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Did the Planners of Rand Paul’s Filibuster Forget to Tell Him About Stadium Pal?

Economic Policy Journal – by Robert Wenzel

Rand Paul’s filibuster will go into the record books as No. 9 on the list of longest Senate speeches, clocking in at 12 hours and 52 minutes. One wonders if the behind the scenes controls that came up with the idea of filibuster are happy with the performance. And make no mistake, if neocon Jennifer Rubin and the rest of the crowd were cheering on the filibuster, via tweets during the first hour of the speakathon, that calls were made in advance that Rand could be trusted. 

Otherwise, how could Rubin be so cocksure early on in the filibuster that Rand wouldn’t say something objectionable to neocons in, say, hour five? Rand came through, nuff said.

But back to the filibuster itself, are his controls happy with No.9? Did they not tell Rand about stadium pal? That sure would have helped Rand break the record. The record was set by Sen. Strom Thurmond in 1957 with a 24 hour and 18 minute filibuster. According to USA Today, Rand joked he wanted to try and eclipse Thurmond, but he needed a bathroom break. Or was Rand wearing a stadium pal and just didn’t have the stamina?

Whoever planned this is a very skilled operative. I’m told the idea was not likely developed within Rand’s immediate circle. This was a top level sophisticated stuff. It may mean that the real players think Rand can be trusted and molded.

Keep in mind, outside of getting Rand much publicity, the filibuster itself did nothing. It will not prevent CIA nominee John Brennan from being confirmed by the Senate. It will not stop American drones from continuing to blow up foreigners via amazing missile carrying flying iron birds. It was magnificent air.

Further, it was a brilliant stroke for Rand to quote Glenn Greenwald during his filibuster. It brought many more cheers and positive tweets for Rand. Again, the sign of a very clever behind the scenes operative lurking.

I am all for the next Ron Paul but, although the DNA is close, I am not sure it will be Rand Paul. Let’s see what happens from here. Lets see if Rand carries a libertarian banner beyond a useless filibuster. If he does, I will be cheering. But I am very suspicious and I am taking a very wait and see approach. There will, of course, be many bathroom breaks we will have to take between now and 2016, far too many for a stadium pal to help us. Let’s see how things develop between these bathroom breaks. Overtime, it will become clear whether Rand needs to be flushed also.

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14 Responses to Did the Planners of Rand Paul’s Filibuster Forget to Tell Him About Stadium Pal?

  1. Kevin says:

    He speaks very little truth and the only truth he speaks was ‘approved’ to be spoken. If any senator or president is a true threat, they are assassinated. Rand Paul is still alive therefore, this man is against the American people. End of story.

  2. Monnie says:

    The filibuster awoke many people. If this were a PTB black op, then either they didn’t anticipate this effect, or perhaps they figure their control is so complete they can be that obvious. My initial excitement waned considerably when Rand said he didn’t mind drones over America IF due process were followed. So basically ALL our leaders agree they have no problem with armed drones patrolling our skies. We’re completely screwed.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, “armed drones engaging American citizens once the government has followed due process” is a nonsense phrase.

      Due process in this case is being officially accused of whatever they think you did, facing your accuser, defending yourself against their concrete evidence, and being tried by a judge and jury.

      BTW, kills with armed drones are quite expensive at this point in history. The only fielded weapons that work are hellfires and small JDAMs for this purpose. AFAIK the cheap-kill stuff like the Aerovironment Switchblade hasn’t been fielded yet, nor even tested against live combat targets.

      So if they want to start using drones to kill Americans in the US with hellfires, it’ll be ~$58,000 a pop. A jury trial would probably be cheaper than that, and a sniper bullet, cheaper still. And they’d better find a way to streamline the paperwork, too.

      To do it the current way, they’d be wasting money.

      • Inretrospect says:

        Forget the cost of any endeavor the Government wishes to execute. They can print as much counterfeit money as needed to by weapons, billions of rounds of ammo, and continue with the unfathomable cost to endlessly spray the HAARP-ridden skies with heavy metals.

        Even if the cost to kill us will be $1-million each, it won’t stop them because they will spare no expense… even if it will cost $300-trillion.

        You might think that our infamous government would eventually need to stop killing the taxpayers whom are paying their bills… but you thought wrong because our national debt has already swelled beyond the limits of a taxpayer bail-out. Money is an illusion, and you are diluted into thinking that insurmountable cost will slow down an unconscionable killing monster… but you thought wrong, again.

  3. NC says:

    Rand Paul is controlled opposition and a traitor. What comes out of his mouth is hogwash. PERIOD!

    • oldvet says:

      Yep you dead on about that NC.

      Check this out
      Just saw over at WRH..that Judge Napolitano was applauding Pauls filibuster. That makes me straighten up and wonder about Napolitanos agenda. Is he a disinfo agent who is now showing thru his colors by lending “support” to the newest NeoCon darling?

      Seems we have a lot of so called participants to the Patriot movement lately who dont seem to be all the CHROME they claim they are……is Napolitano just another Alex Jones?

      And what about the scores of Leo’s and Military “Oath keepers” who talk a great game…but still carry out the orders of the NWO controllers? And local Sheriffs?….

      I say we are being “handled” and played big time!
      ..this nation is fooked and very few people in the Patriot movement are what the seem to be.

      • Inretrospect says:

        I agree, and sensed the Patriot faux movement during Ron Paul’s 2008 election campaign.

        It pissed-off the people in my campaign group when I asked: Is it possible that Ron Paul is a duped shill or, is he an analogous Pied-piper leading the dissenters into the open to be rounded-up later?

        In my opinion, Ron Paul was/is the latter of the two possibilities. I’m sorry to say that the same is also true about Judge Napolitano and Rand Paul as well.

        • Millard says:

          Anyone who is allowed publicity is “bought off”.. You are not going to see anyone on TV, newspapers, or internet make any big splashes without consent of tptb. One just has to filter through the bullsh*t.

  4. the “Jewishness” has got to be ** SURGICALLY ** – clearly –

    Microscopically – rooted out….REMOVED !!!

    that is the only solution…

  5. Millard says:

    What a show McStain and Grahamcracker pulled off trying to give Rand Paul a public “spanking” on the Senate floor in retaliation for his filibuster. 5th graders would have got an F on the report card. I was most amused by the stupid prop proclaiming 2931 americans killed by terrorists on american soil and 0 killed by drones. I just wanted to reach right through my TV and strangle both of those maggots right after I finished with Rand.

  6. oldvet says:

    Cannot believe my State keeps reelecting that PUD PACKER Graham

  7. Saul Goodman says:

    Stepping back and taking in the whole picture is where the patriot movement falls short.Rand Paul is not the problem.Obama is not the problem.Gun control is not the problem.Aid to Israel is the problem.Taxpayer money which is simply recycled to buy our own leadership and further the Jewish/communist agenda.Of coarse actually saying that in a crowded room would be career suicide,(or get you ‘suicided’) so the status quo remains unchallenged.I really had high hopes for Chuck Hagel but it seems he`s been cowed as well.As this point,the only way to neuter the bastards would be a new investigation into Israels involvement in 9/11

  8. dumbest post ever. EPJ has officially joined the neocons in calling for more drone strikes.

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