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“Doomsday Prepper” Raided By Police, FBI After Criticizing Obama

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14 Responses to “Doomsday Prepper” Raided By Police, FBI After Criticizing Obama

  1. BentSpear says:

    If this is the case, then SWAT is going to be damn busy. On the other hand, the guy got a dose of Clorox splashed on his gene pool. Preppers going on T.V. showing off for their 15 minutes of fame? Attention Whores so stupid as to acquire fame, even if it’s negative? Astounding. BTW, f^ck NatGeo.

    • camil2003 says:

      Yeah but its about that time to weed out the stupid preppers.

      • BentSpear says:

        Hell, let them prep up… never know what kind of deals you’ll get from when they fail & fold. Some of my best equipment, I’ve purchased at yard sales of the Y2K preppers who got disappointed & bummed out over the Y2K TEOTWAWKI gig and sold out.

        If you are going to weed out stupid, you’ve embarked on a endless endeavor & I wish you well.

  2. REDHORSE says:

    They are going to feel real stupid when they find out the guy was in his bunker watching himself on the natgeo channel.BTW BentSpear your right f^ck NatGeo.

  3. RW says:

    I love how the media uses fear and sensationalism… He’s a “Doomsday Prepper!!!!” Ohhhhh (insert scary violin music and screaming kids here).. Geez, so the guy wanted to be prepared, and rightfully so.. Yup, ye old’e media famously at work again to scare the sheeple into submission. Same old story..

    • BentSpear says:

      Isn’t it something that when there’s a disaster/incident that you don’t hear MSM say anything about preppers making it through? Only one’s I hear about are the one’s that go out of their way to “advertise” their preps & “massive” weapons stores. The true “prepper” KNOWS that weapons are only a small part of their preparedness plan and that they are necessary “tools”. The hardcore preppers I know go to extreme lenghts to NOT advertise their “goods” & lives.

    • scott kuhnen says:

      “I love how the media uses fear and sensationalism… He’s a “Doomsday Prepper!!!!” ”

      And he’s still out there! LOL Ohmygod. Hide the children.
      F**k the media

  4. NC says:

    The SWAT teams just happen to be doing a “practice exercise” at the exact same time they found out about a doomsday prepper with guns in the area. What a coincidence! I think NOT! This was all done on purpose and the media is portraying ever more the propaganda that doomsday preppers are terrorists. Typical.

    • RW says:

      Yup. “training” exercises seem to usually occur at the exact same times as major events too.. This is SOP for miltary and false flags as well. Just coincidence I’m sure(hehe). Sad thing is, most folks get their info from MSM (mainstream media) and buy into it.. yawn.

    • scott kuhnen says:

      “The SWAT teams just happen to be doing a “practice exercise” at the exact same time they found out about a doomsday prepper with guns in the area. What a coincidence! I think NOT! ”

      Well it could happen. After all, they were conducting a terror drill at the World Trade Center, involving a scenario of planes crashing into the towers, when……………….planes actually crashed into the towers. Coincidences happen all the time in the government.

    • 911prepperchick says:

      Some people are so naive, the FBI swat happened to be doing a “training exercise” in this rural area, that is how so many of them responded so quickly. Responded to what? They were supposed to be serving a warrant, right. He wasn’t home, so why would they call for back up? There was no threat, so no backup should have been called. Why would they enter his home to find the weapons? Did they already have a warrant to go through his house? From what I understand a warrant for your arrest is different from a warrant to search and seize property. You don’t “serve” a warrant to search and seize, but you do serve a warrant for arrest. The sheople probably ate this up without a second thought. This whole story is full of holes.

  5. David2 says:

    Speaking of SWAT teams – From JS mineset today, the nazifying of America:

    Jim’s Mailbox
    December 6, 2012, at 12:51 pm
    by Jim Sinclair in the category Jim’s Mailbox | Print This Post | Email This Post
    Dear Jim,

    My friend just arrived back from Budapest after some dental work. This is what he was welcomed to when he got home in Pennsylvania. The following is his email:

    CIGA Brian


    I had an incident yesterday which has disconcerted me. When I was getting ready to go to Budapest, I went to the bank and got $2000 in $100 dollar bills for spending cash and emergency funds. I never spent the money while I was gone, so when I got home I had all these hundred dollar bills. I went to WAWA and used one. Apparently a Timothy McVey looking guy who was a Federal Agent was standing behind me in line and saw me use a large bill. He followed me from WAWA and stalked me as I stopped at Trader Joes then followed me home and called in back up. I went to take a piss and the front door started banging, I yelled down, “be right there” and the banging got

    louder, I stopped mid stream and ran down only to find my house surrounded by Israeli troopers in riot gear ready to shoot anything that moved. I said come in and turned around and they drew guns on me and said don’t do it.

    There were at least 6 cop cars and 2nd street was blocked. They took my name and number and then they went back to WAWA to look at the bill in question, which turned out to be a good bill. They called me to apologize for the excitement.

    When I asked how they got here so quickly after I left WAWA the Media officer told me about how the Fed agent following me.

    I now do not feel safe in America, I want to go back to a communist country like Hungary where the Israeli military tactics are not in force. I would like to complain and make sure this nut job who is harassing tax-paying citizens is removed from this environment. But I just want to go live in a civilized country which operated on the honor system. I have been to the other side and “IT’S MUCH BETTER” than this bullshit, America/Israel sucks. I can’t help but feel this incident has shaken me up and made me feel very uncomfortable. It was a personal dose of reality as to what our country has been turned into – an Israel slave state. Last week I went to Barnes and Nobel to buy a book on beginning Hungarian and they don’t even publish a book on the language. I don’t care; I would rather live in Budapest unable to speak the language than live here and have Israel show up on my doorstep ready to kill an innocent victim. France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, even Greece, one of you, here I come!!!

    Dear Brian,

    We have to be real. There is no end to this in the next four years. In fact it will double and then double itself until it is so much a part of life that the 47% will welcome it as a form of class warfare. The only difference between Nazi Germany and the upcoming USA is that it will coddle minorities growing into majorities as a political base. The SS is coming out of inland securities as they organize an army. The signal of no return without any doubt will be the disbanding of State Defense Forces.

    Already 13 governors have been contacted to make a full report of their State Defense forces and all deployments over the last ten years.

    Face the facts. There is no road back and if you try to make one you will end up in the same cell with a Rear Admiral or maybe a General. You want an alternative? Forget passports and start thinking permanent residency permits and work permits that would not trigger tax retribution, at least today.


  6. dakealo says:

    I may have missed it, but I did not hear any mention of an alleged threat to O.
    Bueller? Bueller?

  7. Antoine says:

    Since when is owning guns a reason to have these bastards from SWAT coming into your home? Since when is disliking the govt a crime?
    So many cops for one guy who is living within the law? This tells me that in America you have way too many bloated parasites in uniform sporting assault weapons. Time to eliminate them.

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