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Fox News busted reporting fake news; drivers on Cannabis

Published on Dec 6, 2012

Fox News created a news story with a test they designed to measure the accuracy of stoned drivers. One of the participants knew they would skew the truth of the test, so this video shows the undercover footage Max provides, to show how Fox News created this test to fail and reported false news to the state of Colorado on Medicated drivers.

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5 Responses to Fox News busted reporting fake news; drivers on Cannabis

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


    I LOVE it when ANY MSM outlet falls for the ol’ banana in the tailpipe!

    Looks good on ’em.

  2. Greg Bacon says:

    FAUX caught reporting lies? That isn’t news, but it is interesting.

    Do they need any volunteers for additional tests?

  3. Alberet says:

    Why does no one ever make the connection between FOX News and FOX Entertainment?
    FOX News pumps out PSEUDO-prolife/family/American “values” …. and
    FOX Entertainment pumps out GLEE, FAMILY GUY, and numerous other shows glorifying and actively PROMOTING Homosexuality, Pedophilia, Drug use, brutality, and every other ANTI-family value.
    If FOX News was anything but a fraud, FOX Entertainment would be showing shows similar to Andy Griffith, Donna Reed, Father Knows Best, etc…….. What is FOX’s REAL AGENDA?

    . If you carefully analyze FOX, you will note that they report the news, but they nearly always add a twist that gives the nonroutine listener mental discomfort/dissonance. What is it? They often start with an assumed premise that the listener is expected to accept; they then proceed from the false premise and arrive at a logical conclusion…but based on the premise. Or the “talking head” will purposely take the opposing view of the FOX agenda and then allow it to be destroyed by a guest…clever.

  4. RGB says:

    I worked on high fidelity F-16 flight simulators for the Air Force for 22 years. In general, most pilots did not like them. The basic problem is that very important physical and visual feedback is missing in a stationary device such as the simulator shown in this piece. This feedback is absolutely critical for proper mental processing and situational awareness. In addition, as implied, simulators are DESIGNED to be able to stress the occupants’ capabilities under many and varied conditions. Tests like this may be entertaining for the uninformed, but should never be allowed to be used as a metric for decision making unless all of the relevant test parameters are thoroughly exposed.

  5. flek says:

    Stop listening to the talking news pin-heads on the TV!
    After living in Amsterdam for 10yrs, and smoking everything from
    Orange Bud to Iceolator hash to resin from my fingers after clipping -daily, I can tell you from experience that driving was very easy. Because of the slight THC induced paranoia, your awareness is heightened…hence stoned drivers are a bit slower. Lots of people drived stoned in Netherlands.
    The old guard is doing what they can to continue the lie. Marijuana prohibition makes loads of cash for the growers, dealers, courts, prisons, and DEA/cops.
    They are going to go down struggling. What I fear is genetic manipulation. There was a guy in Amsterdam an American if I remember correctly (rumored to be an intelligence asset) doing experiments. The Dutch gave him permission to grow and experiment but refused to do the same for one of their universities. I’m not sure what he was up to, maybe trying to find a way to sterilize seeds or something. I’m looking for the old source but the story seems to have been scrubbed…anyone else hear this?
    Bottom line…can you imagine smoking Monsanto weed…..I think NOT!
    We can’t let the government ruin Marijuana. Like everything else they put their stupid hands on.
    Growers: Create seed vaults, and a good many of them 😉

    Now, back to the Twilight Zone 🙂


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