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Civil Disobedience ~ Stop Complying with The System

Gerald Celente Channel

The most powerful device on the planet is You and Me. The Human intelligence in all of its dimensions cannot be organised into a completed predictable system of rules. Shifting the focus of Your addiction from one Drug dealer bankster to another only changes the route to the drug dealer. You are still in the realm of habit, shooting up at any minor stimulus (no pun intended). Addiction to Having at any cost (like drug users) has a road out. Use it. Addiction is born of Self doubt fed by outside.

I am done with this system I am done paying illegal taxes for my own slaughter its time to act time to fight back and break this system known as our government and if you really care and if you have the balls do it at what ever the price weather it be socially physically , The Solution is Civil Disobedience and Global Peaceful Non Compliance.

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2 Responses to Civil Disobedience ~ Stop Complying with The System

  1. grego says:

    If you bank at one of the NWO banks you are helping them kill the rest of us.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “The Solution is Civil Disobedience and Global Peaceful Non Compliance.”


    What freakin’ planet is this guy living on???

    He’s either EXTREMELY naive, or EXTREMELY stupid. Does he think the government bought 1.8 BILLION rounds of ammo just for keepsakes?

    If he honestly believes there’s a peaceful solution to the NWO’s agenda, he’s as good as dead already.


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