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Border Patrol: Cannon Used To Shoot Drugs Into US

Huffington Post

YUMA, Ariz. — U.S. Border Patrol agents say smugglers have come up with yet another creative way to get drugs in the country – a cannon.

Authorities say 33 cans of marijuana were spotted Friday in a field near where the Colorado River crosses the U.S.-Mexico border. They believe the cans were launched about 500 feet into the U.S. using a pneumatic-powered cannon.

After searching the area, agents recovered a carbon dioxide tank.

Mexican authorities were also notified and searched their side of the border.

The 85 pounds of marijuana found in the cans had an estimated value of $42,500.

Authorities say Border Patrol agents in the Yuma sector near the Arizona-California border are adapting and shifting resources as smugglers come up with new ways of transporting their contraband.


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11 Responses to Border Patrol: Cannon Used To Shoot Drugs Into US

  1. Smilardog says:

    Oh, wow… What a relief!
    I thought I was seeing things or God was giving me a message to stock up on more can goods when I saw those #10 can flying over my house the other night. hehe
    My wife thought I was losing it again… as usual

  2. grego says:

    Always 1 step ahead of the dumb feds. these guys could not get a fly with a pile of SH$T, and 30 mil illgals in this country proves it. its all a dog and pony show, the proof that 911 was a nwo inside job is that the boarder has remaind wide opened for the last 40 years, I was boren at night just not last night.. ps sorry my spelling stinks..

  3. rhumstruck says:

    A good old fashioned spud gun! gotta love it!

  4. NC says:

    You know, 40% of the Mexican border has only a 3 foot fence that is unguarded by ICE and you can just put one foot over the other and walk right over. Maybe they should consider just throwing the cans over there, rather than shooting them over a 20 foot fence. Unless they like to do that for fun.

    Funny how you never hear any of them mention that part of the border. You’d think they’d be flocking over that area, but it’s almost like a covert secret that both sides of the government don’t want anyone to know about because it would make them look bad or ruin their drug and weapons racket.

    By the way, it’s only Marijuana. I thought that drug was legal now. lol

  5. Monty says:

    Hmmmm strange that the C02 tank was found on the US side….unless they were firing assault weapons back into Mexico in exchange for the pot.

  6. IrishPotatoGun says:

    So is this what all the Punkin’ Chunkin’ people do the rest of the year?

  7. The Lone Ranger says:

    Kind of makes me wonder what Evil Knieval was up to when he was firing his rocket powered motorcycle across (whoops, into) the Grand Canyon.

  8. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


    So now the Mexicans are taking POT SHOTS at the U.S.????

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