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Futuristic handcuffs would administer shocks, drugs

CNet News – by Chris Matyszczyk

Sometimes an invention comes along that makes you excited about the future.

For a long time, it seems that handcuffs have been stuck in the movies of old. They restrain you, but, odd for our interactive world, that’s all they seem to do.

Might I tempt you toward futuristic handcuffs that will offer you a small involuntary judder?

I am grateful to Gizmodo for discovering that Patent Bolt has lucked upon a patent that offers bound(less) excitement.

For these are handcuffs that offer surprises. Indeed, they might make the idea of being tased, bro, not quite so bad.

The patent is called “Apparatus and System For Augmented Detainee Restraint.”

The augmentations it offers are truly quite something. You see, these handcuffs are “configured to administer electrical shocks when certain predetermined conditions occur.”

These shocks might be “activated by internal control systems or by external controllers that transmit activation signals to the restraining device.”

This progressive tool is the brainchild of Scottsdale Inventions.

And while you might be shocked or even excited by the idea of handcuffs with electric shock capabilities, might I move you further?

For Patent Bolt points out that this patent also allows for the idea of a substance delivery system. Yes, these handcuffs might also be used to, well, inject the detained with who knows what — to achieve “any desired result.”

Clearly, the desires of the detained and the detainer might differ. Yet, this patent allows for the possibility of the substance being in the form of “a liquid, a gas, a dye, an irritant, a medication, a sedative, a transdermal medication or transdermal enhancers such as dimethyl sulfoxide, a chemical restraint, a paralytic, a medication prescribed to the detainee, and combinations thereof.”

Yes, you really did read the word “paralytic.”

Naturally, some will be wondering whether, as in fine restaurants, the arresting officer will ask whether the detained has any allergies.

Some might be concerned, though that — at least theoretically — this creation might put quite some power into the hands of those who might not always be lucid or learned enough to use that power wisely.


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2 Responses to Futuristic handcuffs would administer shocks, drugs

  1. NC says:

    As if tasers aren’t bad enough. Now we have zapping handcuffs that can also induce drugs into our system as well. Somehow I think even these cuffs will be a little outdated when they start implanting chips into everyone. But, anything for them to make money in the name of security for OUR protection, of course.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Sometimes an invention comes along that makes you excited about the future.”

    In this case, only if you are a pig.

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