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China Uncensored – This Is Why They Don’t Allow Guns in China

Published on Nov 26, 2012 by 

You know what they say, if you can’t beat ’em, BUILD YOUR OWN ROCKET LAUNCHER! On this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell shows you just why it is the Chinese government doesn’t allow its citizens to own guns. HINT: its because they’d be able to fight back. Forced evictions are on the rise as corrupt officials seize land from homeowners and offer little in the way of compensation. Unless you count brutally beating people who resist compensation, in which case you probably need a psychologist. The result is “nail houses,” solitary homes that are left sticking out of construction sites like nails. And whether its self-immolation, homemade cannons, or even an online videogame, Chinese people are finding ways to fight back.

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5 Responses to China Uncensored – This Is Why They Don’t Allow Guns in China

  1. Cathleen says:

    Coming to a country near you? State-owned land sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it … Agenda21??

  2. NC says:

    Hey everyone, I have lived in China for 5 years and this is all too common. My wife and her family are from Wuhan, China. If you look at the 1:33 mark in the video, you’ll notice the man who didn’t want to move out of his home was from Wuhan, China as well.

    My wife’s area in Wuhan is currently being re-built by a Hong Kong investor who happens to be the 10th riches man in the world, so he can make richer apartments and a nice beautiful park, while the government tries to compensate the people to move out of their homes and into slightly better apartments. (The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Sounds a lot like what is going on here in the U.S. lately and when they do get richer, they come over here, courtesy of Obama’s foreign investor friendly incentives, and buy up all our land and houses by stealing our wealth and to make our country become as poor as these people in China.)

    Anyways, I have witnessed first hand these kinds of houses. Down the street from where my wife’s family lives is a small house that looks just like these and around it are these big newly developed high-rise apartment buildings and my wife told me the reason why they are still there is that they either don’t want to move or they are waiting for a better compensation from the government or they are just making a statement to the government. Eventually, they are forced out by the government or the government pays some criminal element to get rid of them as you see here.

    My wife’s family that lives in Wuhan is in the process of being pushed out of their home, too. Their housing complex is the only one in the area that is still left standing. The government wants them to move out by the end of next year, so they are just waiting for the government to give them their new apartment and they will move out without much fuss.

    So, trust me, this is absolutely true. It’s sad, but this is what is going to be happening or is happening in the U.S. after someone has lived in their house all their life and the bank comes and says, “You have to move or we will come up with fines and ridiculous permits that you need to pay thousands of dollars for or we will take your homes, so we can demolish it and build a new interstate highway.” Kinda reminds me of that group of people in that article a couple weeks ago on here who fought with their community to keep their homes and not pay unlawful permits because McCain and his political cohorts were trying to blackmail them into leaving by paying permits that they obviously couldn’t afford in order to build a facility or nice interstate for their Agenda 21 cohorts.

    Just letting you know that this will definitely be the reality of the US if we don’t do something about it. Anyone who tells you that we are not becoming more like China, ought to be thrown in the ocean without a boat or a paddle. This is the reality folks. But if we get together and do something about it now, we can stop it from getting this worse.

    These people aren’t allowed to have guns and look at what they have become. Nothing more than scraps of people fighting to survive everyday against a corrupt government. The only weapons they have are sharp objects and knives. Hardly enough to cause any major influence or changes in their society. Is that what we want to be fighting the Zionists and our corrupt government with? Because like our forefathers knew, the day we give up our guns is the day we give up our lives. China and this story is pure proof of that.


  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I just knew you’d check in on this one, NC.

    Unfreakinbelievable!!! To build a freeway AROUND a house is the ultimate stupidity. Never seen anything like that.

    p.s. this one didn’t show up in my e-mail. Odd.

    • NC says:

      This happens everywhere in China, #1. It’s very common and very sad. The only thing the government in China cares about is power and money. With over a billion people living in their overpopulated country, that’s one less person they have to worry about. Unlike the U.S., China doesn’t have rules and regulations or building codes to build things. It’s all about the money and gangster style and pushing you out of your home for the government’s benefit. They do it in an “unorganized” crime fashion. We in the U.S. just do it in an “organized” crime fashion. In the end, it is the same outcome.

      As I always say, everything in China is completely unorganized and inefficient while everything in the U.S. is completely organized overly efficient to the point of micro-managing everything. Also, we in the U.S. still have a means to defend ourselves while in China, they don’t. We in the U.S. have power to the people and morals. The people in China only have power to the money and ZERO morals. They could have the most powerful group together and all it takes is one person to be bribed and the rest of the group will crumble like sand through your fingers. That is why no one is able to do anything in China. When the people are fighting to survive, they only care about themselves like survival instincts and only care about their family. So if someone bribes them to survive one more day, then they are happy and forget everything. The idea of morals or the greater good is not in their terminology. (Kinda reminds you of food stamps and social security benefits to keep the masses in the U.S. from revolting another day, while taking away more of their freedoms and crushing their hopes and spirits for any ideas of rebellion. We Americans can’t let this happen or we will be doomed to live the life of a Chinese person, as well)

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