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Govt Health Care Kills More Brits Than Guns Kill Americans

The Face of Obamacare

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

With Obamacare for Americans right around the corner and the possible end of the 2nd Amendment in site should our beloved members of Congress pass the draconian bill introduced by Dianne Feinstein, Americans need to take a look at some startling facts unearthed by Front Page Mag in this excellent report: More British citizens died from National Health care in the UK than Americans were killed by guns in 2011.

In 2011, 8,583 Americans were killed with firearms. Meanwhile in the UK, the National Health Service is killing 1,000 people a month or 12,000 a year.

We’re not talking natural or inevitable deaths, but preventable deaths that were caused by an overburdened and poorly managed health care system.

The study found that something went wrong with the care of 13 per cent of the patients who died in hospitals. An error only led to a death in 5.2 per cent of these cases, which was the equivalent to nearly 12,000 preventable deaths in hospitals in England every year.

13 percent and 5 percent of deaths are far higher numbers than anything you will find among gun owners. And here’s what that looks like.

The Office for National Statistics figures also showed that 43 people who starved to death, 287 people were recorded by doctors as being malnourished when they died in hospitals;

there were 558 cases where doctors recorded that a patient had died in a state of severe dehydration in hospitals

Perhaps instead of calling for gun control, we should be calling for gov health control before this nightmare comes here.

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One Response to Govt Health Care Kills More Brits Than Guns Kill Americans

  1. love1sallyouneed says:

    IF you think that’s bad, perhaps you will like to check out our so called death plan … yeah really. It’s called the Liverpool Care Path and it literally kills people in a 29 hour period. They (the hospital trusts) actually get paid to meet targets (really).

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