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George Zimmerman Confesses to Committing the Crime

The cameras are in the court and the stage is set as the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman crime drama moves into its next stage.  The fact that this is a production being staged for the purpose of creating conflict in our streets in invoking the Casey Anthony syndrome is blatant on its face.

George Zimmerman’s attorney, not be confused with a lawyer, allowed his client to appear in court at his bond hearing with his hands chained to his stomach, thus projecting him as at least being guilty of being dangerous.

When Zimmerman took the stand State Prosecutor Bernie de La Rionda asked the following question:

“Okay! Tell me after you committed this crime and spoke to the Police did you ever make this statement to the Police Sir? That you are sorry for what you have done or to their loss?”

Zimmerman replied: “No Sir”

I am not an attorney nor have I attended one day of law school; however I have studied the law.  Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, has been portrayed in the press as somewhat of a legal genius and top notch trial lawyer.  So why did he allow his client George Zimmerman, under oath and on the stand, to admit that he had committed a crime?  Why did this legal genius not object to the question as the issue for the trial is whether George Zimmerman did or not commit a crime in killing Trayvon Martin?

In short, this legal genius, Mark O’Mara, allowed his client to confess to committing a crime in answering that question.  Or did I miss something here?

People, this is a propaganda production and this judge should be removed from the bench for allowing it to be put on in his court.  There is one aspect that is absolutely crucial to the question as to whether George Zimmerman acted within the law in killing Trayvon Martin that we will not hear asked.  This is, as prima facie, as Zimmerman’s attorney’s failure to object to the blatantly incriminating question.

Trayvon Martin had every right to be walking down that sidewalk and George Zimmerman had every right to be patrolling his neighborhood.  Now, when Trayvon Martin became aware that George Zimmerman was following him, what were his options under the law?

Option one: He could have simply walked over to Zimmerman’s vehicle and said, “Howdy, can I help you with something?”  And if Zimmerman is the reasonable decent citizen his family and neighbors say he is, he could have identified himself and told Trayvon that there had been several break-ins in the community and that he did not recognize him as a resident thereof.  Trayvon Martin could then have explained to Zimmerman that his father lived in the community and that he was visiting.  Zimmerman could then have said, “I’m sorry to have bothered you Trayvon, have a nice day.”  Who knows, the two might have become friends later on.

Option two:  Trayvon Martin was in a state of fear as a result of being followed.  Well, he has a cell phone in his hand; he could have simply hung up on his girl friend and dialed 911.  As George Zimmerman was already in contact with emergency services, and having both parties on the phone, one operator could have told Trayvon Martin who George Zimmerman was and the other operator after asking Trayvon why he was in the gated community and being informed that his father lived there, could have informed George Zimmerman, after which both could have went on their separate ways, never having met.

Option three:  If Trayvon Martin was really afraid he could have simply took off running.  He was an athlete.  Looking at the two I have to believe Martin would have left Zimmerman in the dust.

Now, it has been evidenced that George Zimmerman did sustain injury during the confrontation.  If Zimmerman was standing still and Trayvon Martin turned and took a single step towards Zimmerman, he had decided on confrontation.  If he then punched Zimmerman in the nose knocking him down, then jumped on him and began pounding his head on the pavement, he had initiated violent confrontation.  At this point it is not unreasonable to believe Zimmerman was in fear for his life.  That being said, under Florida law, he committed no crime in answering what he believed to be deadly force with deadly force.

Again, this is a production and there is a political agenda, which is a nation-wide attack on our 2nd Amendment right to possess firearms and our natural right to defend our lives when we feel we are in danger.

When this whole thing began we were given a small portion of the available information in order to invoke righteous indignation.  Remember, these photographs of George Zimmerman’s bloody head, just recently released, have been in existence since the night of the incident.

This is an attempt to divide we the people into two camps, using the technology developed through the Casey Anthony experiment.  When this whole farce comes to a head, those controlling this propaganda will decide the verdict and that verdict will have nothing to do with guilt or innocence, but rather under which scenario the maximum chaos can be created in our streets.

