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G-Men: If you want to read my email, come back with a warrant.

There’s a key vote next week:

If you don’t want the government to be able to read your emails without a warrant, please click here to email the Senate.

The current dynamic is all over the place — sometimes the government can read your emails without warrants, sometimes it can’t.

Next week the Senate Judiciary Committee will be taking up amendments that could vastly improve the situation.

But some members of the committee are doing law enforcement’s bidding and might try to give the spooks even easier access to our emails.

Please click here to tell your Senators that the government should need a warrant to read your emails.

It’s a good moment for this push, as General Petraeus email scandal has revealed the astonishing degree of access the government has to our emails and personal information.

Plainly put: The FBI gained warrantless access to a series of email accounts, and took down one of the figures most respected by the political establishment and the mainstream media.

They can absolutely do the same thing to any last one of us.

Join us as we urge the Senate to protect us from undue government access to our emails: Tell them to come back with a warrant.

Just click here to email the Senate right away — the vote is next week.

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4 Responses to G-Men: If you want to read my email, come back with a warrant.

  1. diggerdan says:

    When we all can have the same access as all govt. agencies have and be made to follow – to the letter – that everyone else has to follow , and that goes for any govt. contractors, then maybe I could understand why them snoops would want to go around reading what is not any of their damned business. I would love to see some of their e-mails and web sites they go on.

    • uninformedLuddite says:

      They would die of boredom if they read mine. They would never get my permission. Although as an Aussie I bet they can read my emails with not only the blessings of our loser government but their respect as well. I shouldn’t say that though because when we don’t respect our prime minister/government in AU we are labelled as bigoted chauvinistic pigs who hate and rape women.

      • diggerdan says:

        ” labeled as bigoted chauvnistic pigs who hate and rape women.” Are you sure that you don`t mean the us govt. that they labeled uninformedLuddite ? LOL. Just a thought `cause that does remind me of our the govt. here in the states.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “They can absolutely do the same thing to any last one of us.”

    Not only can, but have been for years.

    Anyone who believes any differently is sadly mistaken.

    They’re more than welcome to read ALL of my e-mails. Hopefully, some of them will lose some sleep over my vicious analysis of their utter worthlessness.

    Small consolation, but it’s something.

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