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Explosion destroys Albion, Indiana home

Explosion destroys Albion home

ALBION, Ind. (WANE) – Firefighters in Noble County spent part of Tuesday afternoon securing a home after it exploded.  It happened around 12:40 p.m. at 2435 E County Road 175 North.

No one was injured.  The couple who lived in the home was at the property, but were inside a garage when the explosion happened.

“It took the home off its foundation,” Albion Fire Captain John Urso said.  “That could tell you right there that type of explosion to take a house off its foundation had to be pretty substantial.”

The force knocked down the roof, and shattered the windows.  Shards of glass were found across the street from the home.

“You could see there was a two-story structure sustained heavy damage from some type of explosion,” Urso said.

Urso said firefighters had the propane gas and the utilities shut off to prevent any other damage, but his crews never had to battle a fire.

“Once we arrived on scene, there was a little smoke from the rubble itself, but as far as a fire, there was no fire once we arrived on scene,” he said.

Neighbors also said they never saw any flames.

“I heard a loud explosion,” William Clay, a neighbor, said.  “I looked out and saw the house, a puff of smoke coming up.  I didn’t see any flames.  There was a little bit of smoke in one area.”

The Indiana State Fire Marshal has been asked to assist in the investigation.  A spokesperson from that office said more equipment is being brought in to complete the investigation.  As of Tuesday night, there is no timetable for when the investigation will be completed.

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3 Responses to Explosion destroys Albion, Indiana home

  1. Ben says:

    Sounds like the boiler for the heating system and hot water exploded due to a stuck TP valve.

  2. NC says:

    Let’s see…the difference between Saturday’s explosion and this explosion.

    Saturday’s explosion blew the entire house into pieces, leaving practically nothing in tact as well as destroying part of the other houses around it.

    This explosion the foundation and major parts of the house are still in tact, while no fire was reported. Only smoke.

    I’m no firefighter, but it looks to me that Saturday’s explosion was something more than a gas leak and that whatever happened on Saturday’s explosion, was completely different than this one.

    I’m still not ruling out a drone attack on Saturday. That area was completely decimated, while this one still had its foundation in tact. Something’s not right there.

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