Don’t fall for this crap, people.  Reject it as it is designed to cause us all harm, no matter which team you think you’re on.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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23 Responses to George Zimmerman Confesses to Committing the Crime

  1. B.J. says:

    You forgot that Martin’s fingerprints are on Zimmerman’s gun!
    How can he EVER be convicted in that event?

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

      Zimmerman had a choice; stay in the car or get out of the car. Getting out if the car and approaching Trayvon is where the rubber meets the road for a manslaughter conviction which Zimmerman will undoubtedly plead down too.

      The cowboy met the trigger happy gun slinger, the perfect storm. There couldn’t have been a more perfect scenario for a shooting.

      This damn thing is going to get more coverage than the Olympics.

      • B.J. says:

        After his Bond hearing I find it extremely doubtful there will be a trial.
        His arrest was to appease the Black community and the only evidence shows that he was attacked by Martin and FORCED to defend himself from great bodily harm or death.
        Justifiable self-defense! Case Dismissed!

        • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

          It will be dismissed after he serves a couple years for manslaughter. His fault for approaching Trayvon. That simple. No way will this be dismissed. You just don’t shoot unarmed people and get away with it.

    • lifeseed says:

      There is no evidence of that just hearsay

  2. DanD says:

    Even if Martin was suspiciously running away like a perp, Zimmerman still pursued Martin AFTER Martin — of whom Zimmerman had witnessed committing no crime — had left the area. AFTER being instructed by a 911 operator NOT to pursue Martin but instead to stay in his car and wait for police, Zimmerman exited his car, WITH HIS GLOCK,” and produced a confrontation that (allegedly) ultimately resulted in minor abrasive injury to Zimmerman’s head. During that altercation that had been initiated by Zimmerman, he shot Martin dead.

    Zimmerman is guilty at least of 2nd degree murder.


  3. Rob says:

    I was about to disagree with you about your comparison of Zimmerman to Casey Anthony cases, but now understand what I think is your point. The issue has nothing to do with the facts of either case, but the public presentation of a tragic situation to inflame public opinion. Guess I’m a little slow today. Thanks for the post.

  4. Does nobody know that Zimmermans father is a high profile Florida District Court Judge?

    Im just pointing this out because its OBVIOUS that is the sole reason why Zimmerman was not taken into custody on suspicion of ANYTHING in the first place.

    A whitewash will take place here. No doubt. Facts twisted to suit the publics perception of what really went on.

  5. sofla says:

    Martin’s fingerprints were not found on the gun, according to a Miami Herald quote from a prominent Miami attorney. Looking around for anyone saying they were, it was speculation in advance of any definitive announcement (and I don’t know on what the attorney based his claim, either).

    Z’s father is NOT a Florida District Court judge, but a retired Virginia magistrate. Z WAS taken into custody and questioned for a couple of hours at the station, as the lead detective (vice or narcotics, not a homicide detective) thought Z was not truthful in his self-defense claim and should be charged with manslaughter in the second degree.

    Such rampant speculation with such flawed ‘facts’!

    I think Z is guilty of at least manslaughter 2, AND that the evidence will end up being insufficient to prove the case.

    • B.J. says:

      There is a AUDIO RECORDING prior & during the Shooting/Death on a 911 call. The occasion of death while not visual should give abundant evidence to dismiss the charges!
      There is a print on the gun that is not Zimmerman’s.

