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Caller: Going for the Guns After the Collapse

Steve Quayle Alerts

Pastor Butch Paugh had open lines last night for military and leo’s to call in.

You can listen here:

A police Lt. from NC called in and said that officers, most of them “roid heads” in his area will start training next week with the ATF on gun confiscation. He said the training should last from 30-45 days. He also said he has been told to expect the economic collapse first and then the feds will start going after the guns.

Dec 29, 2012

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36 Responses to Caller: Going for the Guns After the Collapse

  1. Leo says:

    There are those in the military, not just your standard Dog Faces that do not like the current political, economic and social situations that prevail in the United States . People may not believe me, but if the PEOPLE of the REPUBLIC wish to remain free they will have to fight for it, shed blood for it and die for it, the current situations that exist in the United States are beyond dire, and it is going to it worse . this is were people are going to have to make a choice, stand up and fight for their liberties or go head first into submission communist style . The Kremlin have their boy in the white house . Obama .

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi LEO,

      I’m glad to hear someone that is saying the obvious,.. if you have guns to help abolish this criminal gov’t,.. they ONLY work if your willing to use them!

      Allow me to simplify the equation:

      Gov’t takes guns = Gov’t then takes everything else, including your life.

      The only good gun owner, is one willing to use them to fight against broken, corrupt, depostic gov’t that only has your death in mind anyway.

      NOT fighting just buys you a little more time,… but not much.

      JD – US Marines – 100 million gun owners,.. but how many fighters do we have?

      • Leo says:

        That fellow setting in the Oval office is a communist, a traitor, and a liar hell bent on the destruction of the United States . Those that voted for him deserve the same unimaginable fate that should befall Obama . death .

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    Good. An economic collapse and an attempt at gun confiscation is exactly what we need to get things rolling. I’m not pretending that it’s going to be fun or pretty, but there’s so much that’s been screwed-up in this country that it’s becoming difficult to find “civilized” options.

    If you try to fight them in court, you’ll only spend many frustrating years dealing with corrupt judges who run you in circles, and while you attempt to fix one problem, six more will be created. If you waste your time supporting any politicians, you’re only working for your enemy. If you do nothing, we’ll lose everything, including our lives.

    If someone knows of a sane, and peaceful solution I’d love to hear it, but it doesn’t seem to me like we’ve been given that option. We’re being attacked, and any legal recourse only seems to be a diversion from that fact.

    We’ve been poisoned by chemtrails, bad medicine, and bad food. We’ve been beaten and abused by the cops we pay to protect us, imprisoned for profit, impoverished by a fraudulent monetary system, and now that they’re ready to finish us off, they want us to be defenseless too.

    If you surrender or register a firearm, you’re an idiot and a traitor.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      I have to correct myself here, because there IS one possibility for a peaceful outcome, and it comes to us from the father of our nation himself:

      “The most effectual method of preserving the peace, is to prepare for war.” — George Washington.

      I guess it is possible that the tyrants will yield in response to Americans arming themselves as they are, but I wouldn’t count on it, because their plans (always) involve other people doing the fighting and dying for them.

  3. Steve L. says:

    Well here we go.Finally we get to see if cops and solders will honor their oath to protect the Constitution.Everyone I have spoken too,(admittedly,not very many) say they will follow orders.

    • TranceAm says:

      They will “follow orders” in order to do what, to save what?

      Scrape the bare remains together after the fall, to make a new USSR? With a 100 million people less?

      Follow Orders has never worked. It in the end always failed.

      Natural Order is Freedom, not Oppression.
      Freedom does not create an urge for Oppression, Oppression creates an urge for Freedom.

      • Steve L. says:

        Lol,I never said they were ‘long term thinkers’.

        • TranceAm says:

          Sir, That’s absolutely Correct… 🙂

          And for the ones that don’t…

          Could by those statements have started. 🙂
          (Thanks for giving the opportunity. )

          And for the maybe 2, hopefully a 1000, that started.. Welcome to real live, over that of the virtual one you have been living via your TV programming..

