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California Democrats Announce 9 Gun Control Bill

gun billsKEIM Channel 3 News – by Evan Schreiber


AB 48 (Asm. Nancy Skinner, D- Berkeley) Requires reporting of ammunition sales, requires licensing of ammunition dealers, and establishes other controls on ammunition sales similar to current controls on firearms sales. “When we have safeguards in place for purchasing guns, why is it so much easier to buy bullets–the very thing that makes a gun deadly?” Assemblymember Skinner asked. “It is easier today to buy bullets than to buy alcohol, cigarettes or some cold medicines.”

AB 169 (Asm. Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento) People exempted from restrictions on purchasing guns designated as unsafe by the California Department of Justice would be prohibited from selling or transferring ownership of those guns to anyone who is not also exempt. “AB 169 will keep non-rostered, unsafe handguns out of the hands of people who don’t have a legitimate and lawful reason to own them. By limiting the guns available for sale we can further protect our families and our communities from gun violence,” said Assemblymember Dickinson.

AB 170 (Asm. Steven Bradford, D-Gardena) – Current law allows individuals and organizations, including corporations and other associations, to be issued permits for assault weapons and machine guns. AB 170 closes this loophole by limiting the issuance of permits for these weapons to individuals only. “This is a responsible measure to ensure that we know who is in possession of these powerful, military-grade weapons,” Assemblymember Bradford said.” In the same way that we prohibit sharing driver licenses, we should not allow dangerous weapons to be passed from hand to hand within an organization. One person, one permit just makes sense.”

AB 174 (Asm. Rob Bonta, D-Oakland)) – Would begin the conversation on ending the grandfathering of existing weapons which are now illegal to purchase but are still legal to possess. “State laws on the books currently restrict the purchase and sale of assault weapons and large capacity magazines, but almost all laws only apply on a going forward basis and exempted weapons remain on our streets,” Bonta said. “With AB 174 we will closely examine this loophole and do what’s right for the children and people of California.”

AB 187 (Asm. Bonta) Would place a tax on the sale of ammunition in California with proceeds going to a high crime prevention fund that would be used in targeted jurisdictions suffering from high rates of violent crime. “In communities like Oakland and Stockton, parents are afraid to let their children play outside while gun violence ravages the streets,” Assemblymember Bonta said. “We must take swift action to get these communities the resources they need, and in AB 187 I propose to do so through a tax on ammunition.”


Trafficking (Asm. Luis A. Alejo, D-Salinas) – Would prohibit those individuals involved in gun or ammunition trafficking from possessing firearms or ammunition for 10 years. “If you’ve been convicted of illegally selling or buying firearms or ammunition, you should lose your right to own a gun for 10 years. Individuals can earn back that right by showing a history of respecting the law. It’s just common sense.”

Gun Safety (Asm. Ammiano, D-San Francisco) Would tighten gun safety laws currently in place to protect children. Adds a safe storage requirement when a person prohibited from gun possession is living in the home. Would also allow the Department of Justice to extend waiting period when necessary for background checks. “These two simple measures are common sense extensions of laws already in place,” Ammiano said.

Ammunition Tax (Asm. Dickinson) – Would place a $0.05 tax on the sale of ammunition, and dedicate the proceeds to an existing program to screen young children (grades 1- 3) for mild to moderate mental illness, and intervene with strategies to address their problems. “Screening young children for signs of mental illness and addressing any issues early on is the key to a healthier and more productive adult life. A limited tax on ammunition is a small price to pay for better mental healthcare for children in our state,” said Dickinson.

Pension Fund Divestment (Asm. Dickinson) – Would require CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest any existing pension fund investments from companies that manufacture, sell, distribute or market firearms or ammunition. It would also prohibit future investments in such companies. “Companies who manufacture, sell, distribute or market firearms and ammunition have no business receiving investment funds from the State of California it’s just common sense. There are plenty of other worthy investment options,” said Dickinson.

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6 Responses to California Democrats Announce 9 Gun Control Bill

  1. Drew B says:

    Bullets don’t make a weapon deadly, crazy people do. I have had guns and ammo for my whole adult life, have LEGALLY concealed carried for 20+ years, and none of my ammo or guns have ever hurt a soul.

  2. Breathial says:

    People are like water; the more you squeeze your fist, the more slips through your fingers.

    The leftist fools are already running the state into the ground; decent jobs are scarce, cost of living going up, taxes going up, jack-booted thugs (with tin badges) are running rampant, and the gangs are taking over more territory.

    I had already convinced my wife it was time to leave Kalifornia. And this just makes it that much easier to turn my back on the miserable parasites that run things, here. TIRED of having my wallet stolen for illegals, for the unions and the elites.

    They can go to Hell.

  3. Logan Fyfe says:

    –Bonta said. “With AB 174 we will closely examine this loophole and do what’s right for the children and people of California.”–

    With the profusion of idiocy in Kalifornia (the fool’s gold state) driving out everyone with “common sense”, the only people left in the state will be illegal aliens and their anchor babies.

  4. Logan Fyfe says:

    –“Screening young children for signs of mental illness and addressing any issues early on is the key to a healthier and more productive adult life. “–

    Translation – We will interrogate children on mommy and daddy’s possessions and activities and turn the children against their parents 1984 style. We have plenty of psychoactive medications provided by our pharmaceutical benefactors for treatment of mental health anomalies. (We already vaccinate without parental permission or notification.)

    What could be healthier and more productive in the eyes of the state?

  5. JimB says:

    The ending result if we don’t stop this with force..Read Resistance to Tyranny and see for yourself.

  6. Jolly Roger says:

    I’ll screw ’em where they breathe.

    I’m not even delving into the details of this week’s gun ban because it simply doesn’t matter to me. They can pass all the unconstitutional laws they like, because absolutely none of them apply to me or any gun I want to own.

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