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Dead “Bombers” tell No Tales. Neither do “Dead” Men! Welcome to AmeriKa!

The Watchman’s Cry – by Nathan Leal

The new freedom has arrived! Only it is not free, nor is it new.

World history is already littered with this type of society; a society where the peasants hide from the raiders who attack the villages. History is populated with the tales of government marauders who oppress the commoners.  

This is why the foundation of old America was based on a Constitution that supported rights for freedom which included the right to a trial and the presumption of innocence until PROVEN GUILTY!

The presumption of innocence is a foundational cornerstone of a free society.

But over the past few days, we have all become witnesses to the new courtroom. A tribunal where justice is exercised with the bullets of SWAT teams and Homeland Security agents.

In the old days, a description of a suspect qualified their guilt or innocence with the word, “alleged!” But now with the instantaneous dynamic of the media, people are being indoctrinated to desire a quick remedy which includes blood and a dead body.

Lest we forget, we just saw this happen in California with the ex-officer, Christopher Dorner, who was accused of having a manifesto….He was executed!


Was he guilty? Who knows, he’s dead! He never made it to trial. But it appears that part of his motivation was exposing the corruption of the LAPD!

Am I being a sympathizer for an “alleged terrorist?” No, I am a sympathizer for “the truth!”

Before I begin, I will say that I am sorry for the bombing victims. This article in no way is an attempt to minimize or dismiss their pain. My motive is to communicate my concern over the methods that are now in play.

Over the past few days, I have been observing the gargantuan manhunt for the “alleged” bombers. What do we know so far? We know that the FBI told us that they are the suspects. What does that mean? It means that even though they were introduced as suspects, they quickly became guilty felons. The media started using terms like, “We hope the cops get them!”.. meaning “kill” them!

The big brother is dead.


As I type these words, the second suspect has been taken into custody. Will he survive?

I have many questions about this episode.

1. What role did the two brothers play in the bombings?
2. Did they act alone?
3. Were they a part of a plot involving others? If so, who are the others?
4. Were the entrapped by the CIA? The FBI?
5. Were they the instigators or the mules for the delivery of the bombs?
6. Were they told that it was just a drill?
7. Was the big brother the main culprit and little brother influenced?

So many questions!

The little brother


Will little brother talk? Will he be allowed to talk?

Many questions? Will we ever get the answers? This is why we must seek the truth. History has already taught us that the “official” story is usually laced with fiction!

Already, it has been revealed that military contractors were present at the bombing. What did they know?


The other disturbing element in this event is the rapid manner in which Boston went into Martial Law. People were restricted from coming out of their houses. Everything stopped: buses, transportation, air flights.

Boston was in lock down…No exceptions! If you were out of milk or diapers for your baby…too bad!

If you had to go to work to pay your rent…tough cookies, this is a manhunt! Go back inside!

Boston became a prison; SWAT, DHS and tactical military officers were out in force.

Walking down the streets, going door to door, the posse arrived and shut down a city looking for one guy.

This is unprecedented! But this is all a part of the new AmeriKa. From this point on, in the future will see more and more of this; a militarization of the local police forces; MRAP vehicles involved in the daily chores of society.


Law enforcement will become the judge and jury who distribute a stasi form of justice.

Posse Comitatus has evolved into just… the posse!

I can imagine that some people may take issue with these words because after all, “they caught the bad guy.”

But my rebuttal to that is….”Did they?”

Also, the method of the Posse’s victory has to be questioned. House arrest for all? I believe that even in Iraq, the citizens were allowed to go to the store during the occupation by our soldiers.

During the Iraq occupation, Iraqi citizens had more freedom than Boston did during the manhunt! In Iraq, people could actually meander. And this is while our boys were looking for Iraqi insurgents!


The tide is changing. Should this matter? Should we be concerned?

My friends, I am concerned over what I am witnessing. It appears that Amerika has turned a new corner. The police state is in motion!

Grieve for her death.

America – R.I.P.

Nathan Leal – Watchman’s Cry

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4 Responses to Dead “Bombers” tell No Tales. Neither do “Dead” Men! Welcome to AmeriKa!

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    “Grieve for her death.”
    “America – R.I.P.”
    “Nathan Leal – Watchman’s Cry”

    Instead of “grieving for her death”, why don’t you get off your ass and join your local militia?

  2. Smilardog says:

    You east coast Patriots had all of the bad guys in one spot and let them get away.

    Good article Nathan Leal

  3. George says:

    It was an inevitability that America would one day experience that which it has forced many other countries to experience. I guess what caught so many people by surprise is that it’s their very own government that’s creating this whole situation, and not some conquering empire from afar.

    All great empires fall from within, this country will be no different.

    • Steve Apple says:

      george,You aint from around here are you.AMERICANS STILL GOT THEIR GUNS unlike the unarmed sheep (which breed of sheep are you george????? english australian canadian etc etc) of the rest of the world we plan on TAKING OUR COUTRY BACK and dealing out swift AMERICAN justice to all INVADERS and traitors. But dont take my word for it oh pessimistic gorge just PAY attention for the SSTRAW THAT BREAKS THE CAMELS BACK.The seething anger just bareley under the surface is thick and RETRIBUTION is in the air. I dont know about empire but I do know about the HOME TEAM and its a HUNDRED MILLION strong and chomping at the bit of FREEDOM.

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