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End Of The Road: How Money Becomes Worthless

My Fellow Americans,

Wow, the best video I have seen to date that explains why money dies, especially our money that is about to suffer its death.

This video features a lot of my favorite authors, economists and monetary experts such as Peter Schiff, Ed Sprott, G. Edward Griffin, James Turk, and others.

You can’t find a more stellar group of people to explain the coming implosion, and why its going to happen.

If you wish to understand this coming phenomenon, this is the video to watch.

I’m am telling you, this is your last chance to understand this, and learn how to avoid getting crushed.

Video Title:

“End Of The Road: How Money Becomes Worthless” – (I don’t know why it comes up as “konec poti”)

JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny

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3 Responses to End Of The Road: How Money Becomes Worthless

  1. mothman777 says:

    One of the biggest scams within the present capitalist system, is fractional reserve banking, which, if most people knew of it’s existence, and what it actually does, would result in the government being removed overnight.

    Germany and Libya refused to permit it, and they were both bombed flat. Fractional reserve banking is slavery to the Jewish international banks, so that they have enough money to fund wars all over the world to bring in the Judaic NWO one world government.

    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said that the only reason Gentiles exist is to be slaves for the Jews, and they really believe that, but they won’t tell you that to your face of course as they are very cunning parasites.

    Here is where inflation comes from, and why money dies.

    The Jewish-controlled US government, in collusion with the Jewish-controlled international banks, lend you money to buy a house after you sign a mortgage agreement.

    You borrow, say, $100,000 to buy a house, repayable over 25 or 30 years, with the total coming to $300,000.

    The bank defrauds you, merely lending you $10,000, or 10% of the money you think you are borrowing. It then criminally and fraudulently brings into existence $90,000, or 90% of the rest of the money being ‘lent’, exactly like any counterfeiter would, except these guys are the mafia, above the law, and the government are the mafia too. They just don’t wear big signs saying ‘We are the Mafia’.

    You give the house seller the $100,000, and you have the house, but 90% of that money received by the seller is worthless, as there never were any commodities or skills, or hours of labour to back it up as real money, and that invented money then enters the economy as inflation, and all of society bears the burden.

    But, of course, you then have to work for 25 or 30 years, to pay back 3 times that $100,000 back, so in fact, you end up paying back 30 times the $10,000 real money that you were factually lent.

    All that fraud produces rapidly rising inflation throughout the rest of the economy, just as the other fraud, ‘quantitative easing’ does, which is another fancy term for printing fake money to buy stuff for nothing, again, just like any criminal counterfeiter would, which again, ultimately, just exacerbates the already-existing inflation caused by fractional reserve banking.

    These are not the only two scams they inflict on all of us, and although you may think it might all be OK because it just might be some form of ‘stealth tax’ that needs to be secret for state security reasons, because you think it gets spent on secret space programs, deep underground military bases, secret weapons, and other secret state security measures that you might think are vital for the nation’s safety, or even hospitals and schools etc, it does not.

    No, it just goes to fund endless wars, which requires huge amounts of money to pay for all the mercenary soldiers, like the NATO forces and ‘terrorist’ forces, and hugely expensive munitions, just to bring in the Judaic NWO, which is ultimately intended to result in the extermination of all Gentile races. Money is no object in such an endeavour, and after all, you are the ones providing all the labour for free, and all the resources, just so they can exterminate you.

    And if you think that last statement might just be a little bit over the top, check out a little something called the Noahide Laws, passed through Congress in 1991 by President George Bush Sr., making it lawful and legal to decapitate most non-Jewish American citizens, merely for following other religions, in the event of an emergency administration and the constitution being suspended.

    Guillotines are installed on US military bases right across the USA right now to do that very thing, to part your head from your neck, and that applies to all Christians especially, and that is no hoax; check it out.

    You are paying for all that yourselves; think about it. And what is more, you cannot stop, because if you did, you would no longer be able to continue the mortgage repayments, and you would be living in Cardboard City. The way they bind you in to being scammed is very vicious and very ingenious.

    There is one way, if you all rise up together and throw the governments and banks out, with the support of the police and the military, keeping your houses and cancelling all future mortgage ‘repayments’.

