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Colo. activists call for sporting ‘sequester’ in response to gun bills

Is a hunting/fishing "sequestering" in retaliation for Colorado "gun control" something "sportsmen" would back?Examiner – by David Codrea

Characterizing it as “a drastic but needed response,” two rights organizations called for “a boycott of the Colorado hunting and fishing season for 2013” in a joint press release issued Thursday.

Mike McNulty, Director of Citizens Organization for Public Safety (C.O.P.S.) and D. Ray Hickman, Director of Colorado Gun Owners Tea Party, made this statement following “the actions of the Colorado State legislature regarding the passage of seven gun control bills in the State Senate this past week.

McNulty is perhaps best known as an Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated documentary film producer whose works include “Waco: A New Revelation.” Hickman is known to gun owners as the plaintiff in Hickman v Block, which resulted in a 1996 decision that is now at odds with subsequent Supreme Court rulings in Heller and McDonald.

“We view the actions of the supporters of this proposed legislation as having crossed a line in the sand that demarks the beginning of ‘Intolerable Acts’ on the part of any government that allegedly abides by the Constitution of the United States and the state of Colorado,” their statement reads. “We have witnessed a long series of near hysterical acts by legislators that should have a high regard for the historical deliberative process, long established by the Founders, so as to maintain the checks and balances of our form of government. It appears that a deliberate agenda of control has been imposed on our State Legislature by persons from the east, like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama, having their agents ‘lobby’ by phone contact while the Legislators were actually on the floor of the House performing their duties!

“This kind of activity is disgraceful and unacceptable, just as the legislation being developed is unacceptable,” the release continues. “Therefore: Today we are calling upon all Freedom Loving Hunters and Fisherman, across the nation to join the Sportsmen of Colorado in a boycott of the Colorado hunting and fishing season for 2013.

Therefore … we are calling upon all freedom-loving hunters and fisherman, across the nation to join the Sportsmen of Colorado in a boycott of the Colorado hunting and fishing season for 2013,” the release advocates. “This will be more than a symbolic protest against the passage of the aforementioned legislation.

“We are asking the hunters and fishermen of Colorado and the nation to cancel their plans for a Colorado hunting or fishing trip for this season,” the statement explains. “Our goal is to create a ‘sequester’ effect on incoming taxes and revenues to the Colorado state government.

“The hunting and fishing outdoors industry provides the state of Colorado 1.8 billion dollars a year in revenue, with an additional 1.2 billion dollars being derived from secondary sources such as Hotels, restaurants, bars and retail sporting goods stores,” the statement elaborates. “Three billion dollars is a significant part of the Colorado economy. A large portion of that figure comes from folks that live out of state and our own Colorado hunters and fisherman.

“Our goal is to send a message that enough is enough and to remind these errant legislators who they work for and where the money, that they spend so freely, comes from — the people of Colorado and citizens from around the country,” the release argues.

“We understand that for some in Colorado this will be a significant sacrifice, we simply ask what price freedom, how much are your Second Amendment rights worth — one hunting or fishing season or much more?” McNulty and Hickman ask. “United we stand, divided we fall.”

The call is sure to provoke controversy, as the sacrifices appear to fall most severely on a group that did not create the problem, and for many outfitters struggling in an uncertain economy, one season is enough to ruin them, thus punishing good people for the actions of anti-gun legislators, many from urban areas who do not represent sporting constituencies. It could be argued many of these same legislators are hostile to both the targeted sports and those who engage in them, and would love to see hunting and fishing halted altogether.

Additionally, the role hunting plays in conservation must be considered. Starvation, habitat destruction and disease are all real effects of overpopulation, as well as encroachment into developed areas.

I posed these concerns to McNulty. His response:

As to the issue of unintended consequences and friendly casualties, Ray and I both have received hundreds of e mails and phone calls expressing concern over what appears to be an impending “civil war” over the massive infringement of the 2nd Amendment by State legislatures, and the Federal Government. Our hope is, that by reminding the Colorado State pro-gun control contingent that the People are their “bosses” and we, the People, control the flow of money into the State coffers, they will think twice about cutting their political noses off for the sake of recent hysterics.

In this process there will be, regrettably, friendly casualties like our friends engaged in the fine art of guiding and providing for hunters needs. If our small effort is successful, perhaps the reality of the greater battle ahead will weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of those “legislators” trying to cause the demise of the 2nd Amendment and a real Civil War may be averted.

Some of the folks we have heard from are so frustrated with these people in Denver, that their attitude is “Just bring it on, and let’s get it over with!” Well, I for one, personally witnessed “civil war”, up close and personal with three tours in the so called Vietnamese “Conflict.” I was not in the thick of it as were so many of my friends, but I saw enough to know that I didn’t want to ever see an American “Conflict” in my home town.

Nevertheless, my friend Ray and I and many millions of other good Americans, will not stand idly by and watch our freedoms be snatched away by useless politicians who don’t understand the meaning of the words Liberty or Freedom. So, as the Founders understood, there will be unintended casualties in the opening shots of this new American Revolution, so do we. We regret those wounds, but we ask those so wounded to understand what is at stake.

If there are other suggestions on what we might do, short of mayhem, to get those politicians attention before they do something irrevocably stupid. Please let us know.

I think this is all we can do for now. Today the politicians vote in the Senate and my guess is, they will have their way with us. Our last hope is that this small protest might get the Governor to think twice about signing these “Intolerable Acts of Treason” for just financial reasons, if not proper reasons of merit, that should generate a veto by the chief executive officer of the State.

Readers interested in learning more can contact McNulty at and Hickman at

“We would hope,” McNulty told Gun Rights Examiner, “that those who disagree will be pointed but civil in their comments.”


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