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Chris Dorner Was Executed – Fire Set by Police

Published on Feb 13, 2013 by StormCloudsGathering

Dead men tell no tales.
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We will probably never know the full story of the Dorner case. There isn’t going to be a legitimate investigation, the mainstream media isn’t going to do any real journalism, but most importantly Dorner isn’t going to get to give his side of the story, because dead men tell no tales.
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10 Responses to Chris Dorner Was Executed – Fire Set by Police

  1. oldvet says:

    And I suppose you believe everything the Media tells you. You dont believe a man has a right to a trial? Are you one of those “guilty until proven innocent” types?

    What about the DIRTBAG SCUMBAG Leo’s who shot innocent people in a similar looking truck?

    U Knowwhat? Go back to your troll hole ……

  2. Jurnalist says:

    I have been watching this unfold, and truth be told to me,only to me I find the story fascinating. First, we now know in fact the disabled man was in fact kicked by the officer. The one who Dorner had in fact told IA ( internal affairs) about, and nothing was done. Fact?
    The San Diego police stated they found Dorners Id and badge. Really? the one he turned in when he was put on leave, a long time ago? How did he get that badge back? Interesting.
    How did this trained Navy guy, not able to start a boat- to steal it? Hmm?
    Then we are led to believe this guy would hole up in the :whitest place on earth- Big Bear- a 270 pound guy doesnt blend in. I grew up and spent many day in Angelus Oaks, my family owned a cabin there. So when I tell you ,that none of the ski resorts were closed during this man hunt, makes me wonder, why would they allow thousands of people up in an area an ARMED and dangerous man was loose? But on the news it stated other wise the places were closed, but my freinds were telling me they were there and boarding. If in fact there was a maniac loose, why allow civilians to be possibly harmed? Weird- so much for pulic safety.
    Then when I watched as they statd he was with in a football feild length to where they found him. Your telling me he was holed up watching the LEO for days? What on earth is going on.
    Then the gunfight- burned cabin- hearing them yell let it burn, was very disturbing. I was imaginin me and my sister sledding right behind what was intently burning? I remember it all. Now, I hear they found a non burned liscence. What is one to think?
    NO one is asking any questions,aside from the few in the alternate media.
    I hope people wake up. we are being lied to, on a major scale.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Excellent observation. So rare for a journalist these days. (by the way you spelled journalist wrong. LOL)
      Dorner was a lieutenant commander in the US Navy and he couldn’t steal a boat?
      Great comment.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    There’s something that confuses me about this Dorner guy. (well actually there’s a lot, but one item sticks out in my mind)

    It doesn’t make sense that he was being hunted and killed to prevent him from revealing what he knew about the L.A.P.D., or that he had some information that would “clear his name”, because if that were the case, he would have written it down somewhere and posted it.

    After all, if he spent the time and effort to write his “manifesto” wouldn’t he also make copies of, or in some way publish whatever damning evidence he had on the L.A.P.D.?

    A million websites would have been happy to publish it, and doing so would have prevented him from being killed. His record (history) indicates he’s smart enough to know that, and that he would have spread any info he had as far and wide as possible.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      (it also doesn’t make sense to kill him over complaints he made officially, because they’re already part of the public record)

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

      There is probably alot we aren’t being told about all of the facts of this case. That’s a given. He might have been threatening the LAPD for years now. In any event your right, this thing has more holes than a hillbilly firing range. Best way to put it to bed is your being lied to.

  4. Cathleen says:

    I refuse to believe Dorner is dead. Too smart to let himself get cornered like that. My gut tells me he got to where he needed to be in order to be placed in a witness protection program. Even there he will never, ever have contact with his own mother. I believe Dorner was more than what we were being told about who he was.

    After all … we have no proof of anything. Not even what he looks like. That picture of him in uniform could be anyone for all we know. Anyone can wear a uniform with the name Dorner printed on the uniform ID tag.

    All there is is a written “manifesto”. Manifesto? Isn’t that a communist word? When was the last time you heard “Manifesto” mentioned in America in relation to anything. How ’bout Dorner, if that’s his name, wrote a “letter”? … If he even did. Who set up the Facebook page for “Dorner”? No witnesses to the cops he allegedly shot? And the couple he tied up even talk about him as though he had compassion. I’m tired of false flag terrorism in our own country and I’m tired of the way we are being “compelled” to believe in chasing ghosts.

    Even when the autopsy report comes back, we will be told it was “Dorner” even if it wasn’t because that’s what “they” want us to believe. We will never know if it was really a transient who stopped by an empty building one day in search of some shelter and warmth.

    See …. we will never know the truth about this story … ever.

    . . .

  5. Brian says:

    Dorner doesn’t even exist. This is just another hoax. The PTB have ran out of manchurian candidates and now they are forced to make stuff up.

  6. Truly says:

    Dorner told me enough about himself that I really and honestly do not wish to know any more. How many did this rogue ex-cop murder again? His “spree” is not news only how somehow this somehow in some way hero has something to say. His way.

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