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Connecticut Shooting . Illuminati ,Freemason ,Satan Ritual Killing.

Published on Dec 15, 2012 by TheGroxt

An investigative look into the Connecticut Sandy Hook Killings.

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3 Responses to Connecticut Shooting . Illuminati ,Freemason ,Satan Ritual Killing.

  1. NC says:

    Part 2 of the video at the 11:20 mark makes a note of the New Madrid Fault line that the author of the video believes will happen soon. Don’t think the Louisiana sinkhole thing is going to go away. I’m still a believer of that New Madrid Fault line rupturing and splitting our country in two in the near future. All signs seem to point that way. Haven’t heard anything about that sinkhole issue lately. All these gun grabbing stories have seemed to distract us from other things that we should also continue to monitor. They got us flying in all different directions, but we shouldn’t neglect on them.

    • TranceAm says:

      ” Haven’t heard anything about that sinkhole issue lately. ”

      The best and closest to the news is here:
      There is an email notification system on site one can put an email addy in, to keep up with the latest in that direction.

  2. mr mason says:

    Emily Parkers Facebook account was set up five hours after the shootings. With bank account already set up to receive charitable donations. Before her parents even knew she was DEAD! No media will report this. This is not a negative comment about the deaths of innocent people, but a question of how this could be possible. Questions about this will be removed from the page by the 24/7 monitor, will be removed from twitter, ect. Where is the freedom of speech. Where is the Media.

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