          Now remember: (
          “No.6 George Washington –“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

          Money don’t buy you love or Freedom, and it always comes at an exchange price, either in Ego or Moral,

          A guy of the same breed as the other Founding Fathers. What about you?
          (Ya like Free Thinking? 😉 )

          • Steve L. says:

            Yup,I`m pretty much ready to deal with the marxist scum.If I don`t,my kids will have to and I`d like to avoid that if possible.Like most of you I`m sure,all I really want is the right to be left alone.When you have that,all else follows.One more thing I would add is that the Founding Fathers were gentlemen.They were a product of their time,understood that wars have rules and would probably balk at the idea of torturing prisoners and shooting women.Fortunately, our generation are not as warm and fuzzy.The Zios have remade us in their image and that sorry fact may just bite them on the ass.

            Good analysis here:


          • TranceAm says:

            I Absolutely hate it.
            I hate it to be confronted by this.
            Being in America, and living how far the Americans have allowed this to go.
            I hate to maybe have to defend myself for being myself instead of a remote programmed robot with a strictly limited amount of thoughts as supplied by TV. The pure necessity Is insulting by the mere idea of what America is supposed to stand for and what it stands for. That Freaking Fight for Freedom was won, for AFAIK the first time in Thousands of years. And it took the worlds Elites only a mere 250 years to put the slave chains back on. (150 If one counts the FEDS in 1913.) Even worse, Americans offered to put them back on themselves, to save time on the half time and get something from the Fridge. (But alas, I repeat myself.)

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Their orders violate our Bill of Rights and Constitution, thus we follow the Declaration of Independence and remove them, via the same law they are trying to destroy.

  4. Drutch says:

    Any LEOs or Active Duty willing to obey unlawful orders, bring your burying money. And, if things get really nasty you will know what it is to fear for your family’s safety. In war all options are on the table.

  5. scott says:

    The sane agenda peaceful option is to quit feeding them.
    Fix your pay stub so the minimum or no taxes are withheld. No way you can look yourself in the mirror every day and claim to be trying to change things , all the while financing the thieves.
    There are not enough in their ‘League of Enforcers’ to stop us.
    Shut off the money….shut off their power.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      I think they’ll just print or borrow whatever they need in the way of money, and since they’re working for the Rothschilds, there’s no way to de-finance them.

      We’re way beyond money when we’re fighting the people who create the stuff.

      • Flstc says:

        You are likely correct but why make it easy for them. Why pay them to oppress us, we can use that money to prepare. Small business can stop collecting and remitting our money to them. Small business has just as much to lose, maybe even more to lose.

        Don’t make it easier for them.

        • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

          When the SHTF, you may as well forget about that fiat money.

          The barter system will be in effect sooner than you think.

  6. scott says:

    No, but it will take the Enforcers a while to catch on and look at what you can do with the fruit of YOUR labor they won’t get.
    Peaceful, passive, productive resistance and non compliance…. you’ll have to draw your line in the sand sooner or later. Might as well sooner…..if you haven’t already.



  7. Incriminally Sane says:

    This will be the first war where the bankers refuse to finance both sides! They will finance and support the criminals in office to take down the American people so we will be defenseless against tyranny from the global regime. Attrition! They will attempt to corral the people within the cities and then move to rural areas. Their resources are endless which is why attrition is so important. We have great numbers but the mindset of the nonbelievers of the tyranny we now have must change and it will as the system deteriorates into lawlessness. The fight or flight instinct will prevail and at this time they will feel the pinch of the American people fighting to regain their freedom from slavery.

    • bob says:

      Dear incriminally insane:

      Right on. Wouldn’t it be great if this is the first conflict that the bankers didn’t fund both sides. Maybe to our detriment … maybe not.

  8. Eomer says:

    The best thing is to be prepared and ready for this to go down. Do you think they’ll show up at the time of day when you’d expect them? What if you pull in your driveway and they’re there waiting for you? Maybe you wont be targeted at home. And be sure as shit that if you’re here or elsewhere expressing your support for the 2nd Amendment and your angst towards the Feds, well we’re probably on some list.

