3 thoughts on “Canadian medical officer says parental permission NOT required to vaccinate children…

  1. Added to the lists:

    We will assist our Canadian brethren to one day hunt you down Mthrfkr that you are and hang your disgusting vial human existence for the evil you are. So, enjoy it when it comes as you have earned it. You must feel pretty safe huh..?


  2. Why is this S**k F**k psychopath still vertical?
    Doesn’t anybody with a conscience know where he lives.
    He needs to cringe every time he starts his car…forever.
    He gave the Jeffry Epstein answer.
    “At 13, I think these girls should be able to decide if they want me to have sexual relations with them and f**k them in all of their orifices.” Of course they need to attend to FullofJizzlaine Maxwell’s needs. That goes without saying.
    Parental permission? WTF is that? Then I Pimp them out to Psychopaths for political Blackmail and financial extortion until the girls are 21 years old or so. After that they are physically ruined. Blown out. Then they can be put on the market for their organs. Mainly to billionaire Goos (with a soft G) or the Arabs we just signed a free sex trade agreement with. The age of consent is Birth in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. Just like the Goos…Everywhere.

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