Bailey. Landlords need only change the language of the lease, and once it’s time to renew, the smoker can decide to move or stay.

The city is recruiting foot soldiers for a stealth war against smoking cigarettes in your apartment, planning documents obtained by The Post reveal.

Community groups are being asked to convince tenants and property managers to turn their private buildings into butt-free abodes — the latest front in the Health Department and Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-smoking crusade, according to a recently released “request for proposal” document.

The groups would “work with property managers, tenants, and others on adoption of voluntary smoke-free policies by housing entities reaching one to two multi-unit buildings (containing a minimum of 30 units total),” the document urges.

For their efforts, a community group will collect a $10,000 bounty — paid for out of a Centers for Disease Control grant.

The secret salvo comes a year after the city banned smoking in parks and beaches, and after Bloomberg and Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said there were no plans to expand a butt ban to apartment buildings.

Released by the Health Department’s nonprofit arm, Partnership for a Healthier New York City, the document solicits “neighborhood contractors” to “support and advance” its agenda in four separate areas of concern: tobacco, alcohol, exercise and diet.Full story at NY Post

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7 Responses to Bloomberg and the Feds: 10G bounty to ban cigs in our apartment

  1. chris says:

    These scum are setting up their spy networks up now, this screams desperation…

    First smoking, then guns, then dissidents.

    Stasi state bullshit

    • sam says:

      And the Booze keeps,killing ,causing illness.child and spousal abuse,endnagering people 24/7 ..maiming,murdering,raping,and costing the USA $ 280 Billion a year in all of the above mentioned,Oh My,He can shove his city up his BIG FAT BAGEL with 8000 CALORIES and his DISGUSTING HOT DOGS..He needs to be OUSTED by the PEOPLE who may stand up for LIBERTY,Passive smoke harm is a LIE,PERIOD

  2. BentSpear says:

    Pretty soon, the snitches will be turning you in for a can of pork & beans.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    It’s Christmas, so I’m not going to talk about heads rolling down the street, but I’m not forgetting any names, either.

  4. NC says:

    Bloominidiot really needs a hobby or a friend. That’s all I’m saying.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      He’s got a hobby.

      Making anyone who’s NOT a rich, so-called ‘jew’ miserable.

      It’s the ONLY thing he’s good at.

  5. sam says:

    That Rat infested,crime ridden disgusting City makes me sick

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