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GRNC issues open letter to Barack Obama

Free North Carolina

Dear President Obama:

Both Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden have said you are weighing using “executive action” to implement gun registration and licensing beyond even the ban on semi-automatic firearms proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein and others.

When the National Firearms Act passed in 1934, Congress still understood that it didn’t have the power under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution to regulate Title II weapons, so it imposed a tax – an exorbitant tax, perhaps, but still a tax. Since then, however, overbroad interpretations of its power to regulate “interstate commerce” have become the norm, and Congress now feels free to legislate gun laws.


“usurpation: …the unlawful or violent seizure of a throne, power, etc.” – Webster’s Dictionary

Apparently, however, even congressional usurpation of power is no longer sufficient for you: What you now threaten violates Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution. Since you seem to have forgotten it, here it is:

“All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives.”

Is your usurpation of power by circumventing the legislative process a bid to turn our Republic into an autocracy? What will be your next Executive Order? Will it give you another four – or perhaps forty – years in the White House?


Do you expect the American people to take so lightly this assault on their freedom?

They won’t, Mr. President. Millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens will refuse to comply, and by so doing become criminals. But I suspect you know that, don’t you? Maybe that is exactly what you want because, as George Orwell noted in his book “1984,” government has no control over the law-abiding; it can only control people who violate existing law, such as it may be.

And what happens next, Mr. President? Do S.W.A.T. teams break into the homes of our citizens at night to confiscate arms and arrest offenders? Make no mistake: That is what enforcing this law will require.

And what happens when, inevitably, some resist? Do you honestly believe people will go peacefully into bondage? How many will die as the direct result of your actions?

There is no need to send the Secret Service to my door, Mr. President (although I suspect you might anyway). I am not advocating violence; I am merely saying what others are afraid to.

The real question, Mr. President, is whether you so hunger for power that you are willing to foment what might be the next American Revolution. Will that be your enduring legacy?

At the Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidus I, facing demands by the numerically superior Persian army for the Spartans to surrender their arms, responded with what is now expressed as “Molon labe.”

It means, “Come and get them.”

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone II
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International

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5 Responses to GRNC issues open letter to Barack Obama

  1. Dave says:

    Although we should reamin alert, Im convinced that they know better than to try an outright ban on so-called assault weapons.
    Here’s why: Once that Marine corporal wrote the letter to Feinstein mentioning in no uncertain terms that he will not comply with her power grab of our only means of defense, she & her like minded snakes realized that w/o the full backing of the military, there can be no gun grabs.

    Police are stretched thin as it is & they wouldn’t dare try anything so foolish as entering the homes of their neighbors to grab guns.
    W/o the military, it’s game over, all they can do now is look for some face saving compromise.

    • Slug Diamond says:

      Well, as long as they are thinking of using OUR military it won’t work. But UN forces (some already trained on U.S. soil) wouldn’t really have a problem trying.

      Of course, I believe the end result would be the same 😉

      US Army 11B/38A Honorably Discharged

    • chris says:

      They will back off for now but there will be another false flag, there’s always another false flag…

      I think when the next one occurs they will go for broke as they will probably have cut off the internet.

      The positive side is everyday that the dollar still buys anything is a day that you can be rounding off your preps or honing your skills.

      Like you said remain alert and if you can have a pick 7 team setup in your neighborhood even if it’s just for a WROL scenario, better to have it and not need it.

  2. Thomas Rice says:

    As long as we are all in agreement that no matter what these greedy bastards pass we WILL NOT, again WILL NOT COMPLY.
    Again just for clarity

  3. Drutch says:

    Threatening the death of a tyrant is only illegal under the rule of that tyrant. Once that tyrant is swinging from a tree along with his conspirators, threatening a tyrant makes you a patriot and becomes a national holiday. Make no mistake, waging war againast the people of this nation will end in only one way, in the death of every agent of the state that participates in waging war against the people. This is a fact. You cannot subdue a man fighting for his life, home and family. You can only kill him. You cannot kill us all.

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