  9. chris says:

    If this is in fact the time line of events, then we are almost there.

    When the metals dip (watch silver more than gold) massively (probably relative to what their current price is… i.e. silver spot is 30 it dips 5 to 10 dollars in a short time and then hover there) those are probably your best indicators that something is wrong.

    Silver is currently hovering in the 29-30 range and is not reflecting demand AT ALL.

    I knew something was wrong when silver even pushed under 30 and with the feinstein making her (final?) push it seems that we have months at best (at least the way I see it)

  10. jb says:

    maybe we could just fedx our guns to washington. be a heck of a lot less stressful.

  11. Billy T says:

    They’ll attempt to make a few “examples” here and there, and then rely on their media mouth pieces to spread the word and instill fear into those that don’t comply.

    Understand one thing people, we are dealing with the MASTERS of lies and deception here. If there is one thing they truly do excel at, it is the art of the bluff. This war will be 20% physical, 80% psychological. You need to back up your fellow countrymen that are targeted in the physical aspect, and still your minds against the psychological. Don’t give them any power that they don’t truly have. Make them prove that they can do what they say. Force them to show their hand. Sometimes they may be able to come through with their threats, but I guarantee you that those times will be the exception and not the norm. They’re not looking to destroy the physical infrastructure of this country (proven by the fact that we have yet to witness a false-flag using a nuclear device), just to subjugate its people. Remember, the police that they’re basically conscripting for this war live here to, so there IS a limit to what they will support regardless of what they may say. If the fight gets dirty enough, this ‘limitation’ (if you will) can and should be used against them.

    There are no rules in the fight for freedom. Simply victory or defeat.

  12. TranceAm says:

    Well, to take an analogy:

    Just ask yourself : What would Jefferson do?

    Just Imagine, You sit at a diner table with Jefferson, and you can talk freely with him… What would you talk about?

    Now after this very brief moment of intellectual intimacy with Thomas Jefferson, Ask yourself this:

    What have you done to deserve to sit at the table with Thomas Jefferson?

  13. Eomer says:

    Without darkness there wouldn’t be light. We live in a world of good vs. evil and it’s not always easy to tell them apart. We’re all here for a reason and this fight is going to continue even after we’re gone. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”.-J.R.R. Tolkien. Maybe it’s a bit corny of me to quote a line from a fantasy novel but Tolkien was against big government and he knew about this real life fight between good and evil.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      I’ve read the trilogy over a dozen times in my life.

      It is one of the all-time greatest classic struggles between good and evil that exists.

      I have all three extended versions on dvd, it’s also my all-time favorite movie(s).

  14. Eomer says:

    Well then #1 NWO Hatr, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, this isn’t fantasy but there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired. The point is, maybe there isn’t a better time to live but now and it’s up to us to decide the fate of OUR country, not some globalist, elitist, communist control freaks.

  15. NC says:

    Steve Quayle has been wrong on almost everything I have heard so far, so listening to him is like listening to a broken record. But that’s just me. Sometimes I think A.J. has more credibility than him and that’s saying something. Sorry to all the Steve Quayle fans out there. He’s just not my cup of tea by any means.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      That’s why I stopped posting articles from his site. To much conjecture and too many unconfirmed reports. Although much of it is plausible, just unconfirmed.

      • chris says:

        This guy on the short wave station is hosted by GCN which is Alex Jones’ broadcasting company.

        I know steve quayle can be unreliable (I’ve posted his stuff before on here) this was just too specific to be ignored.

        Even if this is fear porn, I just don’t see any reason to count anything out at this time.

  16. Call me Nobody says:

    The ATF and IRS have zero power over the people. They are agencies of the Treasury Dept., and in turn are part of the Federal Reserve, which is a criminal cartel of international bankers. They are nothing but strong-arm thugs of the elite that pass unlawful and unconstitutional laws to steal our money and private property. Spread the word, screw them.

  17. It is I only says:

    All the alphabet soup will come for your guns?
    So the SHTF! Wouldn’t put a brass razoo on the chances of the schwartza in the WH

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