  6. Henry Shivley says:

    I believe that, strictly interpreting the law, the judge should have thrown the information out. The prosecutor admits that he has no evidence, though says he has other witnesses to call.
    There used to be a thing in this country called preliminary process which consisted of either a grand jury investigation or a preliminary hearing, wherein either the grand jury or a judge decided whether or not there is sufficient evidence under the burden of proof to bring the matter before a jury.
    There is only one witness as Trayvon Martin is dead. There is no way it can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman is guilty of anything without another witness. And if the prosecution had such a witness, that witness should have been brought forth at the bond/preliminary hearing.
    Right or wrong, strictly by the law, this means no matter what the pigment of your skin, the charges against George Zimmerman should have been dropped at the hearing. This is why I believe Zimmerman’s attorney, who stands to become famous, allowed George Zimmerman to answer the question that was in essence an admission to committing a crime. The fact is, short of this statement that represents a betrayal of Zimmerman by his attorney, I believe that, strictly by the law, Zimmerman should not be taken to trial.
    The death of Trayvon Martin is definitely a tragedy and my heart goes out to his parents, but we cannot enforce or not enforce a law at a whim. As the Florida law reads, and considering George Zimmerman is the only witness, like it or not the charges should have been dropped at the hearing, though he may wind up eating a manslaughter charge for that simple admission that his fame seeking attorney allowed him to make. I mean look at it realistically, the only way this attorney gets to be a star is through a trial.
    George, if you are reading this, I tell you now you were sold out, noting of course I am not an attorney…and thank God for small favors.

    • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

      Well, there was that witness who heard screaming and gun shots. I guess we will see how that all fits. Problem is, he already confessed. Ooooops….

      • Henry Shivley says:

        LOL. I hope I never have you on a jury judging me. 🙂

        • Mark Schumacher - NV says:

          Trayvon bitch slapped Zimmerman, and Zimmerman shot the kid. It’s bread and water time baby! LOL

          • Henry Shivley says:

            You may be misunderstanding me, brother. You see I value freedom above life and sometimes freedom can be dangerous, if not deadly. Like if you are free to drive as fast as you want down the road you could wreck and kill yourself, or maybe someone else. Or if you are free to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, that freedom could cost you your life.
            Trayvon’s killing was definitely a bad situation, but if you think those putting on this dog and pony show give a damn about that boy’s death, you are mistaken. Instead they see an opportunity to attack the notion of the right to defend oneself using deadly force.
            When that little girl was killed in Tuscon by Jared Lee Laughner, the anti-freedom people tried jumping on the tragedy to further their anti-gun agenda. The little girl’s father, with his heart ripped out, refused to allow his daughter to be used in this way. He was a patriot and put all of our freedom above his own pain.
            As for George Zimmerman being convicted, if the jury is picked from the general public, just looking at the comments on this article today, tells me that jury is going to be hung. And if you think about it, that end would give the maximum effect for the maximum divide between we the people.

  7. jon says:

    It worked. The media/government has gotten you obsessed with this stupid case while they have ripped you off of trillions of dollars and completely destroyed the constitution. you peons

    • Rob says:

      I agree with you, jon, that the media/gov has used this case to distract the attention of many of us. Please don’t insult everyone, including the author of the post, as peons, for discussing it. If you’re so far above us peons, what are you doing reading and commenting here?

  8. carl hammel says:

    What about the 500,000 children killed in Iraq,or the grossly deformed children they now conceive due to depleted uranium shell fire?According to the sagacious Rothschild controlled zionist,Madeline Albright,”It was worth it.”

  9. LTCartoons says:

    He was not sworn in, sadly. Everyone else was, but not him. Florida law still may have a wee bit of a way to go to catch up with civilization, eh?

    • Henry Shivley says:

      It sure looked like George Zimmerman, in the courtroom footage with a belly chain on, raising his right hand as high as he could and taking an oath.

  10. gabe says:

    Omara is very intelligent. This was not an accident. the purpose was to create sympathy for Zimmerman.first, the public will say,”isn’t that nice. He is trying to comfort the grieving mother” the other thing was bolster his claim that he defended himself because he feared he would be killed,”I didn’t know if he was armed or not.” Finally his fake apology met with a predictable refusal to accept his unwanted advance to the family, making them look unreasonable.He maligned and accused Trayvon,through his family. Yet he could nit let them mention his feeling sorry? Beans to that!

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