    Withdraw the supply of money from the Jewish-dominated US government and the international Jewish banks that they work with to rob and enslave you, and they will no longer have the necessary money to pay the soldiers that it wishes to kill you.

    How much legal protocol do you need to observe when dealing with a parasitic entity that has been making you work as slaves, making you work many times more to pay for your houses than you should, the best years of your lives, quality time that you could have been spending developing a more spiritual social culture, and aestheticism, freeing money and time for building beautiful houses and gardens to make your environment a paradise.

    You do actually need to have a very physical revolution in the very near future, or the Jews in power in the US government and the US military will have the vast majority of you all killed, simple as. That is what the DHS hollow point bullets are needed for, to take you out if you don’t want to go to the guillotines.

    Or you could try to get the present government out by legal means, but I don’t think that would be very successful somehow, as they seem to count all the votes with their crooked Diebold vote-counting machines.

    Some state officials are being very brave and stating that they oppose the enforcement of the intended gun laws. That is great, provided all officials at state level do the same thing, so that the issue is resolved in a non-violent manner.

    But then the issue of the Noahide Laws remains. And how will you deal with that? I suggest by removing citizenship from all Jews, as it is they who treacherously and traitorously made the Noahide Laws to kill you all in the first place, and therefore, just like the 4,000 Jews of all possible denominations who kept their mouths shut to leave their Gentile workmates of many years standing to be vapourized or burned to death, on 9/11, and still do, to this day, all other US Jews are equally capable of such treachery and murder, their only loyalty provenly being with Israel, the world community of Jews, and Eretz Israel, and ultimately with the intended NWO Jewish world government, with all Gentiles being due to be exterminated, edicts existing for this in the Talmud and Torah. They are entirely dispassionate about your human rights, as they do not even accept Gentiles as living beings, according to current rabbinical teachings, so don’t even bother to think that they have some sincere ‘feelings’ for you.

    The vast majority of people are so fast asleep that they have been voting governments into power, or maybe not, taking into account the vote-changing Diebold machines, for decades, without ever stopping to ask any electoral candidates to promise to get rid of the Noahide Laws before they get the peoples votes.

    But being decapitated was never important to the American people it seems. And besides, the American people are certainly not ‘anti-semitic’ and those Jewish people are such ‘nice folks’, so it has always been perfectly acceptable for the comatose voters to see the Noahide Laws as perfectly normal and acceptable.

    Why, if their ‘patriotic’ Communist President told them to, the sheeple, who constitute 99% of the electorate, would gladly hurl themselves into a meat grinder, and even vote for the privilege. I mean, why has it taken the proposed gun law changes to get the people to think about revolution, heck, they were just fine with having their heads cut off.

    Why on earth have the American people been voting since 1991 for a succession of presidents who have kept the Noahide Laws?

    Why have the American presidents since 1991 never repealed the Noahide Laws?

    Why have the American people never opposed those laws?

    Why has this never been an election-deciding issue?

    Why did the American people not execute their government for passing the Noahide Laws?

    Why have the American people not executed their governments for failing to repeal the Noahide Laws?

  2. Eomer says:

    Great comment Mothman. That’s a great explaination of the banking system. By the way, Ive never even heard of the Noahide Laws. Im gonna read up on them now. JD, thanks for the video, another good one. I wish more people were aware that we’re all slaves minus the shackles. They dont need them.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi Eomer,

      Ok,.. thanks.

      My intent with it, was just to introduce people to concept that the US Dollar is about to die,.. and this is why.

      Although mothman gives a great explanation as to who and how it works,… that always proves to be a bit overwhelming to those who are just coming to terms with what is explained in the video.

      Mothman does a good job of taking the explanation to the next level for those that would like some more of the gritty details.

      In the end,.. the only workable solution, is to abolish the US Federal Reserve, arrest, try and convict virtually all the bankers and their henchmen, confiscate every penny of their wealth and property.. and then,… hang them.

      Do not cut their bodies down,.. but leave them there until they rot off the rope.

      And thats just step one to reclaiming our country from these parasites.

      JD – US Marines – Yes,.. the bankers will NOT be forgotten.

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