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Can’t Beat Gun Logic

Published on Jan 9, 2013 by TruthNeverTold

Here is a collection of Gun meme that are just too hard to argue against because they are logical.

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One Response to Can’t Beat Gun Logic

  1. Eddie Slovik says:

    People talk about an upcoming civil war. Who would be the combatants? Surely not North vs. South.
    Coast vs. Flyover Country? Joke.
    Liberals vs. Conservatives? Only if the liberals consider the standing Army to have their backs. Not in the long run. The average grunt hates them, too. Race war? Nope, except in small pockets. Urban areas burn themselves out and the refugees get slaughtered by the better-armed rural folk or rounded up into FEMA camps.
    Rich vs. poor? Sure. That translates into government force against the rabble. More of us than them, though. Think a few moves ahead. Like a chess game. If the über wealthy disappear into their hidey holes they will eventually get smoked out. Not pretty in the long run.

    So, just what sort of “civil war” are “they” talking about? I think the Kleptocrats had best disappear and disguise themselves as crazy homeless peeps or redneck survivalists. If they ever get exposed for who they truly are . . . it’s shallow grave time.

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