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Daniel Defense isn’t flinching and they aren’t raising prices.

Military Times – by Bob Curtis

My local gun shop walls look like the bottled water aisle the night before a hurricane. It’s amazing that nearly everything (except Hi-Points) disappeared in the course of a weekend.

But! Check out that photo of Daniel Defense’s shop wall. If you’re still looking to buy an AR or need a few parts to complete a build, DD has you covered. I spoke with them about the state of the industry in the wake of this past week’s AR-pocalypse. They told me they were in good shape.

Over the summer, they forecasted and prepared for significant demand — anticipating a repeat of the post election panic buy of 2008.

“After meeting with our current dealer and distributor networks earlier this year,” says Jay Duncan, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Daniel Defense, “we established an extremely aggressive build schedule to better meet the end consumer’s demand for our product line.”

That means that after fulfilling all their dealer and distributor commitments, they’ve still got enough stock left over to produce custom builds using the DDM4 Custom builder site, and offer upper receiver groupsrails and barrels for sale at current pricing. This is great news when wait times for other manufacturers of parts, let alone complete guns, is months-long and prices are sky high. And, before you ask; no, DD doesn’t sell stripped lowers.

Keep in mind, the DDM4 custom build site automatically goes off-line when they have more orders than they can complete that day. So, hit it just after the counter resets after midnight for the best chance of getting in line. Duncan says delivery times for custom builds is running about 10 to 14 days.

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