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Could Obama’s War On Guns Become.. WAR? Harsh Warning From Oathkeepers’ Founder

Published on Jan 6, 2013 by TheJoshTolleyChannel

As governments from D.C. to Local move to strip American’s of their freedom and their protection, Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers, has a very strong warning as to where this may lead.

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10 Responses to Could Obama’s War On Guns Become.. WAR? Harsh Warning From Oathkeepers’ Founder

  1. John Q. Parvenu says:

    An outstanding interview with an outstanding man!



  2. GREGO says:

    The american gun owners are the largest standing army in the world…don’t mess with us…

  3. uka says:

    rhodes is not to bad but he just cannot see the cops as they really are. he thinks they will arrest other cops and come onto his side,they will not. he wants to switch the blame to the politicians seemingly unaware that the cops enforce the will of the pols and they will do the confiscations roadblocks etc. feinstein will not come to you in her limo demanding registration or confiscation a cop will

    • Gary Schnell says:

      Rhodes is right and the line in the sand is being drawn. As far as the donut addicts are concerned,let me make this very plain. my family has been in this country for a hundred years prior to the American revolution and took part in the same. I will honor them in the way they honored us and regardless of what costume the criminal at the moment is wearing know this you may or may not get my guns,but you sure as hell will get the ammo. Simple math knuckleheads, there are more of us then there are of you,your screwed!

    • chris says:

      rhodes is doing what he can, but even he can’t do everything.

      Pick 7 seems to be the best way to prep if there is no stand down of cops and military in your area.

  4. m_astera says:

    If he has something to say he should put it in writing. Videos are for the illiterate and dyslexic. They don’t cut it as a legal or historical record.

  5. Anon Patriot says:

    America’s Biggest Killers: The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To See

    “#1 Tobacco Use – 529,000
    #2 Medical Errors – 195,000
    #3 Unintentional Injuries – 118,021
    #4 Alcohol Abuse – 107,400
    #5 Motor Vehicle Accidents – 34,485
    #6 Unintentional Poisoning – 31,758
    #7 Drug Abuse – 25,500
    #8 Unintentional Falls – 24,792
    (Non-firearm covers the use of many varied weapons — knives, bats, hammers, poisons, and more)

    #10 Firearm Homicides – 11,493

    U.S. Deaths per year, from selected causes: Sources: CDC, FBI, U.S. Federal Government”

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