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Feinstein Admits New Federal Gun Control Laws Would Be Based On Picture Books

Also sent in by chris.

AmmoLand – by Dan Roberts

New Jersey –-( On December 21st , gun grabbing elitist Dianne Feinstein held a press conference broadcast on C-SPAN to offer her response to the NRA press conference on the Sandy Hook Massacre.

The press conference was shocking, Feinstein openly and publicly admitted that the basis for her new, confiscatory gun banning proposal amounted to looking through a stack of magazines or fine books like the The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Guns, as opposed to anything approximating actual , fact based research. Fortunately for Feinstein, books and magazines have lots of pictures, as apparently big words like those that are used in drafting new laws or reading and correctly interpreting existing ones are to much for her to grasp.

Unbelievably , this isn’t the first time Feinstein and her acolytes have based Federal Law on nothing more then scary images.

Its long been a known fact that supporters of banning so called “assault weapons” base their conclusions on nothing more then what looks “scary” to them. It eventually became known that the 94 to 2004 Federal “Assault Weapons” Ban was arrived at by literally looking at pictures of guns and choosing the scariest looking ones for inclusion in the law.

Now Feinstein is using the same absurd “standard“, if one could even call it that, and taking it several steps further.

She even claimed during her remarks that people could “buy devices that would allow them to legally change semi-automatic firearms to fully automatic machine guns”.

This is a laughable and provably false statement. Under current Federal Law, even mere possession of just the PARTS required to make a “machine gun” without an ATF issued manufacturers license or, in the case of private collectors, having passed an intensive, multi level background check, including at the Federal Level and registering those parts with the ATF and paying a tax fee is an automatic Federal Felony carrying a minimum mandatory 10 yr sentence in Federal Prison.

This process and the regulations and penalties are spelled out quite clearly in the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the applicable administrative regulations that accompany it. The very same law that Feinstein herself plans to apply to all semiautomatic firearms with her new proposal!

Feinsteins public statements are the epitome of the moronically inept and embarrassingly stupid mindset and beliefs of far to many so called “leaders” in Congress. It seems the inmates truly are running the asylum in DC. People in California must be so proud that someone as hopelessly stupid as Feinstein is who represents them in Congress. But its the rest of the Country that pays the price for it.

If we are now reduced to such a debasing posture that our elected officials are basing public policy decisions on the pictures in magazines, We the People would be far better off to have the Republic fall apart and start over then risk another day of being infected with and subjected to the ideas of Feinstein and her ilk.

About Dan RobertsDan Roberts is a grassroots supporter of gun rights that has chosen AmmoLand Shooting Sports News as the perfect outlet for his frank, ‘Jersey Attitude’ filled articles on Guns and Gun Owner Rights.As a resident of the oppressive state of New Jersey he is well placed to be able to discuss the abuses of government against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms as he writes from deep behind NJ’s Anti-Gun iron curtain. Read more from Dan Roberts or email him at You can also find him on Facebook:


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2 Responses to Feinstein Admits New Federal Gun Control Laws Would Be Based On Picture Books

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    We know what’s happening here. They’ll shovel any BS they have to if it helps disarm the peasants they’re about to slaughter.

    They don’t care if it comes from picture books, or coloring books. They’re going to keep talking to the idiots that still believe them, and they don’t care how many cops are killed trying to disarm us. How many Jewish cops do you know? I’m going to guess that they’re about as rare as Jewish soldiers.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Since they’re making their confiscation list from pictures, they can go ahead and confiscate those pictures.

    We’ll keep the real guns.

    They’re more than welcome to have what’s in the chamber, though.

    In fact, I insist.

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