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Government Tells NJ Hurricane Victims to Demolish Their Homes Immediately or pay $2,000 Per Week

The Intel Hub – by JG Vibes

After hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, all of the mainstream media sources were praising FEMA and the governments overall response to the disaster.

However, since the dust has settled and reality has set in, it seems that most of the actual help is coming from people in the community and the government is actually doing more harm then they are doing good.

This week, residents of one of the most hard hit areas on the east coast, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, were told that they had to demolish their homes or face heavy fines.

According to a local newspaper:

“This weekend, Joe Biden visited this oceanfront community in Ocean County, but local residents, some who saw their homes for the first time, were also greeted by demolition notices.

Dated November 13th, one noticed by a resident who wishes to remain anonymous, stated “Your structure has possible structural of footing failures.”

It went on to say the structure would be demolished by November 30, 2012, just 17 days from the notice.   The order allowed the residents to request a hearing, but also threatened by fines of up to $2,000 per week if they did not comply with the order and fix their homes before the 30th.

To date, homeowners have been allowed to hire contractors for damage assessments, quotes, winterizations and insurance inspections, but no plans have yet been made for any reconstruction, leaving homeowners in a difficult position with very little time to decide what to do before their homes are demolished by the township.”

People should be able to move at their own pace with this, especially because these are decisions that are being made with their own property.  The government has no right to tell these people what to do with their property.

FEMA shut down a few weeks ago “due to bad weather”, during which time Occupy Sandy and other independent voluntary organizations continued to provide aid to hurricane victims.

Although mainstream media sources have been reporting that FEMA has done a great job, people who are actually forced to interact with FEMA have an entirely different story.

Some people who have no choice but to live in the “tent cities” set up by FEMA say that they are treated like criminals and actually feel like they are “in a concentration camp”.

Many on the east coast are still without power, lighting or housing and it seems that in many ways the natural good will of peaceful human beings is outshining the inefficient programs that are put forward by corrupt governments.

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7 Responses to Government Tells NJ Hurricane Victims to Demolish Their Homes Immediately or pay $2,000 Per Week

  1. diggerdan says:

    I wonder just where Obama is on this. Obama always seems to act like he has all of the answeres. I guess that it is a good thing wall street got up and running when it did – I`d love to hear what wall street and the stock market would say if they were told the same – just think of all the dirty deeds they did. and then covered up because of this storm, could this be why they want these people of New Jersey to demolish their homes or face a 2000.00 fine a week if they do not comply to the demands that they are being told. Talk about job creation! ——— Yep kick `em when they are up , and kick `em when they are down.

  2. NC says:

    Wow…forcing the people to pay $2000 if their homes are not fixed when they have no job and their lives are already destroyed. I really just have one question: How do the politicians and elite get up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror and live with themselves? This is beyond sick.

    • diggerdan says:

      I realy think that this is all a part of the big goverment scam they got NC. The more I see and hear about things like this the more I hate these fu*kers. Fu*k this Govt. damn it!!! Like George Carlin said – ” we are not part of the club”! Our Govt. – in all levels – do not give a crap about ya if you are not a part of their faggot elit club.

      • Angel-NYC says:

        Meanwhile, I looked up and, I can see “Global Rainbow, After The Storm” from my livingroom window. (Palin comparison intended).
        It took me a while to find out what the heck the rainbow laser light show was. It’s “Art”, shining to the “areas hardest hit by Sandy.”

        • diggerdan says:

          Yea Angel, I saw that on MSM this morning – I think they called it the danceing light show or something like that. I just wonder how much it cost to do that one. Tens of thousands of dollars I bet. By the way do you mean when you refered to that Palin thing – like the ” Bridge to nowhere”? It does kind of remind me of that reference.—-P.S. I just do not get it when they have so many people there going without and they do something like this laser show. I mean it might look nice and all, but people are still suffering from Sandy ya know – aren`t they Angel? Any way say hi to your hubby and anyone else worth while sayin` hi to. Hang in there you guys!!!

          • Angel-NYC says:

            “I can see Russia from my Kitchen Window.”

            Thanks, diggerdan. We’re hanging in.
            Good ‘ole Time Warner “went out” at precisely 8 pm last night (still out) so I had idea Why they were doing this. Yes, it’s pretty, but I’m glad it’s not permanent. Superficial, commercial, and disgusting, isn’t it?

          • diggerdan says:

            @ Angel 7:48pm. HAHAHA, Ya got me on that one Angel – “I can see Russia from my kitchen window”. Hell, I was thinking about that bridge to nowhere. lol.

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