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Gov’t Insider Details Government Gun Confiscation Plan in America (Dr. X)

Streamed live on Apr 5, 2013 by george4title

First in a series of videos with a Doctor working with the veteran administration detailing the national gov’t plan to seize guns from veterans. Dr. X goes into detail with regard to the number of guns being seized at his facility (3-5 per day), the nature in which they do it (voluntary then involuntary) through coordination with local law enforcement using “wellness checks”. This national plan to take firearms seems to be coming from as high as the president with the passage of The Affordable Healthcare Act, March 29th, which stipulates a civilian military force to seize weapons. Dr. X believes this program, of gun confiscation, will soon be implemented in civilian Hospitals throughout the country.

Of note, incentive programs for Doctors to seize weapons are being instituted to the tune of $3000+ dollars per firearm seized. This is a huge conflict of interest in the Patient-Doctor relationship.

We will be releasing more videos as time goes on detailing the inner working of the Gov’t Plan to Take GUNS from AMERICAN VETERANS through cohersion, “wellness checks”, warrant less searches, 72 hour Psych holds and the use of forced medication.

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2 Responses to Gov’t Insider Details Government Gun Confiscation Plan in America (Dr. X)

  1. Susan Barrett says:

    WOW the government is really living in fear eh? Veterans are well trained and now they see them coming for them. Vwery, vwery interesting,.

  2. Cathleen says:

    Go to G4T’s channel and watch the Google Hangout with Natural Prepper. That one is even better.

    . . .

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