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Day of Resistance- Second Amendment March and Meeting – Speakers Announced

Oath Keepers

Contact: Jay McKearn VC Group to Host “Day of Resistance” in Ventura Feb 23

People Protecting Freedom, a Ventura-based grassroots organization, is sponsoring this county-wide event as part of a coordinated national effort of It is an element of a larger effort to highlight the purpose and significance of the Second Amendment as the foundation of our other freedoms, stop further unconstitutional legislation and point out better methods of improving safety.

The event will be held at Mission Park in Ventura, on Main Street, across from the St. Buenaventura Mission, at high noon. An optional march from City Hall at 11:30 will head down to the park. Offered there will be speakers, literature, various and diverse Second Amendment constituencies and networking with others.

Headlining will be Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oathkeepers; Ventura County Supervisor Peter Foy; Tenth Amendment Center Grassroots Coordinator Nick Hankoff. AZ Patriot/Activist Wake Up America Bd Member Brian Reilly, more TBA.

Info via ppf@peopleprotectingfreedom.com,


…. About GUNS and your natural and Constitutional rights to bear them.

Ventura, California on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013


Californians will gather at the steps of City Hall in Ventura and commence a March at 11:30 a.m. down California Street and Main Street towards Mission Park, across the street from the San Buenaventura Mission, where we will assemble for a Public Meeting at NOON to Rally and Protest the efforts of the California State Legislature to impose a de facto repeal of the 2nd Amendment. Speakers will inform the activists attending the Rally on what they can do individually and collectively to combat these proposals and what we can do if the ban goes into effect. The organizers of the Ventura Day of Resistance will provide the people attending with the tools and organization they need in order to effect real change.


March starts at Ventura City Hall, 501 Pali Street.

Activist speakers  will headline, including:
  • Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oathkeepers, activist, Yale Law School grad, former paratrooper
  • Peter Foy, Ventura County CA Supervisor, political activist
  • Nick Hankoff, Tenth Amendment Center Grassroots Coordinator
  • Brian Reilly, AZ Political Activist, Bd. Member Waking Up America
  • …. More TBA.
As mentioned in the earlier press release, People Protecting Freedom, a non-partisan Ventura-based grassroots organization, is sponsoring this local event as part of a coordinated national effort of DayofResistance.comDay of Resistance – Ventura Countyis organized by regular people in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernadino Counties, who are concerned about the loss of a fundamental civil liberty. It is an element of a larger effort to highlight the purpose and significance of the Second Amendment as the foundation of our other freedoms, stop further unconstitutional legislation and point out better methods of improving safety.
The event will be attended by diverse Second Amendment constituencies ranging over a wide geographic area and diverse in political spectrum. The activists attending the event will have a unique opportunity to learn about the the history of gun control in the United States and abroad, and how in almost every case firearms registrations, restrictions, and ultimately seizures have been to oppress minorities and institute authoritarian governance. Ultimately gun control always results in the restriction of other civil liberties as well as increased violent crime.
Attendees will learn about the recent legislative efforts by misguided representatives like State Senator Leland Yee and United States Senator Feinstein, as well as the recent infringements on their constitutionally guaranteed rights in the states of New York and Colorado. Both efforts have already had massive economic consequences for those states as well as further burdening law enforcement with prosecuting law abiding citizens for exercising their statutorily guaranteed liberties. The activists attending will learn what actions they can take in order to prevent a civil rights crisis from occurring in California and how they should prepare in the event that their rights are infringed upon.
The organizers of the event will provide a much needed opportunity to network as well as connect attendees with other civil rights-minded and pro-Second Amendment advocacy groups on what legal and legislative actions we are currently involved with and how the Constitution and past SCOTUS rulings unequivocally support the right of regular citizens to maintain proficiency and carry arms for their own protection, for the common defense, and to act as the final deterrent to authoritarian governance.
This February 23rd we join with long tradition of civil liberties minded Americans from all walks of life and stand up in union, allied in common cause with the love of freedom and its exercise thereof.
Please take the time to watch this short video which encompasses many of the issues that we are concerned that our representatives have lost sight of:
Henson Ong at Gun Violence Prevention Hearing – Hartford CT
We have a few talking points at… that encompasses a range of statistics and facts that you may not be aware of.
Thank You

Jay McKearn
+1 (805) 907-8898

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