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Bloomberg: Don’t Fear Subway Over One Tragedy

Breitbart -by  EZRA DULIS

New York City Michael Bloomberg warned city residents not to feel unsafe after a suspected murder at a subway station, claiming one sensational event does not negate the downward trend of homicide in the region.

“It’s a very tragic case, but what we want to focus on today is the overall safety in New York,” Bloomberg said Friday. The Associated Press characterized his statement as a call to keep the incident in “perspective.”

Bloomberg urged President Barack Obama to take “immediate action” to beef up gun control the day of the tragic mass murder at Sandy Hook elementary school. Violent crime has trended downward in the United States for the past five years, according to FBI data.

Police arrested Erika Menendez, 31, Saturday on charges of pushing Sunando Sen, 47, in front of a Queens subway train, which killed him on impact. Prosecutors say Menendez told police she pushed Mr. Sen, a man of Indian descent, because she thought he was Hindu or Muslim.

Earlier in December, a homeless man allegedly killed a subway patron by pushing him into the path of a train in a Times Square station. After his arrest, the man claimed he pushed the victim in self-defense.

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4 Responses to Bloomberg: Don’t Fear Subway Over One Tragedy

  1. chris says:

    Good ole’ bloomturd

  2. Eomer says:

    It’s time to ban subways!

    • TranceAm says:

      Or make them safe… There is a reason why the elevators are behind closed doors, who have to open to let you in. There is a subway on an airport in the US that works the same way. There is no way in hell, you can end up on the rails that way.

  3. Eomer says:

    Ya theres a “tram” at Pittsburgh Intl. that I think works like that.

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