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Egyptian President Flees Palace As Rioters Close In

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Time for flashbacks to nearly two years ago, when the first Egyptian revolution, with great assistance from the various governmental liberating agencies of the “developed world”, led to a democratic regime, so democratic, the ruler lasted all of 5 months before declaring himself temporary dictator.

The reason: following yet more riots, this time resulting in a siege of the presidential palace, and in which protesters breached the presidential palace cordon, Reuters reports that Mursi, aka Morsillini, who granted himself “temporary” supreme commander (read dictator) powers with a unilateral decree on November 22, has now left the building… the presidential palace that is. This will surely embolden the protesters even more, and may well get the military in play once again.

One wonders just which regime the US will support this time around, and what happens if control over the Suez Canal can not be maintained following what is increasingly shaping as a counterrevolution.


Egyptian riot police fired teargas at protesters demonstrating against President Mohamed Mursi near the presidential palace in Cairo on Tuesday and demonstrators broke through police lines, Reuters witnesses said.

Several thousand protesters had gathered near the walls of the palace in what they called “last warning” protests against Islamist leader Mursi, who angered opponents with a Nov. 22 decree that expanded his powers.

“The people want the downfall of the regime,” chanted some demonstrators.

Eight protesters were injured in the clashes, a security source said. Some activists attacked a police armoured vehicle, beating its driver, as security forces gathered inside the palace.

Liberals, leftists, Christians and others have accused Mursi of staging a dictatorial power grab to push through a constitution drafted by an assembly packed with Islamists. A referendum on the draft constitution is due to take place on Dec. 15.

“We are here to tell the president we are against dictatorship and ask him to cancel the dictator decree and reform the constitutional assembly to make it more representative,” said protester Ihab Shawki.

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One Response to Egyptian President Flees Palace As Rioters Close In

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:


    Here is our Treasonous Gov’ts hand puppet running for his life!!!

    OH!,.. WAIT!,…

    According to Guinness Book Of World Records,.. Morsi has just broken the world speed record for how fast an American Puppet Dictator can run for his life!!!

    Great job Morsi,… keep running!!!

    JD – US Marines – Laughing my ass off at the CIA, FBI, DOD, Fed Reserve and all the other US Fed Gov’t Agencies of the NWO who just lost their hand picked puppet in Egypt!!!!

    HAHAHAHahahahahahaha,… great job guys! Keep up the crappy work!

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