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Freemason Semi: Hauling FEMA Coffins? You Decide! Wisconsin, September 2012

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die  Are these more of the so-called FEMA coffins being hauled in Wisconsin aboard this ‘Freemason’ semi-truck in the video below? The Freemason symbol is clearly visible on the front of the truck.

These boxes do not look exactly like the coffins exposed by Jesse Ventura in Conspiracy Theory and shown in the picture above, but look similar. Are they some other type of underground vault? The structures clearly say ‘grade line’. Could they be underground electrical vaults?

What do you think? Are these the dreaded ‘FEMA’ coffins? My personal opinion is I think that they are some other type of underground vault. Caution! Very loud noise do to wind.

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6 Responses to Freemason Semi: Hauling FEMA Coffins? You Decide! Wisconsin, September 2012

  1. Angry Grandparent says:

    They do look like containment coffins and just right for the average family of two adults and two children.

    Dunno what Freemason is over there but here in the UK, is a onion layered organisation with some very creepy and sinister goings on, certainly it is the lifeblood of corruption and cronysim here in the UK and it is the Freemason circles that protect the police, MP’s, Judges, social workers, businessmen and bankers from getting tried for their crimes which range from petty theft to murder.

    An example of this is recently a slew of police officers have been convicted, the people see this as righteous but not one of them were Freemasons so therefore were unprotected.

  2. rhumstruck says:

    Well Gramps,
    A freemason is a freemason is a freemason. Search the history books, after a days hostilities ended with nightfall, freemasons from both sides would on occasion join together in the evening and enjoy sumptous meals and fine drinks. This took place during the Napoleanic Wars, the American Revolution, the 2nd Rev War(War of 1812), and the American Civil War.
    A freemason’s loyality is only to his cabal, never to the country in which he lives and purportedly serves. They are duplicitious traitors, one and all.
    When the SHTF I will not hesitate to shoot freemasons on sight. Simply because, either you are with me or you are against me. And freemasons are clearly against me!

    • diggerdan says:

      Freemason`s, the elite – they are all the same – they know only one way and only one way they follow. They might look like they are enemies amongst them selves but they all end up in bed with each other eventualy – with big smiles on their faces at that! – they are disgusting the bohemian grove type – ya know, the elitist, illuminati, freemasons, ect. ——– Hey, Rhumstruck see ya at the Pub maybe at about 10:30 this morn?

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        That semi was spotted on the highway in your neck of the woods, digger.

        Too bad it didn’t crash and burn before it reached its final destination.

        • diggerdan says:

          Yea I know #1 !!! I could use some help from ya`ll up here. We could get something going here in this part of the country realy easy ya know what I mean. And it would all be community supported at that, and that`s right! that`s a fact.!!!

  3. wayne says:

    I seen a bunch of these semi loads coming through Saskatchewan Canada this summer, the only difference to the load was they had them covered with a tight wrap so tight it hugged all the grooves of the coffins….they were covered with a white type of a wrap…. then suddenly there was no more coming through…. probably because they finally finished delivering what was on order. They were packed on the semi trailor like the first picture.

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