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Earth Booms and ground shaking reported by news in 7 states country wide within 24 hours

Godlike Productions – by Bendinglight

CBS 5 News Arizona.. Dec 5th:

Residents in communities in and around Verde Valley and as far as Flagstaff called 911 or their police and fire departments to report the strange booming sounds.
“It sounded like thunder, but underground,” Swesey said. “Like muffled thunder. And all the dogs in the neighborhood, all of them that were outside all started barking at once.”

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Patch News California.. Dec 4th

I live in NW Altadena near Lincoln & Loma Alta Dr & on last evening, Tuesday – Dec 4, 2012, I kept hearing ‘loud boom’ sounds every 10-15 minutes.

Another said in a comment..
My family heard the loud boom’s throughout the night also. It sounded like small sonic booms that rattled the windows. They continued throughout the night till around 2:00 a.m. Would love to know what the noises were, they were a bit startling.

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KTEN News Texoma (Texas & Oklahoma).. Dec 5th

KTEN has had hundreds of reports of loud explosions and the ground shaking in seven counties from north Texas to southern Oklahoma.

People tell us, they felt shaking and heard a loud boom just after eight this morning.

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WPRI News Rhode Island.. Dec 4th 

Reports of the phantom boom kept crews busy in both Barrington and Warwick after residents reported hearing the strange disruption around 11:30 p.m.

“It shook the windows and made my neighbors alert too. The only way to describe it was like a single loud ‘boom’ noise that sounded somewhat like an explosion,”

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Plainsman News Alabama.. Dec 4th 

Phone calls to The Plainsman office suggested that the bang was heard over a far larger radius than Gentilly Park.
Residents around the area do not seem to believe the sound was a gunshot or fireworks, as the sound was described as far too loud.

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WJBF 6 News Georgia.. Dec 6th 

Columbia County EMA director Pam Tucker tells WJBF News Channel 6, that quarry blasting and earthquakes have been ruled out as causes of loud booms and rumblings in Columbia County.
There have been several loud booms reported in the county over the last couple of days.
On Wednesday, at 9:07 p.m., a county resident heard a loud rumble and he says his driveway is now lifted up with cracks in and the road and sidewalks near his home are now cracked.

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6 Responses to Earth Booms and ground shaking reported by news in 7 states country wide within 24 hours

  1. NC says:

    I never heard any booms. Of course I live in Austin, TX, South of Northern Texas. So that may be why.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      I live only about 25 or 30 miles or so from Altadena, and I haven’t heard anything either.

      But then again, I do spend a lot of time at Starbucks, and there’s always music playing here.

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    Hi NC & NWO Hatr,

    I did hear a bunch of booms today that definitly got my attention. (Did not feel any ground shake)

    I live in Central NJ, Old Bridge, and at about 3:30 or so today I happen to be in my backyard when I clearly heard what sounded just like multiple series of 500 pounders exploding at a distance of about 15 miles – 20 miles.
    (I’m NOT saying thats what it was,.. just that is what it sounded like)

    This was not the local firing range which is about 2 miles from my house as I have heard that many times to the SoutWest of my house, and always as a “popping” quality to the sound.

    These booms came directly from the North by Northwest, and had a very deep, full booming quality,… just like the kind I heard when we bombed night & day just before going into Kuwait during the Persian Gulf war, and we were about 20 miles south, and they were dropping 500’s, 800’s and 1000 pounders on the Republican Guard.

    I have no idea what it was,.. there did not seem to be any commotion or mention of it in the news,.. and I have never heard those kinds of booms here before,.. and I have been here over 16 years, but I definitely heard something that was unusual enough to make me stop what I was doing a few times to try and key in on direction and range.

    I have no idea what it was though. – JD

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Hi JD. Consider yourself lucky. They’ve closed down most of the firing ranges around here in the last few years, and the few that haven’t been closed are only open to the pigs.

  3. NC says:

    If you look at the GWEN Tower locations on a map and overlay it with the locations of the booms on the map, most of them are a direct match that almost line up perfectly. Maybe it has something to do with the GWEN Towers reacting or something.

    Do a search on GWEN Tower map locations and you will see the pattern for yourself.

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