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Generals and Admirals Demand A Plan

Mark down every one of their names, the traitors are making it easier
to identify themselves.

Published on Feb 26, 2013 by maigcoalition

Mayors Against Illegal Guns released this ad featuring retired military leaders calling on Congress to take immediate action and pass sensible gun reforms that will help stop the epidemic of gun murders that claims the lives of 33 Americans every day.

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7 Responses to Generals and Admirals Demand A Plan

  1. Sue Trimbe says:

    Out of my cold dead hands….

  2. Doug says:

    Pension concubines.

  3. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    Interesting how these low life traitors fail to mention that every situation they used as an example was a Gov’t Sponsored Operation.

    Wow,… how much ($$$) did these bags of filth get to sell out this country?

    I’m embarassed and ashamed that any US Marine, Stephen Cheney in this case, took part in this,.. he is a traitor and a scab.

    JD – US Marines – My brother Marines, Stephen Cheney has declared himself a traitor,.. you know what to do.

  4. NC says:

    As I said before, we have cowards and traitors in the military. Superior military, my ass. All I see is an inferior military. Such a shame. An absolute shame. What happened to all the real soldiers? Too busy using their military money and neglecting their military duty in order to study for their useless college degrees that are about as fiat as our currency? Who needs them! We need leaders and soldiers, not draft-dodgers.

  5. Not Surprised says:

    After learning about Agenda 21, I found out about public-private partnerships and the international/national organizations that are setting up a communitarianism model.


    US Conference of Mayors

    Even our healthcare, wellness task forces, community and neighborhood foundations are unwittingly following many of the principles.

    What does anyone expect when the majority of those in positions of power are being coached to follow a certain standards that go against liberty?

    Educate your neighbors, friends and community. You will find many are unaware of how they are helping set precedence for our serfdom.

  6. Miguel Grande says:

    They forgot General Thomas Gage and Lieutenent Colonel Francis Smith. General Benedict Arnold would have really sealed the deal.

  7. r says:

    One of These pr#@ks said guns belong on the battlefield, well the pr#@ks in congress and the white house have declared all of America a battle field in the phony war on terror!

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