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Deputy Police Chief Calls For “Permanent” DWI Checkpoints In Texas

Infowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

A deputy police chief in South Texas wants to set up “permanent” DWI checkpoints in order to “save lives,” raising the possibility that Texans could be forced to show their papers, submit to breathalyzer tests, or even be mandated to have blood drawn whenever they drive down the street.

“San Antonio police Deputy Chief Anthony Trevino appeared Monday in Austin before the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee,” reports KHOU.

“The San Antonio Express-News reports Trevino urged legislators to allow law officers to stop drivers and do routine sobriety tests near so-called drinking-and-driving “hot spots.” He says local data could be used to identify areas where such behavior is prevalent.”

Jim Harrington of the Texas Civil Rights Project opposed the idea, saying sobriety checkpoints allow for police abuse of power. The measure is expected to be debated by legislators in January.

The notion of permanent DWI checkpoints where police can pull over any vehicle at any time under the justification of catching drunk drivers is anathema to the 4th Amendment, which protects “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Given the fact that San Antonio is one of a number of cities across the country which enforces “no refusal” blood-draws against people police suspect of driving under the influence, Texans could find themselves with a needle stuck in their arm simply for exercising their right to mobility.

Attorney Jamie Balagia has described the blood-draw controversy as a “ridiculous trampling of our Constitution,” labeling it “un-American”.

Although America is referred to as the “land of the free,” it is increasingly being littered with checkpoints that are remolding the country into something more akin to the Soviet Union than a bastion of liberty.

The ACLU has dubbed a 100-mile area in-land from the border as the “Constitution-free Zone,” noting that 2 out of 3 Americans live within this buffer zone – around 190 million people in total. Americans in these areas are forced to answer questions when they drive through Border Patrol checkpoints. Many are standing up for their 4th amendment rights by refusing to answer such questions.

The TSA has also announced that it will conduct “security assessments” on highways having already set up checkpoints on interstate roads in Tennessee last year. The federal agency was responsible for over 9,000 checkpoints across the United States in 2011.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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4 Responses to Deputy Police Chief Calls For “Permanent” DWI Checkpoints In Texas

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    Ahhhh,… Texas,

    Leading the way into full-blown tyrannical statehood!

    Between Texas communist filth for a Congressman, rick Perry, and the begging by Texas residents to be enslaved,… its already save to say that Texas has become the shit-hole it has always hoped it could be.

    Good job Texas!

    You show those communists and traitors how its REALLY done!!!

    JD – US Marines – Let Texas secede, and join its mother country,.. communist China or Facist Russia, Real Americans are sick of their cowardice and treason.

    • NC says:

      Hey JD, remember, it is the government that is doing this and not the people. Remember who was the first to have over 25,000 signatures to try and secede and who was the first to try and get TSA out of the state? TEXAS! Don’t mess with Texas! The people are good but it’s the government headed by the infamous brain-dead Rick Perry that is extremely bad. We probably have more guns, gun clubs, and gun shows than any other state and more people who know how to use them. So I wouldn’t count them out yet.

      • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

        Hi NC,

        I forgot your in Texas.

        My comments are not meant for you or anyone in Texas that despises what is going on in the Texas, or Fed Gov’t.

        I know there are many good people in Texas who would volunteer to put a bullet thru Perry’s worthless skull, and they had the first petition for secession,.. but what I never understood, is how Perry has been allowed to remain in office?

        When it came out that Perry tried to sell the children of Texas out to Big Pharma (for a paltry $5,000 donation from Merck) , especially the young girls by trying to pass a law to REQUIRE that they get injected with a Gardisil vaccine against their wishes or the wishes of their parents, when it was already shown to cause horrendous side-effects and even death in some cases!

        Right there at that point,… it was up to the citizens of Texas to hold a recall election (or a lynching party),.. and to prosecute this dirtbag,.. or at the very least,.. someone should have put a bullet clean thru his shit filled skull.

        The Gardisil incident is just the least of his crimes,.. and yet he is still alive,.. and in office,.. I just can’t phathom how in a state that prides itself on independence and refusal to accept government crap, seems to be taking it while lying on its back.

        Doesn’t seem to me, as an outside observer, that any real fight is being waged.

        No offense to you NC,… but Texas does not seem to embody the spirit of the fighting American as far as I have seen or can tell,.. apart from you.

        If there is, or has been any real stand-up and fight against the Treasnous Fed Govt, or any of its state officials (like Perry..),.. please be kind eough to let me, and other readers know about it.

        Thanks – JD – US Marines

        • NC says:

          Lol Yea, I know, JD. I have no idea why the hell Perry is still in office, either. That guy is a class A loser. Bloominidiot is a class A++ loser and governor Christie is just a fat ass loser. lol

          I don’t know what to say except I think the people of Texas are at least trying compared to some other states.

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