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Bring it On: Battle Looms with the United Nations Over Pot

Liberty Blitzkrieg

A couple of weeks ago, following Colorado and Washington’s historic vote to become the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, I wrote a piece titled Colorado Legalizes Marijuana: Your Move Eric Holder, which subsequently went viral.  At the time, I had only anticipated a battle with the Feds, but now the most useless and corrupt organization on the planet has weighed in – the United Nations.

The head of the UN drug watchdog (the International Narcotics Control Board or INCB), Raymond Yans, has come out in a press release essentially instructing the Attorney General of the United States to enforce Federal Prohibition of pot against the rights of the states to implement a law that is not only Constitutional, but a perfect example of a free people deciding what they want for themselves.

Perhaps that is why the United Nations is so panicky about the legislation in Colorado and Washington.  The organization consists of a bunch of global government craving control freak bureaucrats, and as such I welcome this battle as an opportunity to marginalize it further and expose them for the undemocratic creeps they really are.  Anyone remember the massive corruption within the UN’s Oil for Food Program?  I wouldn’t let these clowns shine my shoes let alone decide what every citizen in every corner of the planet can put into their own bodies.

From the UN press release:

VIENNA, 15 November (UN Information Service) – The President of theInternational Narcotics Control Board (INCB), Raymond Yans, has voiced grave concern about the outcome of recent referenda in the United States of America that would allow the non-medical use of cannabis by adults in the states of Colorado and Washington, and in some cities in the states of Michigan and Vermont. Mr. Yans stated that “these developments are in violation of the international drug control treaties, and pose a great threat to public health and the well-being of society far beyond those states”.

He went on to further state that for the international drug control system to function effectively, to achieve its aim of ensuring availability of drugs for medical purposes while preventing their abuse, the conventions must be universally adhered to and implemented by all States. In this regard, Mr. Yans stressed that national laws, policies and practices in drug abuse prevention and control should be fully aligned with the conventions.

The INCB President requested the Government of the United States to take the necessary measures to ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties within the entire territory of the United States, in order to protect the health and well-being of its citizens.

The full press release is here.  It’s one page, I suggest you read it.  Such an intense concentration of hyperbole, panic and propaganda could only be created by the United Nations.

In Liberty,

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10 Responses to Bring it On: Battle Looms with the United Nations Over Pot

  1. diggerdan says:

    I have a bunch of High Times that had about 4 maybe 5 issues about the single liberties convention act from the prohibition days in the 30`s about making marijuana illegal. If I remember right it states that ” 3/4`s of the world members have to approuve of the legalized use of marijuana so another member country can legalize it! We can pass laws to use it medically or decriminalize it but we can never fully legalize it without the approuval of 3/4`s of the members of the act. I will try to dig out these issues on this to be more specific on this single liberties convention act I`m talking about – it is in the high times back then though.

  2. georgew says:

    The only problem the UN has with legalizing pot is they may lose control of one of their key methods of raising capital.
    Drugs and human trafficking are what they do best, and you better not mess with them. Of course no one can prove this.
    What’s the best thing I can say about the UN?
    Get Lost.

    • bargain bob says:

      they have a lot more reasons than the high times use of cannibis, ever seen henry fords hemp car? it ran on fuel from the same. and don’t overlook medicinal hemp oil, a possible cure for cancer.. if we could put hemp to its many possible uses, we might be able to put these crooked scum bags out of business! end the oil cartel, big pharma, put the farmers back to work and just let good ole american ingenuity do the rest!

      • diggerdan says:

        And that`s right too, bargain bob! There is so many uses for it that it is unbelievable – which is why it is not ever going to be totaly legal – I hate to say! The capitalistic pigs just can`t legalize it – to them it would be a sign of weakness I think.

  3. European American says:

    F#@k Raymond Yans. F#@k the UN. F#@k the US Feds.
    It’s coming down to a War in the country. I just hope the 10% (if that) who are mostly awake, have enough “Firepower” to take on the Blue Helmets. Most likely, the other 90% are going to get a case or two of MREs when they give their guns back.

  4. Full-Auto says:

    and when they run out of those two cases of MRE’s, they will get 3 cases for turning you and your guns in!

    The way I see it… those that turn their guns in will also turn you in, and everyone else they know. While they are at it, they will turn you in for hoarding food and what ever else you have. Imagine what will happen to snitches, especially when there snitching will most likely cause the death of who ever was snitched on.

    I am kind of seeing thing run by night in sabotage missions, while blending in during the day as a sheeple. Kind of like the French Resistance or Hogan Heroes night runs. There will have to be a network of support from people that can move around in the open society getting supplies and gather information. Just Saying! I mean you ain’t just gonna be able to walk down the street with your AR in the daylight… Well, maybe if it MadMax times

  5. European American says:

    I honestly have no idea how and where this cluster f#$k is going to find itself. All this talk about about an all out war/revolution by the 2nd amendment people is a joke. It hasn’t happened yet and look how far down the drain we’ve gone. As if we’re going to reach some point where people grab their guns and march in unison down the interstates to the state capitols and “remove” the cancer, and then, the millions turn towards DC, and repeat and finish the operation on the Federal level.

    It’s probably going to come down to thousands, not millions, of snipers, picking off police, military, UN troops, whomever, until the snipers are ferreted out by drones and “snitches” and a militarized police force that has massively overwhelming technology, supplies and time on its side.

    If some form of an armed organization, ‘for the people’ and ‘by the people’, doesn’t rise up soon, it probably ain’t gonna’ happen and those that know how to do as they are told and how to speak “socialism” might be lucky enough to be in the 500 million global refugees that somehow, someway find themselves joining (as slaves) the elites once the “Great Phase Transition” has been transitioned.

  6. BentSpear says:

    F^ck the UN. Just another parasitic critter on mankind. Must be some buck$ in it for them. Just like the Murder, Rape & Child Prostitution rackets they’re so successful at, UN herb dealers, competing in what should be a legitimate business, will be operated in the same fashion; gunpoint.

  7. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Mr. Yans stated that “these developments are in violation of the international drug control treaties, and pose a great threat to public health and the well-being of society far beyond those states”.


    Why don’t you just tell us how it could even throw the planets out of alignment?

    That would sound about as credible.


  8. JKat says:

    I think everyone who supports the right of ANY state in the (formerly) good ol’ United States in this matter should send an e-mail to the INCB expressing their opinion of the UN’s position. May I suggest that you be graphic and/or profane.

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